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How To Write A College Application Essay

An Expert Guide to Writing Excellent College Application Essays

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College Application Essay
 Jack Morgan   Published On Oct 09, 2020 | Updated on Oct 06, 2023  Writing Service

College application essays are the living, breathing heart of any admission application. Application evaluation committees use these essays to understand the person behind the application. The general strategy of writing an application essay should be focused on an effective portrayal of oneself.

A careful approach is necessary to ensure appreciation and subsequent selection. The following section lays down a step-by-step procedure of writing the perfect application essay.

How To Write An Excellent College Application Essay In 7 Simple Steps 

A perfect application essay must be able to educate the evaluation committee about the writer’s qualities and offer a glimpse into their minds.

So, how can one manipulate an essay’s topic to deliver an implicit yet impressive personal account? How to write a college application essay that leaves a lasting impression on the audience?

The six steps below tell you just that.

Make Yourself The Protagonist

1. College application essays center on their writers. Speak your mind through your write-ups. Use your own voice and write in the first person.

2. Personalize your applications and show things that do not come across elsewhere in your applications.

3. Compose an essay that lets evaluators understand your way of thinking. Always remember that the TOPIC is less important than DELIVERY. It is what you say and how you use the topic to say something that evaluators focus upon.

Portray Your Specialties

Portray Your Specialties Write about the things that make you stand apart from the crowd. Brandish your skills, mention any special talents and recount an event that taught you something worthwhile.

1. Choose a topic and brainstorm the best way to discuss your qualities. Tell the evaluators something that they can’t make out by looking at your grades and certificates.

2. The best college application essay examples deliver clear and concise accounts of a person’s abilities and achievements in an eye-catching and interesting manner.

3. To make a good impression, state how you want to make an impact on the society, how you intend to better yourself further --- anything that reveals something unique about you and keeps your readers engrossed.

Get into the details with style and conviction

1. Many wonder about how to start a college application essay the best. An interesting introduction is THE best way to do so.

2. Hook readers with a catchy phrase, a thought-provoking question or an interesting anecdote. Deliver some background details and then add a powerful thesis statement.

3. Remember, application committees look for cohesive write-ups that display a strong writing style and good written communication skills. Present all information with confidence and conviction. Write to impress the committee and show that you deserve an admission in their college.

Reflect and introspect

1. No matter what topic you choose for college application essays, add examples about yourself, your opinions and thought processes. Write in a way so that you can showcase your ideas & perspectives perfectly through words.

2. Reflect upon the incidences which caused upheaval and caused you to rethink your perspective about a subject. Display your core values and ethics. Recount experiences which tested your ideas and views on a particular subject.

3. Get into an introspective mood while writing about an event that changed your way of thinking.

4. Be careful not to get carried away though. Most college application essays have a word count of around 500. So, mention the specific details and highlight yourself without being wordy or excess.

Display your creativity

1. Application evaluator love creative compositions. Indulge in your creative side while highlighting your quirks and qualities.

2. Whether you are writing about your academic history, personal interests, or opinions, do so in an imaginative add innovative manner

3. The basic format for a college application essay is similar to the generic essay structure. You need to showcase crucial information in a creative and clever manner, so that it catches the reader’s attention.

4. Use precise arguments with ample evidence while making any claims.

Have good command over your writing

Flawless grammar, excellent writing skills and a large vocabulary are necessary for an excellent essay. You need to impress the application evaluation committee and a quality write-up is the only sure-fire way.

1. A lucid prose and concise writing style work bets for these essays.

2. Use eye-catching words and literary devices to enrich your content.

3. Maintain a logical structure of ideas throughout your text and write a strong thesis statement.

4. Edit and proofread as necessary to polish your content to perfection.

Avoid certain pitfalls

Students need to consider certain things carefully if they want a positive outcome for their application. Some common mistakes that applicants commit are:

1. Writing about personal relationship problems
2. Simple solutions to overtly complicated problems
3. Essays in poor taste from a biased perspective
4. Parent bashing
5. Cynicism
6. Including humor and cynicism
7. Making up stories and being dishonest

Avoid making these mistakes if you intend your essays to be part of a successful college application.

Go through the above six steps well, incorporate them in your writing strategy and start modifying your essay writing accordingly.

Once you have gone through the above, take a look at the following section to get an idea about the college application outline, format and template.

The generic college essay format and some tips for outline development

The general format for a common college application essay constitutes of:

  • An introduction with a thesis statement
  • A body consisting of two to three paragraphs
  • A convincing conclusion

And, here are some supplementary tips for developing the perfect college application essay outline.

a) You need to deliver the goods in the essay body, so make sure every paragraph starts with a topic sentence that relates it to the overall subject.

b) Deliver strong arguments to support your content.

c) Hook your readers with an impressive introduction.

d) It’s not just about writing about the problems you faced. Show how overcame them and what you learnt in the process.

e) Do not be aimless. Narrate a story with a beginning, middle and end.

f) All your personal reflections and descriptions will be for naught if your write up is fraught with errors. Proofread thoroughly to weed out any mistake.

g) Knowing how to end a college application essay on the right note is of critical importance. The conclusion should reiterate the main points which you intend to highlight. And, make it a point to highlight the man points one last time.

h) Do not lose track of the main question while crafting your essay.
Imbibe the above tips in your mind and use them to supplement the six step strategy mentioned in this text.

A Successful College Application Essay Sample Expert

Take a look at the following quote from one of the best college admission essays from Harvard University.

“Language is all about meaning and understanding, but to grasp the true meaning of language, one must look beyond the surface of the sentence to the structure, and even beyond that to the meaning and histories of the words themselves. Language, therefore, is my passion because it is the study of understanding.”

The applicant’s love of linguistics and her deep understanding of the subject are evident from this passage. The writing style showcases the confidence she possesses and gives us an idea of how passionate she is.

One of the most striking aspects of the write-up is the confidence that exudes from it. It is this strong and convicted way of writing, coupled with a honest portrayal of one’s personal nature that evaluators love the most.

And, that brings us to the conclusion of this short guide on writing college application essays. Put in some hard work and soon you will be crafting impeccable application essays on your own.
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