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Dialogue Writing
 Jack Morgan August 31, 2022  Student Guide

How to Write Dialogue?

Dialogues lend life to any narrative. They represent words, emotions, and expressions in text, making content more interactive and appealing. Be it a short story, a play or a novel, dialogues form a crucial aspect of the structure & the story. Developing distinctive dialogues is, however, not exactly an easy feat. Specific aspects of storytelling, non-verbal/written communication, and human psychology are intrinsic to the craft. As a writer, you must grasp them thoroughly to understand how to write great dialogues. This article dives deep into the process of writing intriguing dialogues. Read on to learn how to write good dialogues, go through some quality tips to write great dialogues, and examples below! Why Do We Need Good Dialogues? Dialogues serve numerous purposes. They take the plot forward, acquaint readers better with a character's nature, and make things much more engaging overall. Powerful dialogues enrich a story, portray confrontations between characters, and can b...

Predicate In A Sentence: A Quick Overview
 Jack Morgan August 16, 2022  Student Guide

What Is Predicate?

Look at this sentence- "Sun rises in the east." Now, you know ‘sun’ is the subject of the sentence. So, what ‘is rises in the east’? Think hard. Well, it is the predicate. A predicate is a grammatical term that indicates a clause or words in a sentence that describes the action but not the subject. To put it in other words, the predicate tends to describe what the subject does. A predicate incorporates all the words in a sentence or clause except the subject for all sorts of purposes and intent. Predicates are one of the core building blocks of English sentences, so it’s wise to comprehend how they work. If you are one of those million students baffled by 'what is predicate?’ or ‘what is the predicate in a sentence?', then you are in luck. Here we aim to end all your like how to use a predicate while discussing the various types of predicates through the innumerable brilliant example of a predicate. Fasten your seatbelts. Let’s take off! Share...

Everything You Need to Know About Meeting Minutes
 Jack Morgan August 8, 2022  Student Guide

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are short notes recorded during a meeting, highlighting the key discussions about an issue, proposed solutions, and the probable actions to sort the problems.Generally, an intern or someone from the team is assigned to write minutes of meeting to document all the crucial meeting discussions and outcomes for everyone to track post meetings.Writing meeting minutes may seem trivial and a waste of time, but keeping up with the influx of information can become difficult. And if you miss out on some crucial information, it will only mean wasting time and resources. So writing meeting minutes is the best way to keep everyone on the same page about the discussions and the counter-discussions.Let's delve deeper to discuss how to write meeting minutes and the steps to write clear meeting minutes with examples.What Are Meeting Minutes?Meeting minutes are short notes taken during the meetings to record all the crucial discussions so everyone ...

Ethos, Pathos, and Logos Definition and Examples
 krishna July 29, 2022  Student Guide

Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

“Speech is power: Speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.” The structure of a great and compact argument has been appreciated since the time of Plato and Aristotle. Therefore, it is imperative to have great speech or argumentative skills. Not only is it an extraordinary skill to acquire, but it is also essential to know how one is being convinced when you are a part of the audience. Therefore, according to Sam Leith- words like loaded pistols, and here, you will learn about three modes of influence in speech: Ethos, Logos, and Pathos. Before starting Aristotle’s three modes of persuasion, you should know the structure of an argument. This phase is known as creation, but it is not about making something new. It is more about gathering the information or research stage of your task. Creation means doing your task and thinking in a broad way about what arguments can be created both for and against a given proposition, choosing the best on your side, and searching for stron...

 John Millar July 19, 2022  Student Guide


Syntax is used when you have to create phrases and causes by combining the words in a sentence for a definite language. Syntax helps make the sentence formative and clear that it ‘sounds right.’ This is where every word, phrase, and clause serves their function and is correctly ordered to form and communicate a complete sentence with proper meaning. A syntax not only focuses on formatting a correct word order for a language but also assists in showing the fundamental relationship between the meaning of a group of words. If you want to know more about syntax definition, you can search online to get ideas. Some surveys said that more than 80% of the world’s language tends to put the subject first in a sentence. So that the readers could easily understand what are the performance of actions. Many languages put the verb first, followed by the subject and the object. Syntax also focuses on the descriptive words that construct the sentence more efficiently. Adjectives an...

Correlative Conjunction
 John Millar July 19, 2022  Student Guide

Correlative Conjunction

Students use correlative conjunctions every day while chatting or giving a speech. However, when asked to use it in their writing, they become perplexed, confused, and have a cold foot to use it appropriately. The primary reason is the lack of knowledge and vivid examples to point out the specific sections of the texts termed correlative conjunction. If you are among these students, you have just landed at the right place. By the end of the reading, you will have a clear idea of how to use correlative conjunctions correctly. However, before that, let me clear the concept – what is correlative conjunction? What is a Correlative Conjunction? The best correlative conjunctions definition would be that conjunctions are used to illustrate how two words or phrases within a sentence relate to each other. Correlative conjunctions always come in pairs. Though these sets of words can illustrate a correlation between the two words or phrases, they don't necessarily have to. In many...






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