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Case Study On Organisational Behaviour

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OB Case Study

The main accountability of a manager is to write reports to motivate and retain the worker. In the working environment, a manager has to face employees with diverse values, ideas and convictions. A manager must take certain proper measures, with which he/she can sustain decent and effective organisational conduct, in order to gain control of all of them. Here the task will be to critically evaluate the various aspects of organisational conduct, explicitly referring to the Regency Grand Hotel case study. The paper will provide a summary of the whole circumstances of the hotel. It will also attempt to analyse the important problems that cause the organisation's problems. The assignment will also include the main reasons for the tough problems and the potential solutions that can enable the organisation. The Report will also include a comprehensive study of the implications of these potential solutions. At the end of this part, the organisation will make a proper and applicable suggestion. Get case study help

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Information Summary

The provided Report Writing of the case study discloses the story of the Regency Grand Hotel. 15 years ago the hotel began its journey and was renowned to be the most reputable and famous hotel in Bangkok, under the effectiveness of a Thai general manager. The hotel offers its 700 workers the best salary package in the business and provides additional benefits such as an annual bonus. Since of their relationship with the hotel, workers are proud. The hotel has recently been sold to a famous hotel chain in America at an unusual turn of events. The general manager wanted to resign during the change of ownership. As a result, Mr John Becker was found to be the most appropriate substitute for the position of hotel general manager. Mr Becker is a highly experienced manager who has previously conducted a series of successful purchases. For the Regency Grand Hotel workers, he tried to create a new business style. After keeping the same workers' workforce, he focused on empowering every worker with few exclusions here and there. Previously, the hotel staff had the habit of performing their tasks according to their managers' directives in report writing. The newly hired general manager compelled workers to go beyond their manager's directives and decide on their condition requirements autonomously by taking a 360-degree turn from previous practice. As per his viewpoint, this practice would lead to a higher degree of motivation and satisfaction for the worker, extracting in the minds of the workers' hidden creativity or imaginative power. Mr Becker scheduled a meeting with the managers and leaders of the various hotel departments before using the procedure of empowerment of employees and debated the need to empower employees with them.You can get study help.

After listening to his concepts, a few managers and heads of departments reacted positively. The General Manager re-initiates the organisation's procedure in his effort to turn his concepts into action so that low-level workers do not have to support their senior managers in their decision-making procedure in smaller organisational issues or to guide them. However, workers are led by their superior managers for important operational challenges. In practice, workers are left with doubts to recognise a minor or a major organisational problem. The decision of whether to take the lead of their superior managers remains confused. Even their bosses often rejected their determinations by saying that it is an important operational matter and that they require to explain it with the top management level. All of them invite the company to a chaotic situation, and workers lose confidence in the right and efficient organisational decision-making process. The workers even lose their reciprocal confidence and respect. The situation gets worse to the degree that more grievances about the inappropriate performance of hotel staff begin to come to the attention of customers. In the current shame of the new manager, workers acquiring the past glory of the hotel are being drowned. If you are looking for marketing assignment help in the United States, consider hiring our service.

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Significant problems that have been faced by the Regency Grand Hotel

The hotel has successfully delivered its consumers with quality service of  Report Writing. The credit for this achievement certainly goes to every hotel staff's performance. But in the recent period, the same number of staff could not provide hotel clients with quality services because of a transformation in the organisational procedure. In earlier times, managers and departmental leaders usually supervised the workers. They were used to following and acting according to the orders of their superiors. They had no chance to reflect their creative thinking or decision-making power. Autocratic leadership was used by the managers. In which the managers are known as rigid instructors and issue orders that the workers have to obey. The workers could maintain an appropriate standard of performance under all these disadvantages. However, the scenario starts to decline with the transformation in the general manager's position. Although the new managing director takes a leading democratic style and enables his staff to take essential organisational decisions to represent their creative thinking, the performance of the workers degrades quickly. Rising numbers of consumer complaints show that workers cannot perform regularly. The top management cannot essentially follow proper organisation-based behaviour. This alone requires workers to suffer from loss of trust, face possible organisational conflicts, and feel insufficiently motivated to improve their report writing performance. Get help from our assignment expert writer.

Reasons Behind the Issue

The failure to maintain good and healthy organisational behaviour invites an organisation to have several other complications. It creates an interaction gap between workers. It disregards one another's confidence and respect among workers. The Regency Grand Hotel is in a similar situation. By making employees more empowered, the newly appointed general manager attempts to transform the organisational structure. His concept is honourable, but the way he pursues his concept is improper. In order to modify the organisation, a manager must determine the areas of an organisation that is required to be changed, design the procedure and carry out change to the organisational structure correctly in a slow but steady fashion, so that the changes are made for a long time. In this case, Mr Becker took some hasty decisions to carry out the organisational change that was wanted. Get OB case study help from top experts at

Determination of Major Causing Steps

The troubled areas that Mr Becker mistakenly manages must be identified. To empower the workers, management must guarantee that employees are sufficiently competent to assume additional tasks. All workers of an organisation cannot be equivalently competent. It is, therefore, not a great idea to empower all workers without even evaluating their skills and creative attributes. Furthermore, only after receiving appropriate training and development opportunities, a competent employee can fully utilise its acquired power. In order to bear additional responsibility given to a specific worker, they necessitate certain additional skills that can only be collected from appropriate training and development programs. Regency Grand Hotel management also fails to implement effective measures that can greatly encourage the workers. The staff can accept the corporate change wholeheartedly with the help of enhanced motivation and engagement.If you want to know how we work, take a look at our project management assignment who helps in managing your marketing analysis.

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Ways to Get Rid of this Problem

A proper organisational change procedure must be enacted in order to make the particular concept of Mr Becker take place. The Hotel Managers must realise that the workers have already become habitual to their superiors' instructions. Changes in the way they work can cause trouble in the writing of the organization's report. Their productivity may even be reduced. In this way, the specific advantage of the change for the organisation must be analysed at the very first phase of the enactment of the transformation. In the next phase, it is necessary to identify particular needs such as training and development programs. In the third stage, the particular action plan to execute the desired transformation should be adequately planned. The inclusion of an appropriate change in infrastructure is the most important role that must be played after this phase. This can be done through the design of exclusive training programmes or the announcement of particular reward systems to encourage workers. At the end of the procedure, the change must be carried out strictly with a view to the response, the successes it achieves and the remedial steps to be taken.

Impacts of Those Possible Solutions

With the help of these remedies, the Regency Grand Hotel's management can execute modifications in the organisational procedure. It will help the management to identify proficient and potential workers, who can benefit the organisation. The management may also organise particular training and development programs, which will help the chosen workers to greatly enhance their decision-making abilities. The involvement of workers in the procedure of planning modification will generate innovative concepts and views that can be effective for companies. 


The top management of the Regency Grand Hotel can be suggested that they consider giving authorisation on a group level rather than an individual level. Group empowerment will help workers to build an effective team network, and the entire team will take all organisational decisions to minimise errors in decision-making. The senior management must make every worker of the organisation aware of his/her accountability.

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The exclusive importance of organisational behaviour is to increase corporate productivity. It helps to ensure that each part of an organisation is in a correct interaction procedure by helping its workers to create a shared vision and to transfer the important organisation knowledge needed to improve their productivity. As you can see, when you avail our organisational behaviour case study assignment help service, you get all-round assistance. Thus, if you want to stand out from the rest of the class, you can contact us.

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