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British Airways Case Study Analysis

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British airways case study

British Airways (BA) can be referred to as the flag carrier of airlines in the United Kingdom. The headquarters for the company is situated in London, England, which is near the hub located at Heathrow Airport. This airline can also be respected as one of the largest carriers based specifically in the United Kingdom based on the fleet size and passengers the same carries daily. This company has been placed right behind easyJet. British Airways is one of the primarily renowned air services provided to passengers and commuters living all across the region of UK and US along with an equivalent additional services to enhance the quality of services provided to the residents. You might use plagiarism checker tool to check the duplicay of the content

In the year 2011 January, British Airways declared a collaboration to have merged with Iberia, putting forward creating an International Airlines Group (IAG), a holding company registered in Madrid, Spain. IAG can be regarded as one of the largest existing airline groups regarding the amount of annual revenue and the second-largest one existing all across Europe. In addition to this, the same has also been placed on the London Stock Exchange list and the FTSE 100 index. British Airways can also be referred to as the first-ever passenger airline to generate more than a count of $1 billion from a single air passage in almost a year. Get british airways case study help at

British Airways had been created and established in 1974, right after the British Airways Board had been specifically established by the government for carrying out the management of two nationalized airline organizations. The corporations were the likes of British Overseas Airways Corporation as well as British European Airways. In addition to this, two of the regional airlines named Cambrian Airways as well as Northeast Airlines had also been made a part of this four structure corporation.

On 31st of March, in 1974, all the mentioned four companies had been merged to give rise to British Airways. However, the year 2019 had been marked as a centenary completely based upon the existing predecessor companies. Almost after a count of 13 years specifically functioning as a state company, British Airlines had been typically privatized in February, in 1987 being a part of a wider organization plan formulated by the conservative government existing at that point of time. The associated carrier then expanded by acquiring the British Caledonian in 1987, Dan-Air in the year 1992, and the British Midland International in the year 2012.

Along with this, British Airways has also been the founder company behind the Oneworld airline alliance. In addition to this, the company has also played a significant role in founding American Airlines, Qantas, Canadian Airlines, and Cathy Pacific. Since then, the alliance has specifically undergone significant and potential growth to be one of the third-largest airline companies placed right after SkyTeam as well as Star Alliance.

The establishment of Virgin Atlantic by Richard Branson in the year 1984 had begun with a tense relationship shared with British Airways leading to one of the bitterest competitions functioning within the same field of business serving the needs of passengers travelling across the world. Following this, in the year of 2008, the management formed at British Airways formulated a plan to merge with the Iberia Airlines, which was a preliminary agreement for merging that was again announced in November in the year 2009. Regarding the decision, which had been undertaken, the combined airline is supposed to become the third-largest carrier placed right after Delta Airlines and American Airlines. This ranking was in respect to generated revenue.

Again on the 8th of April, in the year of 2010, confirmation had been placed that British Airways and Iberia had also agreed on a merger, which will typically form the International Airlines Group. However, this nowhere stated that British Airways would stop operating under the current brand as established. If you are looking for marketing assignment help providers in the United States, consider hiring our service.

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SWOT analysis of British Airways:

The SWOT analysis of British Airways has been done to identify some of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities as well as threats. Some of the strengths of British Airways are,

  • Safety: incidents and accidents related to the airline company is low in number, stating that British Airways is much safer in terms of travelling and commuting. The safety of the airline company comes from a range of data stating only 3 life loss incidents, 2 hijacks as well as 1 fatal accident since the establishment of the company in 1974.
  • Sustainability: the approach of British Airways towards integration of sustainability specifically extends towards environment sustainability in particular. The firm has carried out attempts to bring significant reduction in carbon footprint, making investments into fuel efficiency.

Some of the weaknesses of British Airways are,

  • Rolls Royce Engine: the Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engine has put forward multiple problems that have been faced by British Airways, also placing multiple limitations on the daily carriage of business. The engine had a drastic effect upon the punctuality as well as the availability of aircraft leading to a significant reduction in business proceedings.
  • Revenue dependency upon the local market: British Airways heavily rely upon the sales that occur within the UK market for a matter of revenue generation, which can lead to an unstable form of money and the impact of Covid-19 and Brexit having an impact upon the sales as well.

Some of the opportunities related to the British Airways are,

  • Service expansion: the company might be having various opportunities in expanding their range of services provided to consumers all across the world to have a significant increase in terms of revenue. Such a start can be done with premium services provided to high-end clients for increased revenue generation.
  • Advancement in technology: the company has specifically shown enhanced service quality through the integration of technology. However, integration of Artificial Intelligence can also be an enhancement towards increasing the quality of service to another level altogether.

Some of the threats that might be posed at British Airways are,

  • Rising competition within the market: increasing competition within the same field of business with newer airlines companies coming into the business that might be posing business threats and attracting loyal customers with enhanced features and services better than British Airways.

Regulatory factors: British Airways, throughout their daily business operations, face regulations on an enhanced level from both the aviation authority as well as the government of the nation. As a reason for this, the airline needs to comply with the same. Failure to do so will again result in payment of hefty penalties in terms of revenue. So, you need not worry about the quality of research when we provide you with  British Airways  case study help.

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PESTLE analysis of British Airways:

The PESTLE analysis of British Airways has been described in the following section.

  • Political: factors related to politics have been playing a significant role within the aviation industry. Several factors behind the growing importance in terms of the political factor, including the rise of political stability within the driving growth, role of government policies, and market attractiveness, have been affecting the government insight and influencing the aviation field in total.
  • Economic: various economic factors as well as changes shall also have a direct impact upon the business carried out by the airline industries existing across United Kingdom. The economic situation that has been existing within the country has been affecting the daily business operations of the firm impacting directly upon the profit generated from the airline operations and services provided to the passengers and commuters all across the world.
  • Social: social factors, including the likes of changes occurring within the demography, has also been carrying out an appropriate role within the context of the aviation industry. The primary target for the airline brand, British Airways, is the choice of the millennial when travelling across countries are provided with enhanced services and guidance throughout their entire flight time. This also makes the travellers suggest the services of the airlines to friends and acquaintances, increasing the customer base of British Airways and enhancing the social relationships of the company with the travellers.
  • Technological: technology has always been a centrally occupying force driving the business operations and enhancing the quality of services provided by British Airways. Such innovations include the likes of fuel-efficient as well as models of aircraft with enhanced security. In addition to this, service technologies have also been acting as a special aid towards faster growth of British Airways and have also been broadening the base of customers belonging to the firm.
  • Legal: legal factors have always been an important consideration to be made across the aviation industry, including the UK market to which British Airways has always been belonging. Complying with the legal factors are always an important consideration for the British Airways to mitigate the likely cause of heavy fines as a result of the violation of such legal policies and procedures.
  • Environmental: factors related to the environment have now become a central concern for British Airways along with the authorities of the aviation industries. In respect to this, British Airways has always undertaken firm steps towards minimization of an environmental impact that might be getting posed by the firm's business model, which shall be sustainable.

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