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Writing A Book Report At The College Level

Know how to write a book report for college level students

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How to Write a Book Report?
 Jack Morgan   Published On Aug 21, 2020 | Updated on Dec 06, 2023  Writing Service

It can be challenging to write a book report, which is why it is important to learn the most effective way to do it. A book report can be a very interesting task which allows the opportunity to ourselves the intention of the author as well as derive meaning from the book. The first and foremost thing which must be done while writing a book report is to provide summary and analysis of the text and follow a book report template or a book report format.

The chosen piece of literature must be evaluated properly in order to begin with the book report. At the college level, a book report has to be informative, well structured and should have the proper techniques to prove the points to be highlighted in the report.

There is no easy way to write a book report. And therefore it is very important to read the book thoroughly at the very first instance. It is only then that a book can be assessed properly. Shortcuts can be tempting but it is recommended to not take up that path while writing a book report, as you may leave out their important nuances. If you have read a book, it will not only be an enriching experience but it will also in hands your understanding of books in a totally different level altogether. Reading a book will allow writing the book report according to a template or a format while incorporating the ideas. Especially while writing a book report at the college level Formats or templates must be followed. While reading the book what you can do is, underline or mark the areas which you find most interesting or identify things or details which might be important while writing the report finally. These sections would help you draw on minute details in order to establish your points.

Elements to consider

Some of the elements which you must consider while writing a book report are the summary, setting, analysis of the themes, characters, and finally add some concluding thoughts on the book itself. While beginning to write a report, mention the important details such as year of publication, name of the author, publisher and the title. You might even talk about the influences which motivated you to choose the book, in order to add your personal touch to the report. These information should be contained within the introductory paragraph of your book report.

Discussing body paragraphs

Next come the body paragraphs, as you made by the book report into categories of your discussion. It is important that you understand that these paragraphs would help you elaborate on the ideas in order to develop a greater depth or understanding for the audience or to meet the requirements.


There is no hard and fast structure which you must follow in order to write a book report as no to book reports tend to follow the same pattern. It must be specific to the books that you are reviewing in your report, and most importantly to be able to articulate your thoughts and ideas in the most expressive way. However you might want to summarize the story before you start to analyze the text. For that you need to keep in mind that book reports to not tend to be very lengthy, and hence you need to make it concise. Usually one third of your paper should be dedicated for summarizing the book. After that you can move to the next part, that is Analysis.


Once you have completed summarizing the novel, it is important that you analyze it to actually bring out the important ideas, themes, techniques used by the author in order to present the story before the readers. It is here that you can use the sections you have marked or highlighted while reading the story. You might as well make direct quotations from the book, in order to refer to the sections while analyzing them in great detail.


In your analysis, make sure to talk about the setting of the story. To elaborate, you must talk about the place, that is if it was a city, village or a forest where the story and folded in. The best way to describe the setting is to provide description of the place and offering as much information as possible. For example, if a story has supernatural setting you might like to talk about the elements which build up the supernatural environment and add to the narrative of the story.

Themes and Characters

Secondly, in your analysis, you should talk about the themes. There are wide range of themes which an author might incorporated in a story. It is important that you identify them in elaborate in your book report. Broadly, themes refers to the meaning which is concealed within the story and is revealed as the plot develops. Often, it is also defined as the moral of the story. It is the meaning that the author wishes to convey to the readers. Therefore it is also the central topic which is embedded in the narrative of the story. Thirdly, the characters of the story have to be properly assessed and discussed at length in a book report. Basic information about the protagonist of the story and other minor characters should be discussed while also mentioning how they develop as the plot makes progression.

Own perception

Once you're done discussing the characters, setting and themes, you should share your insight and understanding of the story. You might want to discuss about how you felt while reading the story. This discussion might even extend to the meanings which you have inferred from it. You may connect the story to the genre it fits in the most. However the best way to enrich the book report further is to offer critics opinion of the book which the readers might want to refer to.

Concluding a report

It is important that you neatly wrap up your book report rather than doing it hastily. Make your concluding paragraph interesting and mention whether or not you would recommend the book to other readers or not.  You can use conclusion generator for commendable solutions. While writing a report it is also to be kept in mind, that you do not only assert the voice of the author but also establish your thoughts and ideas about the book.

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