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Consequences of Plagiarism

The consequences of plagiarism and its effects on students

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consequences of plagiarism
 Jack Morgan   Published On Sep 05, 2020 | Updated on Oct 05, 2023  Writing Service

Consequences of Plagiarism is vast to students as well as the parties who are directly or indirectly related to it. The plagiarism in the contents of assignment is considered as cheating. The students who does coping of works from other sources may be caught easily by evaluators. The students may face strict consequences for this conduct. The plagiarism is an act of offence in the eyes of the regulators and the head of the educational system. The students are expected to write their study related assignments with academic integrity.

The assignments containing plagiarism may result in getting lower marks or even the failed assignments for students. It is also seen that the important exams of the universities provides penalties guidelines if the students are found creating plagiarism in their academic papers. The plagiarism which is conducted by the students may result in high consequences. The students may be suspended from their college and universities. The consequences are not only to the students. The committee or organization which conduct the examination and submission of assignments if found neglecting the role of detecting plagiarism in the works submitted by the student, they may also face the criticism from the government and the society. The failure of detecting plagiarism in the works submitted by the student, is considered as the black stigma on the duty and responsibilities of the academic institutions.

The assignments are given to students to conduct a test which can verify the caliber of the students. The examinations, internal assessments and the semester tests are conducted with the objective of identifying the true quality of educational works submitted by the student and knowledge which the student has received throughout the academic session. The practice of coping texts and other information from the author create a threat to their future growth.


The society is also get affected by the plagiarism of contents. The private companies who employs young candidates every year may employ wrong candidate (who has not followed academic integrity by plagiarism his works) in place of those who has secured average marks but following academic integrity. This creates a false impression on the employer about the quality of students. The economy of the country may be affected if the candidates not having the required qualifications but having good marks are working in responsible roles. The efficiency of the workforce of any country may decline significantly if the plagiarism in student’s works are not controlled significantly. The companies may lose in future if efficient candidates could not take up jobs in presence of students who are at winning position by having copied assignments in their academic career.

Impacts of plagiarism

Some of the effects that students may face by plagiarism are:

  • The students can get expelled from your course, college and/or university.
  • Plagiarism can consequence in the work being destroyed and fail in presenting the true quality.
  • The plagiarism can consequence in expulsion from you academic institution, in some cases permanent expulsion.
  • The Plagiarism can consequence in legal action from government and fines and penalties etc.

The today’s world is seeing a rise in plagiarized work from the part of students. The contemporary institutes and the universities are the ones who face huge plagiarism as compared to the traditional universities. One of the significant reason of the plagiarism is that the students of the contemporary world are facing increased pressure concerning their assignments and exams. They feel so much pressurized that they do not want to spend time on the working on the assignments that they do not feel to be interest resting or of importance for that particular time.

Know how to  avoid plagiarism

Subject of interest

Therefore, the students feel that attaining the good marks is possible and is the only way in which they can save the success of their future career growth. This is where the temptation to plagiarize becomes significantly more prominent. Similarly, plagiarism is now become much easier for contemporary students to repetition and practice it many times. It is given that the ease of students with which they can access subject related information over the internet is more rampant for the modern students. The internet has also increased the speed with which students can express an answer to an essay or echo question. This becomes an increased habit among students because it is again tempting them due to the poor work-life balance of students. The students of this generation are so much frustrated with the planning of their personal and future life, they are spoiling their present academic life. They feel deviated and do not concentrate on their studies. There are many surveys conducted which shows that the students want to study a particular subject but the academic infrastructure force them to study many other subjects which are not of their interest. The making of assignments for the subjects in which students do not have any interest force them to copy works of other writers and authors.

Legal actions

The coping texts and academic material from other writers sometimes breaches the copyrights laws and infringements of the copyrights may attract legal actions to students. The legal actions from government may result in spoiling of career of students. The parents and teachers have great role in making the students of today’s generation understand the importance of the maintenance of academic integrity. It helps the students to understand the importance of the original work prepared by them. This will help to think differently and develop their own understanding.

Therefore, it is required that the academic universities, colleges, schools and other academic institutions must develop strategies and plans to deal with the situation of increasing plagiarism among students. The students must understand that the high plagiarism in their work is not accepted by either of their college nor the marks obtained by it would be accepted by their employer. The students must be made aware about the consequences of the plagiarism. The students must be self-responsible for plagiarism in their work too. They must avoid copying works of others without looking into the fact whether it is within academic integrity or not.

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