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How Safe Is America for International Students?

US a popular study destination for international students

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International Students
 Jack Morgan   Published On Feb 18, 2022 | Updated on Dec 06, 2023  Student Guide

When it’s about pursuing undergraduate and graduate programs abroad, six out of ten students believe America is the holy grail of higher study programs.

Invaluable academic resources, brilliant faculties, top-notch assignment writing services, and an infinite number of career options are only a few of the factors that make the US a popular study destination for international students.

However, the growing hatred against international students has become a severe concern for candidates who aspire to get a degree from their dream American institutions. For instance, Asians are the typical victim of racism and encounter racial slurs for occupying local jobs, leaving the locals jobless.

That said, it's important to note that no country in the world is entirely safe for students. While it's true that many international students have been victims of racial hate crimes, millions get along with the locals just fine. Moreover, there are laws to protect international students from all kinds of violence and attacks.

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Nonetheless, it's essential to understand that not all places are safe for international students. Therefore, research the state, the institutions, and the people in the community before submitting your application. Avoid states and places where racism and crime rates are high.

Next, look at colleges' precautionary steps to protect their students from possible dangers. For example, many colleges offer late-night escort services and an on-campus police system to ensure student safety.

Another factor you must consider while researching about your college is transportation. Make sure there are safe transportation facilities so you can get around safely.

In addition, you must do the following to ensure your safety in America:

  • Connect with an international student organization before you leave for your studies in the US. Find people with similar nationalities who have been at the campus for some time so they can guide you with the safety protocols.
  • Most students are tempted to stay far from the campus for cheap rent, which often increases accidents during the commute. Try to stay at or around the campus for safety reasons as campus police patrol campuses.
  • Never wander around in the dark. Irrespective of the gender, it will only invite trouble. Instead, complete your day’s routine and take a bus to your place if you stay out of campus.
  • If you stay within walking distance, always walk in a group and be alert. Keep your phone aside and stick to familiar routes to avoid unfortunate surprises.
  • If you are suspicious of anything around you, don't hesitate to reach out to the campus police. Many campus police accompany students to their hostel or rent places to cross unsafe roads or dark alleys.
  • Always carry some money to make sure you don't anger the thugs. Unfortunately, many students lose their lives trying to protect their wallets, phones, or other possessions. In such cases, give up your possessions and save your life. Nothing is more precious than your life.

Finally, it doesn't matter whether you are in America, England, or Australia, be street smart and use your survival skills. Like how you research an expert before getting writing help in the USA, make sure you do the same before packing your bags for your US stay. Being alert and using safety protocols can save you from being an accident victim.


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