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Difference between CV and Resume

Understanding the Fundamental Differences between CV and Resume

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CV vs Resume
 Jack Morgan   Published On Aug 19, 2022 | Updated on Dec 16, 2023  Assignment

CV and Resume sound a lot similar to each other, but there are certain remarkable differences between the two. These two are perhaps the most commonly used terms in the corporate world. But do you know that all CVs are not necessarily Resumes and vice versa? These days we use online assignment writing help and ask the assignment helpers to write CVs and resumes for us, but how often do we analyze or evaluate what exactly do we need at the end of the day? A CV or a resume? This blog is going to help you understand the basic differences between a CV and resume. You will also get to know the essential factors behind the differences in these two valuable documents in the world of corporate affairs. Here you go:

What is a Resume?

To begin with, here is a brief description of what exactly is a resume. Well, it is nothing but a short document that is used by the employees to talk about their job history briefly, and present the same before their prospective employers.

The term Resume has been derived from the French word, which means to “sum up”. And this is exactly what a resume does. It sums up your job history, achievements and USPs in a documented format. It includes the job responsibilities from your previous organizations, and any other point that may add up to the value of your corporate timeline.

What is a CV?

Now that you know what exactly does term Resume stands for, and what is the primary purpose of this particular document, it’s time to get introduced to the meaning of CV, an abbreviated form of Curriculum Vitae. Well, CV is comparatively a lengthier document with more detailing and in-depth addition of information. It is generally used by candidates while applying for jobs, educational purpose, scholarships, grants, fellowship and more.

The very term Curriculum Vitae is a Latin word which means the course of life. This, as a result, pretty much indicates us of its nature and how does it differ fundamentally from Resume. If we are to follow its literal meaning that stands for “course of life”, then the document is bound to be descriptive, with an in-depth explanation, highlighting all crucial aspects of someone’s career, which isn’t merely restricted to the achievements concerning professional career. 

So, now that you have already been introduced to the real meaning of CV and Resume, along with both in-depth and summarized descriptions highlighting all fundamental differences associated with these two documents, simply sort out your priorities, and draft a perfect document that can serve your purpose best.

Expert Tips

If you are planning to get in touch with CV and Resume writing professionals in order to get your copies written by the experts, then be careful about choosing the appropriate and an experienced person for this job. You may choose to take a close look at the website before hiring a professional.

This, as a result, will help you to analyze details concerning their overall experience in this field, technical knowledge and number of orders completed for the matter of fact. In case, you are planning to draft your own CV or resume, then here is a list of added suggestions that shall come into play for you.

For Resumes

  • Stay original and don’t brag about yourself way too much in a resume.
  • Draft your resume for the industry, avoid generalization.
  • Do not forget to add a nice “career summary” to your resume.

For CVs

  • Use templates while drafting Curriculum Vitae.
  • Keep it simple yet appealing.
  • Avoid being generic or repetitive with your text and vocabularies.

So, keep these helpful tips, remarkable differences between a CV and a Resume in mind and venture out to achieve everything you have ever dreamt of to achieve in life. All the Best! 

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