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Time Management Definition

9 Time Management Myths That You Thought Were True

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Time Management
 Julian Borger   Published On Jul 09, 2018 | Updated on Dec 06, 2023  Assignment

We are often told that we should learn to manage our time wisely. In fact, some of the assignment helpers also suggest the same. Not to forget, a lack of time management skills is one of the major reasons why students require assignment writing help from the online experts. Well, it may sound weird, but that’s actually better than blindly following the myths about time management.

No matter which form of time management definition you have learned till date, every single one of them goes back to basic one – “the ability to use your time more effectively”. And it’s right, at least for the most part. But there are some myths surrounding the concept of time management that most of us believe to be true. Here are 9 time management myths that need to be busted.

Myth 1: Time is Manageable:

This is apparently one of the biggest misconceptions about time management that people believe to be true. Practically, it is not possible to manage time. In fact, saving time is also a misconception. Time does not stop for anyone, and no matter how we try to control it using various time management tips, time eventually slips away. We can either use the time on doing something productive or waste it on doing some stupid things, but we can never save it.

Myth 2: Time Management Allows us to Do More in Less Time:

Well, the time management skills may permit us to do things more effectively in a lesser amount of time, but it is not possible for anyone to attend everything, even if he is armed with effective time management skills. The basic idea of time management is to use time more efficiently. If you have several pending assignments, prioritizing those tasks and then working on them will produce more effective results.

Myth 3: Creating To - Do List Helps Finish Tasks:

If you have ever used the to-do lists to accomplish any goal, you should know that they can never get things done. They only work as a constant reminder of things that you need to complete. It will perhaps be more effective than creating to-do lists if you can allocate a particular time slot in your schedule to attend a pending task. These scheduled blocks of time often help people get things done is a timely manner.

Myth 4: “Quiet Hour” is an Effective Time Management Tool:

Students and even the professionals are often told that spending a "quiet hour" (an hour without any distraction) can improve concentration and allow the person to be more productive during that particular period, but that is not exactly the ideal use of your time management skills. It is practically not possible to finish your day’s work in just one hour. It will be more effective for your overall performance if you can learn how to work amongst all the interruptions.

Myth 5: Telephones are a Significant Waste of Time:

Attending phone calls, hanging out with friends – these are often considered as a waste of time, but if you look closely, you'll see these activities are essential to maintaining a balanced life. The actual time wasters are the habits like procrastination, perfectionism and lack of attention, which we impose on ourselves too often. In order to finish your tasks in a timely manner, you need to manage your practices; blaming others won’t help.

Myth 6: Time is Money:

Whether you're a professional or a college student, if you believe time is money, then you're wrong on so many levels. First of all, the time is way more valuable than money. You can spend all money, and then you can work hard to earn it back, but once a moment is missed, you cannot have it back. Time is irreplaceable. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Also, you cannot evaluate time with money. How a person values a particular moment depends completely on the individual.

Myth 7: Stick to One Task Until It’s Done:

This is not exactly a myth, but it's no longer effective. Sticking to one task for hours can be monotonous, and it can affect your productivity. The ideal way to deal with a task is to set small goals for it and then work on one goal per day. If you have a stringent deadline, you can set your schedule accordingly and work on each of the goals to finish the task on time. When you break the task into small objectives, it becomes easier to manage your work in accordance with the time left in hand.

Myth 8: Schedules are Bad for Creativity:

It is often believed that following a routine does not allow an individual to be creative. As a matter of fact, scheduling often contributes to a person’s creative side. All you need to do is schedule everything else the way you schedule your work. For instance, schedule hangouts with your friends in the evening, schedule a family gathering or allocate time for something that you love to do. This kind of schedulings will allow you to get a break from the overwhelming work or academic pressure and help you stay motivated and allow you to look at your work with a fresh perspective.

Myth 9: Leave The Most Dreaded Tasks for The End:

A lot of people, especially the students, often save the unpleasant and challenging task for last. What they don't realize is that it's only going to make things worse for them. No one, whether it’s a student or a professional, will be willing to start working on an unpleasant task after finishing several assignments throughout the day. It is always better to finish the most dreaded task as soon as possible. Once you are done with it, you can focus on the rest of the tasks worry-free. 

It is possible that like millions of other people, you also believed some of these myths to be true. Well, they are not. And now that you know the actual facts, you may be able to finish your work more efficiently on time and educate your friends who still believe in some of these myths.

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