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Coronavirus: Impact on Students Life and Universities

The Effect of Coronavirus on Students and Universities

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Coronavirus : Student's Life and Impact on Universities
 John Millar   Published On Apr 07, 2020 | Updated on Dec 28, 2023  Assignment

The rapid spread of COVID-19 around the globe is not unknown to any of us. The coronavirus pandemic created a lot of chaos around the world. Schools, colleges and universities had to shut down to stop the virus from spreading via human contact. Though complete lockdown was necessary for the situation, it had a major impact on the students and the college/schools/universities in the US.

Education board authorities couldn’t afford to risk the lives of so many students and had to close down. This has led to stagnant educational courses and cancellation of classes, thus affecting the careers and futures of the students.

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How are Students at Risk due to COVID-19? 

Students are the future of the country. But today, their mortality is at risk. Since the USA is the hotspot of education programs, students fly from different countries like China, Germany, India, and the UK to have a good future career. But with the virus outbreak turning the world upside down, their careers have been stymied.

Here are a few reasons that distress students:

  1. International students cannot go back to their homeland because of transport restrictions.
  2. They are getting anxious with new arranged lifestyle and with uncertainty everywhere.
  3. Students whose VISA is supposed to end soon are in constant panic.
  4. Watching the death toll of COVID-19 increasing by the minute, students are in constant fear of losing their loved ones.
  5. Students are used to social engagement. But due to quarantine, they have been restricted to the walls of their dorms.
  6. Education is getting hampered due to the complete lockdown.

These are just a few areas students are struggling every day to adjust. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, and the picture is a lot worse than it seems. Read on to know why.

Major Problems Faced by Students During Corona Outbreak

In a matter of weeks, the Novel Corona Virus has changed the education system in the US. The slow-paced curriculum changes are affecting the students. As COVID-19 continues to take more precious lives, here are a few ways how it is harming the world of academics:

Missing the crucial lectures 

Half of the students are depended on the lectures to understand a lesson properly. Reading a book is not same as hearing your professor explaining a concept. For some of the students, they are the only source to get notes to prepare themselves for the semester.

Missing social life 

In the US, social learning is a form of getting students with common interests to come together to participate in different activities. But due to COVID-19, they all have to stay quarantine.


Students whose family member has tested positive COVID-19 are under severe mental stress. They are constantly worrying about the health of their family members and loved ones. This is a new life adjustment which they were not prepared for.

Unable to connect with professors

Students who are engaged with dissertations or need to clear out their confusions are unable to take their professor's help. Interactive sessions with their teachers are getting hampered under the new circumstances.

Financial problem

Some students have to do part-time jobs to pay off their rents. Due to COVID-19, they are facing a hard time in managing everything on their own. This is building pressure on them, for which they are not being able to handle their studies or do their assignments.

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Impact of Coronavirus on Semesters or Universities 

COVID-19 has drastically impacted several universities, as well. Amidst the health crisis, a major factor that US universities cannot overlook is the partnerships with China in terms of research. Apart from that, here are some other consequences that educational institutes are facing due to the outbreak.

1. Visa status of international students 

Universities are concerned about the visa status about the international students who were supposed to graduate this spring. The universities obviously cannot let the student travel in such condition. It's not in the hands of the universities to extend their visas, so they are trying to ask the Federal Government for extensions.

2. Cancelling the summer schools

Students from other countries look forward to summer schools in the USA. But unfortunately, this summer, the school boards had to cancel it. Also, the students, who were supposed to go home during summer, now will have to stay back. Thus, universities have to provide extra dorm space to house international students.

3. Economy falls 

Due to the shutdown, universities are being affected economically. International students cannot come to the study programs, thus affecting finances. Adding to that, they have to spend extra for arranging accommodation for international students who cannot go back home.

4. Resetting the class test 

Professors and teachers have to reset the tests again due to the life-threatening virus outbreak. Arranging tests for the students once again is not going to be easy.

5. Semester taking more time 

There are courses which have a duration of 1 to 2 years. If the semester gets delayed, then there are chances of the whole courses being extended too.

As the number of deaths rises, universities are trying to come up with strategies to maintain safety for their students and balance the economic condition.

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