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HSBC Case Study

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HSBC Case Study


In the banking and financial world, there are many different banks and financial service organizations that exist. One of the biggest and largest financial service organization that does exist is the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation HSBC bank. This is a bank that cumulatively serves more than 45 million customers as they operate through four global businesses which mainly include commercial banking, global banking, wealth management, and global private banking. This is a bank that had entered India as early as 1959, despite being one of the oldest and well-established foreign banks in India it has been lagging behind in terms of serving the private sector banks and other foreign banks in India. The business network and growth have competitors in this industry and therefore there is a need for aggressiveness from the bank to compete with the rivals of the market. This is a bank that operates in the Asia Pacific region and in other countries around the world. Our experienced experts are offering you marketing assignment help services in the USA.


For better sales representation and proper analysis, there is a need for a strategic planning tool that can be used for situational analysis and this includes using the SWOT analysis which stands for Strengths (S), Weakness (W), Opportunities (O) & Threats (T). This assessment will help in understanding the current business environment and issues that HSBC is facing.

The strength of HSBC bank has been established in terms of capitals that can account for its withstanding capacity of the volatility together with the credit crises which has been developed because of the competition that is present in the financing world. There next strength that is noted is the stable capitalism that is mainly limited that will not have to be dependent on the assistance on the provided by the government in the time of crises. There is another strength that this bank has which mainly includes the establishment of the market area in a strong position. The bank also has reliable automation of activities that have been able to bring about proper consistency of quality to HSBC and that has enabled the company to scale up and scale down the demand conditions based on the market. The HSBC Bank has also been noted to have very good returns on capital expenditure and that has helped in better revenue streams. There is also a strong free cash flow that is present in this bank that will help the bank in expanding into new projects. There is also a successful track record of integrating complimentary firms that will be possible with the help of mergers and acquisition. This is successfully integrated number of technology companies that have been streamlines in the last few years. We are providing Volkswagen case study solution.


There are weaknesses of HSBC that includes its high vulnerability to greater risks which can lead to the short falls in the profit area as it is associated with small businesses. It was also found that there is a gap in the range of product that is sold by the company and there is a lack of choice that is available and may lead to a lose foothold in the market. There is also a limited success outside the core business of the bank and this organization has faced challenges in moving other product segments with its present culture. Cost-cutting measures were seen when the company had announced layoffs that were to be done and that included negative opinion about the bank as well its years of talent together with their base of stakeholders. HSBC is a bank that has a global platform that has lost all the connections with the local audience as they have a homogenized image that does not meet all the needs of the local population. We are also providing Jaguar case study solution.

There are opportunities that is available for HSBC and these include the opportunity to acquire the different markets shares by emerging in new markets with the help of taking up new banks and the government agreement that has been established. Adoption of new technology standard and government free trade agreement that has provided HSBC an opportunity to enter a new emerging market. The market development will lead to a dilution in the competitors’ advantages and that will enable this bank to increase its competitiveness that can be compared to the other competitors. The lower inflation rate will help in bringing about more stability in the market and will also allow a lower interest rate credit that will be available for the customers for HSBC. There is a reduced price of transportation that is available due to the lower shipping prices that can be seen and that will help in bringing down the cost of the services that HSBC offers. There is an increase in the uptick of the expenditure that the customers have and that can lead to reducing the rate of recession and can also slow down the growth rate of the industry. Therefore, it has been noted that this is the area in which HSBC can take up the opportunity to do well and succeed. As technology has advanced and everything has become online, this provides a better opportunity for the bank to draw in new customers and expand the business in a way to open new investment channels that are user friendly and can help in serving the customers in a manner that will provide them with the opportunity to earn profits. HBSC case study help offered by

The external strategic factor of threat does exist and can cause an issue in the working of the bank. There are liability laws that are present in different countries and therefore, the bank may be exposed to various liability claims that can change the policies in those markets. The HSBC bank may also be faced with lawsuits that will cause continuous fluctuations regarding product standards in those markets. There are new technologies that will be developed by the competitor and that can be posed as a serious threat to the growth of the company. The rise in the pay level especially as seen in fifteen dollars per hour and an increase in the prices in china can also lead to, he a serious threat to the profitability of the bank.

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PESTEL analysis:

The HSBC bank also has a PESTEL analysis that can be done to determine the overall impact that the business has on the different factors present.

Political factor: there is political stability that is more important in the bank sector and to help in the country’s economy. There is a level of corruption that especially regulates the financial sectors. Bureaucracy and interference in the bank's industry by the government can be discussed as a major political factor that affects the bank’s holdings. There is also trade regulations and tariffs that are related to the financial banks.

Economic factors: the government intervention in the free market and related financials does have an impact on the economic factor of the company. There is also a difference in exchange rates and stability of the host country's currency. There is an efficiency of financial markets that does HSBC holdings and the infrastructure quality in the bank's industry does have an impact on the economy of the bank. There is also a skill level of the workforce that is required in the bank industry to ensure that the economic facto such as interest rate, foreign exchange, and economic cycle determine the aggregate demand and investment in an economy.

Social factors: the class structure, hierarchy, and power structure in the society is an important part that needs to be considered as it has a great role in the HSBC markets. Education levels, as well as education standards in the HSBC holdings, play an important role. The entrepreneurial spirit and broader nature of the society also encourage entrepreneurship.

Technological factors: the banking industry has seen a change in the method of service as there has been an advancement of technology that has impacted the product offerings, it has also led to an impact on the cost structure of the banks industry and that has impacted the value chain structure in the financial sector. There is also a rate of technological diffusion.

Environmental factors: while starting a new branch or an office it is important to consider the most common environmental factors that are related to the business such as weather, climate change, laws that regulate environment pollution, recycling and waste management.

Legal factors: there is a need to ensure that the legal factors such as employment law, anti-trust law in the banks that is present overall in the country, discrimination law, copyright patents, intellectual property law, health, and safety law that will ensure that the employees of the banks are taken care of and provided the services that they have the right to claim. The consumer of the customer protection laws to be implemented properly and stringently.

The above analysis has stated that HSBC is a bank that is one of the largest financial services that ais present. They do also have weaknesses and threats that need to be addressed and effective management can help the bank to keep its image at the top.

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