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AT&T Case Study Analysis

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AT&T Case Study


AT&T Inc. is an American multinational organisation that is specialised in the telecommunication industry. The headquarters of AT&T is located in Dallas, Texas. Currently, this organisation is the largest telecommunications company in the whole world. In June 2018, AT&T also acquired the mass media organisation Warner Media, and with this acquisition, AT&T became the largest Media and Entertainment Company in the world in terms of revenue generation. AT&T Inc. is a very well reputed organisation, and it is holding the rank nine on the Fortune 500 ranking. AT&T is working with around 250,000 employees across hundreds of locations.You might use plagiarism checker tool to check the duplicay of the content.

AT&T Inc. is very much focused on the continuous development and advancement of new technologies. For AT&T, ensuring appropriate energy management is crucial to remain competitive in the market in terms of service reliability to the customers. AT&T was founded as Bell Telephone Company by Thomas Watson, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Sanders and Gardiner Greene Hubbard. During the 20th century, AT&T Inc. had a monopoly in the US market regarding phone services. Initially, the services of AT&T started in St. Louis. After that, it expanded in different regions, including Kansas, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma. In this way, the journey of AT&T Inc. started in the communication industry.If you are looking for marketing assignment help providers in the United States, consider hiring our service.

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Swot Analysis of AT&T


  • AT&T has an immense brand value, and it is an essential strength for the organisation. It has been identified that the approximate brand value of this organisation is near around 60 billion US dollars.
  • The current position of AT&T in the telecom industry is solid. It represents the massive strength of the organisation in this particular segment, which is an essential strength of the organisation.
  • In terms of market share, AT&T is again a market-leading organisation in the telecommunication industry. Currently, AT&T has around 121 million wireless subscribers, 20 million access line subscribers and 16 million broadband subscribers in the US. This amount of subscribers shows the strength of AT&T in this particular industry.
  • The business portfolio of AT&T is very much diversified. The vast diversity of AT&T's business portfolio reduces the risk of dependency in any particular segment. In this way, it becomes an essential strength for the organisation.
  • The business infrastructure of AT&T is extensive, which is a significant strength for the organisation. Currently, AT&T is having a collaborative network of wireless access and wired capabilities. It provides the most advanced internet protocol backbone to AT&T. In this way, AT&T becomes capable of outperforming their market competitors in terms of seamless service delivery. For this reason, the massive infrastructure of AT&T is an essential strength for the organisation. Get AT&T case study help at
  • AT&T is successfully providing next-generation services to their wireline customers for very high-speed internet access. It can be very much helpful for AT&T to retain the existing and attract new customers. For this reason, it is another critical strength for the organisation.


  • Recently it has been identified that AT&T has registered a loss of nearly 12 billion dollars. This type of loss is a crucial weakness for any organisation. AT&T was negatively affected due to this type of loss in the organisation.
  • Declining voice calls is another vital weakness for AT&T. As the fast internet connection becomes more available and accessible to the users, most of them prefer video calls and internet calls. Due to this reason, traditional voice calls are becoming obsolete day by day. This impact has also been observed in AT&T, where the voice connections of AT&T are declining sharply. As a particular segment of this organisation is decreasing, the organisation's overall profitability is also reduced. Therefore, the issue of a declining voice call is an essential weakness for AT&T.


  • Recent acquisitions performed by AT&T is an essential opportunity for the organisation. Through these acquisitions, AT&T is capable of expanding its business area and customer base, which will provide inorganic growth to AT&T. Therefore, acquiring organisations and expanding the business is an essential opportunity for AT&T.
  • In the current aspect, cloud computing is an essential emerging technology, which will play various vital roles in future. For this reason, the overall demand for cloud computing is also increasing. Therefore, this growth in cloud computing in the near future is an essential opportunity for AT&T for expanding its business.
  • From research, it has also been identified that customers prefer high bandwidth connections more to achieve better speeds. For AT&T, it is always profitable if the customers use high bandwidth connections instead of low and average bandwidths. As the number of users for high bandwidth connections increases, it will be an essential opportunity for AT&T to increase their revenue in the future.
  • Similar to cloud computing technology, the internet of things is also a crucial and emerging technology of the future. In the current aspect, AT&T already offers different types of IoT solutions, including cargo management, fleet management, connected services and energy management. As AT&T is already operational in the IoT division, future growth of this particular sector will be an essential opportunity for AT&T.


