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A Guide To Expository Essay Writing

A-Z Of Writing The Perfect Expository Essay 

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Perfect Expository Essay
 John Millar   Published On Nov 03, 2021 | Updated on Oct 05, 2023  Essay

There are several types of essays students have to write during their academic years, and one of them is an expository essay. Unfortunately, students do not understand the importance of starting early on expository writing, and they leave it for the last minute. If you do not know much about expository essays, you need to search define expository essay writing. You must understand what it means; it can give you insight into the type of essay you have to work on, and soon you can proceed with your paper. Students look for hassle-free ways to complete their papers because they waited till the last minute, and now, they need help. 

What is an Expository Essay?

If you surf the Internet to get an expository essay definition, you can get confused. Some books and websites define expository essays as "how to" essays, while others give you a long and confusing definition that includes every possible essay type you can imagine.

Expository text can be defined as essays that explain facts instead of opinions to inform the reader. 

Expository essays are developed in response to a prompt given by the professor of your college that asks you to expose or explain a topic. for example, essay questions that you find on a test are usually written to prompt an essay in this style and can look like the below points:

  • Explain the events leading up to the Revolutionary War.
  • Explain how to balance a chequebook.
  • Describe the composition and function of a chicken's egg.
  • Explain the process of changing a tire.

 How to write an expository essay?

There are several steps to write an expository essay. If you follow these steps, you can understand how it is written and prepare it by yourself.

1. Prewrite and Outline

Suppose you want to write a well-organized expository five-paragraph essay. First, you must learn the expository essay format. Then, jot down the essential points and perform extensive research about the expository essay topic. The next you need to do once you have completed researching is to brainstorm, develop a basic expository essay structure that includes the details about what information you have planned to include in each paragraph of the essay.

Before moving forward to the next step, your first draft of the essay, remind yourself that you need to write the expository essay in the third person to make sure that you do not accidentally write about your personal opinions and perspective. That means you can't use "I," "you," etc.

2. Write an Introductory Paragraph

One of the most crucial things of writing an academic paper is the introductory paragraph. The first paragraph of your essay explains how to start an expository essay. It must include a topic sentence that clearly describes the thesis or the central idea of the essay. An excellent thesis must be simple enough that you can easily support it with three body paragraphs.

Here is an excellent example of a thesis statement - "The printing press invention in the 15th century reduced the information circulation restriction in Europe setting a path for the reformation.

3. Write Three Body Paragraphs

The third part of your essay is the three body paragraphs, and each paragraph must focus on a single distinct issue that helps create and support the thesis statement in your topic sentence. You need to ensure that you are using factual information from reliable sources to support your thesis while maintaining an objective point of view.

The example of a statement of an expository essay below will highlight the information.

"The Gutenberg came into existence in 1450, followed by numerous printing presses in the decade. This invention transformed Europe's cultural production, which catalyzed in Protestant Reformation."

4. Write a Concluding Paragraph

The expository essay conclusion paragraph is crucial because it wraps up the essay and summarises the entire essay for the reader. So this paragraph must include information you have already discussed earlier in the essay. You must use this area to restate your thesis, summarize your supporting points from each body paragraph to give a complete sense of the essay.

Refer to the paragraph below to get a complete understanding of the instructions. 

"The printing press's invention was not only significant for immediate cultural and economic impact; it also had its major political and religious effect across Europe. In the centuries following the printing press invention, the stationary atmosphere of the Middle Ages led to the uproar of Reformation and Renaissance. Thus, the innovation of a simple technology reshaped the entire continent."

5. Revise and Proofread

After completing your expository essay writing, you need to reread and double-check that all the sections are error-free. Next, ensure that your thesis is clear and includes evidence to support your idea in the essay from reliable sources. Third, you need to prepare to create a paragraph that has fluid and logical transitions. Lastly, proofread to fix grammatical errors and poor word choices.

What are 4 types of expository writing?

The main types of expository essays are:

  1. Cause and effect essay/ solution essaysA cause and effect essay: requires you to explain why something occurred and what happened as a result. You need to shed light on the problem and bring a potential solution for it. 
  2. Compare and contrast essay: The second type of expository essay is a comparison essay; you need to take two subjects or ideas and analyze their similarities and differences. Descriptive essay: The third expository essay is a descriptive essay, and to put it in simple terms, it is a detailed description or explanation of a topic. The topic can be an event, place, person, object, or experience. 
  3. Process essay: This type of essay is also known as a how-to essay, in this type of essay. You need to break down a topic and write in a step-by-step procedure so that the reader how to do something.

20 best topics for Expository Essay

Expository Essay Ideason Health
  1. Describe how dieting for weight loss can be dangerous for health?
  2. Explain why late-night munching is harmful?
  3. What are the causes and effects of obesity?
  4. How is fast food harmful to mental health?
  5. Explain how eating disorders result in disturbed sleeping patterns?
  6. Explain how AIDS and poverty are related?
  7. Explain how a healthy body impacts an IQ level of a person?
  8. How important is the environment for the stability of mental health?
  9. Explain what diet a student should have?
  10. What are the causes and effects of malnutrition?
Good Expository Essay Topics     
about Education
  1. Discuss the causes and effects of teaching techniques on learning.
  2. What are the causes and effects of teaching sex education in schools?
  3. Explain how can our education systems be modified?
  4. What is the significance of homeschooling?
  5. Explain why students should be given the liberty to choose their subjects in school?
  6. Should college scholarships be granted based on sports performances?
  7. Explain why higher education is important for a successful career?
  8. Explain how can the quality of education be improved??
  9. Explain why students should be taught foreign languages in schools?
  10. Describe the qualities of a good teacher.

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