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How To Write Motivational Speeches

A Complete Guide On How To Write Motivational Speeches

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How To Write Motivational Speeches
 John Millar   Published On Oct 19, 2020 | Updated on Oct 05, 2023  Writing Service

When you find yourself drawn to quotes like “Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you”, or “Dream it. Wish it. Do it,” you are the kind of person who believes in hard work, action, and the result it will fetch. Motivational speech and quotes help us believe that dedication is the key to success.

College-goers and high-school students usually receive tons of assignments during their academic years; writing a motivational speech is one of that. The chances are that to hit the right chord, you have heard more speeches than you can count. Of those, some has left you amazed, others, bored. However, we can assume that when it comes to writing the best motivational speeches of your academic career, you do not want your audiences bored, irritated, or confused.

What Is A Motivational Speech?

A motivational speech is often termed as a piece which has the power of words. It is a powerful resource that goes beyond merely speaking well. It is a speech that motivates people. So, when students are aiming to develop the finest of motivational speeches that can bring desired grades, they should bring in a highly emotional message and entice action. Speeches like Martin Luther King's “I have a dream”, are proof that words can change history.

The science of motivation has shown that when someone is going through hardships or has self-doubt, motivational speeches, inspirational quotes, an excerpt, or a line can offer a new perspective to their set of thoughts, beliefs, and understandings. Famous motivational speeches act as the must-needed pick-me-up that gets you re-motivated to do the thing that you do every day and help in getting you moving again.

5 Factors That Can Make Every Motivational Speech A Hit

If you are wondering how to write motivational speeches that can capture the attention of the audience before you can motivate anyone, here is some explanation. If you follow the best motivational speeches of all time cautiously, you will see a pattern. Be it the great motivational speech by former Apple CEO Steve Jobs at 2005 Stanford commencement, or Jim Carrey's Commencement Speech at the Maharishi University of Management in 2014; the idea is always to keep going, no matter what. Success and money will follow.

1. Keeping this in mind, we have sorted here five factors that every motivational speech should have in it. Read on:

2. The speech should hold a segment where failure is accepted. Motivational speeches never consider failure as bad. Instead, failure is the door that opens ways to move forward and lead to great things.

3. Motivational speeches should have a segment that will push listeners to do what they love. Motivational leadership speeches always emphasize the listeners to be passionate about their love for work.

4. A motivation speech is incomplete without continually pushing the listeners to work and get closer to their primary goals. Strategize the speech by saying correctly utilizing time every day, and it will engage listeners even better.

5. Share real-life and emotional stories from life in your speech. Writing the speech of a hero without disclosing the name first. Let people connect and then link the message to the current reality of the audience.

6. Connect with the audience through your speech. Don’t just share a lecture, interact and boost confidence in the audience to leave a long-lasting impression.

Variations Of Motivational Speeches

If you are wondering how to write a motivational speech, learn about its variations first. Once you know about the different types of motivational speech and factors that differentiate those, writing becomes easy.

  • Pep talk

  • Public motivational speeches

  • Leadership motivational speeches

  • Professional motivational speeches

  • Motivational sports speeches

  • Informative motivational speeches

  • Motivational speeches for students

  • Psychology motivational speeches

  • Inspirational speeches

  • Workout motivational speeches

  • Motivational speeches for teachers

Being motivated to write a powerful motivational speech is crucial for your performance. An approaching deadline can impact in meeting the objective of writing the speech. Hence, overcome these issues by hearing motivational short speeches. You can even play the famous video of “Simon Sinek: Live2Lead 2016”, or “Dan Pink: The Puzzle of Motivation" (2009). We hope these sources will help you get fired up for your next project.

Motivational Speech Structure

To come up with an inspiring and impactful motivational speech, there are a few steps to follow. Who doesn't like a little pick-me-up or a pinch of inspiration? This is the reason why TED talks are so popular. We love learning through other people's experiences. Prepare to create an inspirational speech that will help you draw in the crowd and start changing lives, one truth at a time.

Here's a breakup of the best and accepted structure for a motivational speech writing-

Start with a hook

Have you heard the motivational speech of Sheryl Sandberg at the Harvard Business School? It starts with a bang where the opening lines are the most important. Consider your motivational speech as an essay where a good hook is crucial for successful essay development.

Here are a few suggestions for an opening that can engage the listeners:

  • Intriguing questions
  • An interesting anecdote that’s related to the theme
  • A brief story with an exact point related to the theme
  • Surprising facts or statistics
  • A meaningful quote that inspired you to tackle that topic

Share Real Incidents

Do you know why people love motivational speeches? Because they connect with a speech more that is authentic and have real struggles in it. Hence, Share things you have been through. Share real-life stories of heroes and share advice that you feel really will inspire. Written motivational speeches are available on the internet, check those out. That's the most crucial secret to a brilliant speech.

Rewrite and practice

Revise and rewrite your speeches as much as you can before the final date. If you are to give the speech, continuous revision, and practice will make you more confident. If you are to submit the speech for someone else to read, the final additions will help create the most update speech, backup up by the latest data and examples.

Control non-verbal communication

A motivational speech is not only a speech; it is the mode of communication. Interactively write the speech to boost positive and inspiring communication. You have to know how to convey the message to move your audience with relevant pauses, questions, body languages, laughs, gestures, tone of voice, and the silences.

Know about the audience and tailor the speech

A motivational speech is most effective when it’s tailored to fit the audience. Students, entrepreneurs, teachers, sportspersons, national leaders, who are you going to deliver the speech to? Mend and share information based on the audiences. Delivery methods, knowledgeable audience, cultural and geographical factors, are some of the aspects that impact the success of the speech.

Motivational speeches discuss serious topics, and great speakers know how to attach fun-quotient to make it appropriate. Plus, knowledge, self-aware, and empathy are aspects that spellbind listeners. The key is making others feel capable through the speech and assure that they are not alone in the journey. Inspiration impacts listeners in several meaningful ways and found everywhere. Most often, inspiration is found in others who say something or do something thought-provoking and influential.

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