  • Currently, AT&T operates in a particular market, which is already saturated. Almost every person in the US is connected with network connectivity. For this reason, a potential increase of customers is not present in this market. So, there is no opportunity for growth for AT&T in the future. The only way is to provide cheap and better services to the customers to attract them, which will result in lower revenue collection.
  • The current market competition for AT&T is exceptionally high. The main market competitors of AT&T include Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint. These organisations are giving tough competition to AT&T. Highly competitive market is affecting the organisation's overall profitability. If the competition in the market increases in the future, then it is very much possible that the organisation's overall profitability decreases further.

The strict laws and regulations for the business operation are another critical threat for AT&T. In the US, it becomes tough for AT&T to follow the strict guidelines properly. This type of strict laws and regulations highly affects the profitability of the organisation. Also, in international operations, AT&T needs to follow the country's regulations where they are going to operate. This type of strict laws and regulations can create complexity in the organisation.So, you need not worry about the quality of research when we provide you with  AT&T case study help.

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Pestle Analysis of AT&T:


  • AT&T currently has a global presence in different countries, and for that reason, they are exposed to the risk of political instability and government regulations of those regions. Due to this fact, performing business operations can become more difficult for AT&T.
  • Any changes in the telecom law can also disrupt the operation of AT&T. It can impact the cost of doing business for AT&T. In such cases, there is no option for AT&T other than complying with the law.


  • AT&T is highly dependent on many prominent financial institutes for gathering required capital against interest rates. It weakens the economic position of AT&T.
  • AT&T is also dependent on many credit requirements and foreign exchange.
  • Rules and regulations in these financial institutions are getting stricter, and for this reason, borrowing capital becomes harder for AT&T.


  • Social factors have highly influenced the business of AT&T. There is a massive evolution that has been observed in the US television industry. It has been identified that customers more prefer OTT services instead of advertising-based television. For this reason, AT&T is observing a decreasing subscriber base.
  • Most customers now prefer to watch shows on their smartphones instead of television. For this reason, consumption of mobile data has also increased, which is a positive factor for AT&T.


  • Demand for faster bandwidth connections has been increased all over the world. Considering the demand, AT&T also needs to improve their technologies to improve the bandwidth capability.
  • Technology is also helping AT&T to discover innovative ways to partner with the stakeholders.


  • Piracy has become a significant concern in the online environment. For that, AT&T is observing many legal issues. It is causing a decreased profitability for AT&T.
  • As Warner Media is a subsidiary of AT&T, piracy is creating a significant revenue loss for the organisation, hurting the revenue generation for AT&T.


  • AT&T is operational in the wireless telecommunication sector. Any natural disaster can create a big problem for AT&T. Regular services provided by AT&T will be hampered by the natural disaster, which is a significant environmental factor. 
  • AT&T is exploring different opportunities to become carbon neutral in future. It can help to boost the brand image of AT&T.


From the discussion, it can be concluded that AT&T is one of the most essential and most significant organisations in the telecommunication industry. From the overall analysis of AT&T, it has been identified that there are many vital strengths and opportunities available for AT&T. The existing brand value and huge market share are among the most important strengths for the organisation. In case of opportunity, both cloud computing and IoT can become a critical aspect for the business of AT&T. There are some particular weaknesses and threats that are also present for AT&T on which AT&T needs to bring improvement. Different types of economic factors are also affecting the business of AT&T highly, so AT&T also needs to focus on this particular area.As you can see, when you avail our AT&T case study assignment help service, you get all-round assistance. Thus, if you want to stand out from the rest of the class, you can contact us.

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