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The Art Of Creative Writing

Everything you need to know to master the art of Creative Writing

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The Art Of Creative Writing
 Jack Morgan   Published On Mar 11, 2020 | Updated on Oct 05, 2023  Writing Service

For every student, creative writing is the need of the hour. In day to day life, students have to write multiple assignments. They have to be creative in each of them to make their submissions stand out from the rest. But the task is easier said than done. Creative writing goes beyond putting thoughts into words. It is more about weaving stories with the right words to touch human emotions. If you want to bring up the level of your creative writing skills, here is everything you need to know to think out of the box.

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What Is Creative Writing?

Creative writing involves crafting a fictional piece that includes your imagination at its best. It can be used to express a fictional story, poetry, etc. A good creative piece can touch the innermost recesses of the human mind using literary devices like metaphors, similes and other such figures of speech.

Types Of Creative Writing

There are many varieties in this particular genre of writing. Here are some modes of creative writing:-

  1. Poetry
  2. Plays
  3. Screenplay writing
  4. Speeches
  5. Personal essays
  6. Novel /short stories
  7. Character development
  8. Plot development
  9. Vivid setting
  10. Underlying themes

Be it a short story or a novel or poetry, below are some tips that you can practice to get better at writing a creative piece with all the elements.

Essential Elements Of Creative Writing

Here are all the elements that you need to touch when practicing the art of creative writing.

Character development - Creative writing is all about imagination, with the focus being on character development. Build a fictitious character that readers can connect with. The character should have idiosyncrasies and quirks that make it seem more human.

Plot development - Write an engaging plot for the creative writing is very important to keep the reader connected with the plot. Unless the plot has elements of surprise that leads to a climax, readers may find it dull.

Vivid setting - The foundation of creative writing lies in making it as vivid as possible. When you are describing a setting, include intricate details to the background. Also, build supporting characters to enhance the story.

Underlying theme - The underlying theme or the message of the writing should be impactful and have some social message. At the same time, the piece should explain what your point of view is and what you want to convey.

Dialogue - Dialogues are an integral part of creative writing. The dialogues should be powerful and witty but at the same time easy to remember.

While touching each of the elements, remember to beautify the content using figures of speech. Use similes and metaphors to compare situations and characters, thus enhancing the profundity of the piece.

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Exercises To Master Creative Writing In High School

There are various exercises that you can take up to hone your creative writing skills. Here are some practices that can help you develop a flair for creative writing:

Group activity -

When you work in a group to complete a task, the feeling of co-operation enhances your sense of creativity.

Fill in the blanks -

You can look up online for stories with blanks. When you employ your skills to complete the story, your ability to think and create gets better.

One sentence story -

Take up a one-sentence story and try to craft a story revolving around the main statement.

Through these activities, you will be able to rack your creative cells and get better at the art.

5 Best Ways To Start an Essay

It is very important to start your creative piece with an engaging remark. Here are some creative writing tips that can help you write an interesting introduction:-

1. Try to start your creative writing by asking your reader to imagine something.

2. Try beginning with a question that triggers the fantasy of the reader.

3. Try to communicate with the audience from the very beginning.

4. Create a story with some suspense, drama, comedy and emotion.

5. Try to write a powerful climax while concluding the write up.

These are the tips that you can use to begin your essay.

What Makes You An Excellent Creative Writer?

Here are some of the qualities that will make you an excellent creative writer:-

  1. Power to imagine
  2. Good writing skills
  3. Evocative writing skills
  4. Versatile to write in all kinds of genre
  5. Open to controversial creative writing ideas

Developing each of these qualities can be a tedious job. But with time, these skills can add up to make you a good creative writer. What you need is practice. In that light, below are some amazing prompts for practicing creative writing.

Topics For Creative Writing In English

Here are some creative writing prompts that you can start with to get better at creative thinking and writing:

  1. For Middle School-goers
  2. My favorite hobby
  3. If I was a scooter
  4. My holidays at my granny’s house
  5. My favorite superhero
  6. For High School-goers
  7. Is the earth really flat?
  8. What if the world was a fantasy land?
  9. Do you think Hogwarts can be real?
  10. What do you think about extra-terrestrial life?
  11. Graduation & Post Graduation:-
  12. Poem to describe the beauty of nature
  13. Write a short story on a family struggling with poverty
  14. Essay: That road never ended
  15. Article: A place where life existed
  16. Play: Story of a Doctor
  17. Start working on these topics ASAP and you will see how, with each piece, your creative writing skills improve.

Read The Below Creative Writing Samle To Get An Idea

To improvise the creativity, you can also go through some examples that would help with the ideas. There are several creative writing examples available on the internet from which you can take some inspiration. There is assignment help that is versed in such original writing essays.

If you are wondering how a sample looks like, then here is one:-

Topic - A Day that I spend

Introduction -

I still remember that day. It was dawn and the sun was kissing the sea. I was in the terrace pool, with a glass of Merlot in my hand and a view of the chemistry of the sun and sea soothing my eyes. No, it was not a dream. But for once, the reality was better that a dream. It were the days that I had spent in the Maldives.

There are few moments in life when one is unable to find a suitable adjective to explain the aura of a moment. Quite similar was my experience that day. The cottage stood lodged between the turquoise blue sea, and I couldn’t resist myself to fall in love with the surroundings. I was lying on the swing and diving deep in a novel and I can say that I had never been in so much peace ever.


If only I could stay in this forever. But before I left, I made a promise to the sand, the sea and the sun – a promise that I will be back to get the tans and the taste of salt in my hair.

This was an example of the way you can write a creative piece.

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