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Conceptual Framework

Defining The Concept of Conceptual Frameworks: A Detailed Guide

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Conceptual Framework
 John Millar   Published On Jun 30, 2021 | Updated on Oct 06, 2023  Writing Service

Several different factors dictate a research endeavor. The quality of the data, the accuracy of the instruments & tools employed, the thoroughness of the observations, the characteristics & nuances of the phenomenon under observation- all these factors define the result. The research approach and methodologies you utilized, coupled with the researcher’s conceptual framework, will affect the results and outcomes of any project.

So, what exactly is a conceptual framework?

What's a Conceptual Framework? Its Crucial Purpose

The ideas, theories, information, notions, beliefs, concepts and knowledge that define the nature of a research and guide researchers during any study make up a CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK.

It is a model or a conception of gathered ideas & data that allows researchers to understand a particular subject. This tentative theory acts as the basic building block of many detailed studies that are yet to be conducted and the underlying context of assumptions that define the researcher’s perspective.

Research and analysis require careful & acute observations, intuitive data collection and in-depth study using comprehensive domain knowledge & well-developed concepts. Whether it's a PhD dissertation or a simple essay, developing a conceptual framework is crucial in any research activity associated with any process.

The Purpose of Conceptual Frameworks

Delivering a conceptual framework in a research paper involves reproducing all such ideas, assumptions & beliefs through a narrative. 
The necessities of a conceptual framework are significant.

1. A conceptual framework allows one to get a basic idea about what they are studying and how to progress further with their studies.

2. It helps in assessing & refining research goals by allowing researchers to add new information & modify existing ones.

3. Frameworks allow one to ascertain the factors and variables in play.

4. A researcher can develop potent and relevant research questions, choose the most appropriate data collection & analysis methods, and identify potential limitations of their approach through a practical research framework.

A literature review of a research paper is often considered the basis of a theoretical, conceptual framework. This is a highly misleading assumption. A solid and definitive conceptual framework transcends scale and contexts and highly mutable.

The limitations of a constricted conceptual framework that's based on literature reviews are pretty prominent.

1. Simply reviewing and summarizing a few publications & research literature narrows the focus of a framework and reduces its effectiveness in a research design.

2. Using a literature review as the basis of a conceptual framework tends to generalize the idea & theories within, decreasing their specific relevancy.

3. It limits the scope of any research and tends to make it a descriptive variation of previous investigations.

A conceptual framework needs to be critical and constructed from scratch. It will depend upon ideas, information and findings from other sources, but its structure, coherence, and the picture it presents should be fresh & probing.

Let us now find out how to write a conceptual framework the right way in the next section and look at some prominent conceptual framework examples. Conceptual Framework Examples:

How To Write A Decisive Conceptual Framework?

An article about conceptual framework models from Stanford University puts forth some interesting points. It states that frameworks and models should represent theoretical constructs and provide ideas about the relationships amongst the different variables of interest.

This is akin to our definition above, as developing the perfect framework will require one to investigate all dependent & independent variables, interpret their relationships and consider existing observations & theories.

The steps to constructing a critical conceptual framework are as follows.


Conduct a thorough review of existing research literature, major experimentations and your own experiences studying the subject. Integrate different approaches, lines of investigation & theories and establish connections between all the results & observations.The ideas, theories and concepts you gather are crucial to devising an infallible conceptual framework.

Step 2:

Determine the dependent and independent variables that define the phenomenon and play a crucial role in the observations & subsequent analyses.

Step 3:

Establish the hypothetical relationships amongst different variables based on ideas, concepts and ideas you have gathered on the topic.

Step 4:

Organize your beliefs, theories and understanding around the topic and formulate the framework.

Step 5:

Start developing research questions and objectives in light of the given research problem.

Step 6:

Lay down the conceptual framework and use it as a guide for your data collection processes.

All in all, it can be said that a conceptual framework is a researcher’s holistic understanding of the research subject, and a soundly developed conceptual framework of concepts and objectives should act as the perfect reference for future investigations in a domain.

Next up are some theoretical, conceptual framework in research examples across two significant disciplines. 


Machine learning is a sub-field of Artificial Intelligence. It involves training an automated system with data through predictive data analytics using varied statistical learning techniques.

Here’s an ML framework that aids learners and developers in understanding the operations of ML models. ML Framework 


American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Financial Accounting Standard Boards, and the International Accounting Standards Board are major accounting bodies dictating accounting practices in the USA and the world, each with its accounting conceptual framework.

FASB’s conceptual framework can answer questions like "According to the FASB conceptual framework, which of the following decreases shareholder equity?”  This is because it is a well-defined set of standards concerned with financial accounting and reporting. (Oh, and the answer to the question is Distribution to Owners!)

International Accounting Standards Board’s conceptual framework for Financial Reporting was established way back in 1989 and defined the purpose, characteristics, elements, concepts and presentation procedures in the field.IASB Framework

The conceptual framework in the AICPA code establishes a way of identifying, interpreting and addressing threats to compliance with the rules from a specific relationship or circumstance that is not defined in the AICPA Code.In accounting and finance, the authoritative status of the conceptual frameworks is as follows: They are used when there are no definitive standards or interpretive ideas & theories regarding the reporting issues in question.
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