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History Research Paper Topics

70+ Amazing Topics To Kick Start Your History Research Paper Writing

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History Research Paper Topics
 John Millar   Published On Dec 28, 2020 | Updated on Oct 05, 2023  Writing Service

Anna lets out an inward groan on returning home at the end of the day. After several days of procrastination, she realizes that she had completely forgotten about her history research paper due a few weeks later. What more, she went into a panic attack, thinking that let alone writing the paper, she had not figured out an interesting history research paper topic. Anna tosses all her hopes of turning the tables in her favor this semester with her research papers into the bin.

Undeniably, writing exemplary history research papers can be a tough nut to crack in itself, but figuring out unique history research paper topics increases the difficulty by notches. Choosing an inspiring topic that governs the rest of the project and its outcome can be an exasperating affair. 

If you are one of those million students like Anna who are sweating your brows over choosing good history research paper topics, then you are at luck. For, we in this comprehensive blog will walk you through certain top-notch strategies to choose a unique topic and some brilliant history research paper topic examples that will surely put miles ahead in your challenging research paper writing journey.

Without any further ado, let’s get started. Shall we? 

Select Engaging History Research Topics with Ease

Choosing outstanding research paper topics of history is a rite of passage in the world of academia. A well-selected topic is crucial for making your paper relevant and meaningful to your academic concerns. However, selecting your topics must never be done on a whim. It requires to be carefully thought out and deliberate. When you focus solely on finding the right types of research paper topics, you would be surely rewarded with an extraordinary paper.

Here are some tried-and-tested strategies to get you started on the brainstorming phase-

  • Choose A Classic Subject

This might sound a little obvious, but it is one of the most overlooked ones. As humans, we can let our imagination go too far. But when we are striving hard to select interesting US or Europeanhistory research paper topics, begin with a classic topic and let that direct you.

Suppose you are pursuing Ancient Greece. Simply writing a paper on the magnificent history of Athens would not surely help you score A+ on the paper. A paper on the history of Athens is merely a restatement of history. Remember, good types of research paper does more than that. It navigates into the history of it and explores it as it argues. Additionally, this kind of topic is simply way too broad.

  • Put Your Investigative Skills To Work

As you go through controversial topics in history for research paper samples, it is vital to take the academic hat off and replace it with the hat of a detective. Know that a research paper is to regurgitate what has been said before. It is to explore a topic from a completely new angle while offering it credible support. Thus look closely at those ideas, use them as a basis, and think outside the box.

  • Choose A Topic That You Truly Find Interesting

One of the most remarkable tips to choose unique history research paper topics is to start with what intrigues you. Strike off those are not comfortable withordislike. See what is left on the list of possibilities and then narrow it down. This would help you find the direction of your research and enough resources to work with. Moreover, this will help you explore your topic in its entirety.

  • Play The Role Of Devil’s Advocate

While you are writing your history research paper, do not be afraid to play the devil’s advocate. Even if you disagree with a stance, challenge yourself and write a paper in support of it. Ask what if kind of questions. You can find certain exemplary ideas simply by challenging what everyone agrees as a ‘fact’. 

Inspiring & Exemplary Research Paper Topic Examples Of History

If you facing severe difficulties to zero in on interesting history research paper topics that would raise your writing game by notches, you can take your pick or drawideas from the list of exciting ideas given below. Some of the best minds associated with our research writing service have helped us in drafting a comprehensive list of topics for you. Have a look below- 

  • Art History Research Paper Topics
  • Express your views on Scythian gold adornments
  • How do you think ancient Greece sculptures influenced modern art?
  • Explain- The construction of the Great Wall of China
  • Express your views on the influence of Hinduism on early Indian art
  • What do you think is the significance of Christian symbols and their meanings in Renaissance art?
  • Present a compare and contrast analysis between Rococo and Baroque
  • Express the relationship between Georges Seurat and neo-impressionism
  • What do you know about the evolution of Pablo Picasso’s paintings?
  • Explain the meaning and role of Thomas Nast’s political cartoons
  • Commercial exchange, diplomacy, and religious difference between Venice and the Islamic States- Express your opinion
  • Present your views on arms and armors in Renaissance Europe
  • Present your views on- Industrialization of French photography after 1860
  • United States History Research Paper Topics
  • Do you think the imperialism in the late 19th and early 20th century was justified?
  • Explain the reason for the debate between Federalists and Anti-federalists
  • Who are the most prominent people in American History? Write on them.
  • Explain your views on the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Explain the role of colonial American women in evolution. Who is a ‘republican mother’?
  • What are the causes and results of the Mexican war?
  • Effects of the cotton gin on the economy and slaves labor- Explain
  • Explain the impact of Lincoln’s Emancipation proclamation
  • Mormons and their impact on American society development- Express your views
  • Present a paper on yellow journalism and the Spanish-American war
  • How did the Dawes Act lay animpact on the United States and Native American policy?
  • What are the causes of North-South confrontation during the Civil war? 
  • History Research Paper Topics For College Students 
  • Why do you think Nationalism is a major issue of the 20th century?
  • Explain the causes and evidence of abolishment of slavery in the USA
  • What are the significant technological inventions and advances of the 20th century?
  • Discuss the impact of the Balkan wars on the Europe map
  • Holocaust was the worst crime in European history- Explain
  • Present a paper on the best presidential speeches of the 20th century
  • Who were the leaders of the revolution in the United States? Describe
  • Discuss the history of the Asian Soviet countries
  • Discuss the history of Asian Soviet countries
  • Explain the cold war and its consequences for the world
  • Controversial History Research Paper Topics 
  • True or False?- Native Americans resisted the assimilation
  • Do you think that the fall of Constantinople can be considered to be one of the worst moments in the history of humankind?
  • Discuss the situation in Germany after the fall of Nazis and the Hitler
  • What do you think are the reasons for nationalism’s failure in becoming the original identity source in the Arab League?
  • Explain how women were treated in the Soviet zone during World War II
  • The Six Days War- simply an act of aggression or just a preemptive strike?
  • Discuss your views on the freedom of the British press during the 19th century.
  • What do you think are the causes of major waves of immigration from Syria? 
  • True or False?- Niccolo Machiavelli is the founder of political science
  • Interesting History Research Paper Topics 
  • Explain the causes and the background of the Rwandon genocide
  • Express your views on the changes and evolution of Japan over the centuries
  • How did Adolf Hitler rise to power?
  • How, When and Why did the Roman Empire fell?
  • Present the rare figures and facts of the Iran-Contra scandal
  • Discuss the effects of the British rule in India
  • How do you think the assassination of Abraham Lincoln influenced the reconstruction of the US nation after the Civil War?
  • Explain the causes behind Cleopatra’s fall in Egypt
  • Describe the history of the conflict between Israel and Palestinians
  • Discuss your views on governmental response to Hurricane Katrina in the New Orleans 
  • Wrapping Up,  

    Undeniably, choosing remarkable history research paper topics can seem to be a minefield for you. But, it does not need to be that way if you are well-versed with these top-notch strategies. Implement these strategies diligently to choose unique topics. You can also select one from the above list that piques your interest or model your topic around similar lines. We make sure these ideas would get those grey cells in your brain, working overtime to choose one that suits your interest area. Here’s wishing all the luck! 

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