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Criminology Research Topics

Check 20 Best Criminology Research Topics

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 Julian Borger   Published On Aug 08, 2018 | Updated on Dec 15, 2023  Assignment

Can’t brainstorm any new ideas for your Criminology research paper? Don’t panic as it happens to many students. Even a professional writer has trouble finding new topics. The topic is the basic foundation of any good writing. So, it is always advised to students that they give utter importance upon this process. But, even after a lot of effort, you are not able to find a good topic for your research paper, you can always take assignment help from professionals.

If you are thinking why you can’t just go ahead with any topic that pops up in your mind, then you seriously need to read the blog:

The Importance of Choosing a Good Topic

Your friend got appreciated by your teacher for selecting an impressive topic while you, even after working really hard, could not get satisfying grades? So, there is a high significance behind selecting an appropriate subject matter. However, you should understand that a good topic does not necessarily need to be a complicated one. And if you successfully select a good topic, you will be able to:

  • Make a good impression on your teacher
  • Get the extra credit points that you always wanted
  • Save time because you won’t have to start from the scratch due to a wrong topic selection
  • Develop a high-quality content

Now, let’s get right into the topics on Criminology as suggested by the professionals of assignment writing help services.

Ideas for writing a Brilliant Criminology Research Paper

  1. The effectiveness of the use of statistics to target domestic violence
  2. Should the death penalty be banned?
  3. What is the best legal way to prevent drug addiction
  4. Should Marijuana be made legal everywhere?
  5. What reforms should be brought in the drug policy?
  6. Gun violence and the need for regulations on gun ownership
  7. What should be the consent age everywhere?
  8. How effective are our computer forensics technology?
  9. How much justice prevails inside the jail?
  10. The brutality of the police
  11. The effect of the social class system on crimes
  12. White collar crimes and their types
  13. Are the citizens of a nation truly free?
  14. Does sexual harassment happen only with the women?
  15. Should prisoners have the right to vote?
  16. What are the myths and the truths regarding crime and justice?
  17. Punishments for the hackers
  18. Juvenile crime and rehabilitation for them
  19. The phenomena of the serial killers
  20. The impact of the internet on the suicide rates
  21. Is there any existence of victimless crime?
  22. How to prevent cyber crimes?
  23. The experience of the military veterans in the prison
  24. Terrorism and the media
  25. Bioterrorism agents
  26. Sexual violence and its prevention
  27. How the mental health of a woman gets affected by domestic violence?
  28. Prisons and democratic councils
  29. Crime emerging from religions and morality
  30. Crimes targeting race and ethnicity

So, now that you have a list of great topics, the question comes how are you going to select one among them?

As mentioned earlier, the selection holds immense importance. So, you must do it carefully.

How to Select a Topic?

To choose a topic from a list of many, you should consider the followings:

  • Your interest- You should always select one, which seems interesting to you. Otherwise, you will be stuck with a long task without any motivation to do it.

  • Basic knowledge of it- It will be easier for you if you write on something on which you have some background knowledge. This way, you will know how and in which area you should do your research.

  • Availability of information- As you will have to do extensive research on the topic to write your research paper on, you should always see how much information you can get on it. If you can find sufficient sources on a subject matter, you can go ahead with it.

By utilising these three points, you will be able to come up with the right topic for you.

So, use our list of excellent topics for writing your next research paper on Criminology. And you will be able to impress even your strictest teacher.

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The key to writing a successful research paper is to find a suitable topic at first. We understand that sometimes one goes out of ideas and then, it becomes really difficult to start with one. At times like this, our experts can provide you with lots of excellent ideas.

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