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Alibaba Case Study Analysis

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Alibaba case study

Alibaba Group:

Alibaba Group Holding Limited is also referred to as Alibaba Group as well as Alibaba is a Chinese multinational technological firm that carries out all of its operations in ecommerce, internet, retail, as well as technology. The company was founded on 28th June in 1999 in Hangzhou, situated in Zhejiang, where the company's primary motive was to provide e-commerce services based on the models of B2C, C2C, as well as B2B through customized web portals. In addition to this, services related to Electronic payment, a search engine for shopping, as well as services related to cloud computing had also been a part of the initial business model for Alibaba Group.  You might use plagiarism checker tool to check the duplicay of the content

The company owns explicitly as well as operates in a diversified portfolio for the businesses existing around the world in various sectors of the business. With 17 other students, Jack MA had given rise to the company on 28th June 1999. The company was supposed to be provided with B2B marketplace options. In October of the same year, Alibaba had significantly received an enormous investment of US$25 million from Goldman Sachs as well as SoftBank. had contained the expectation of bringing significant improvement within the domestic eCommerce market as well as producing an efficient platform for carrying out the business across the Chinese marketplace. This was typically done for the small as well as  medium-sized business enterprises (SME) acting as a helping has well as  for exporting Chinese products to the globally existing market as well as  addressing the challenges posed by the World Trade Organization (WTO). Get Alibaba case study help at

Following this, in 2002, had become a profitable launch three years after being a firm. Ma wanted significant improvement within the globally existing e-commerce system. Hence, from 2003 onwards, Alibaba had launched a Taobao Marketplace,, Alipay as well as Lynx. When eBay announced an expansion into China in 2003, when Ma viewed the American Company as one of the foreign competitors as well as, it rejected eBay's buyout of Alibaba's subsidiary bras well as located at Taobao. Through the practical application of the existing technologies as well as gaining appropriate trust in the Chinese E-commerce market, expanding as well as dominating within the global market to make appropriate returns on the additional existing services. Subsidiaries belonging to Alibaba outperformed eBay in practical terms within China's eCommerce market, claiming a growing percentage from the consumers of eBay. Taobao is a subsidiary of Alibaba, would later be forcing eBay out of the existing Chinese market, with eBay closing towards the unprofitable China Web unit. However, the existing two companies would break even after six years. If you are looking for marketing assignment help providers in the United States, consider hiring our service.

In the year 2005, Yahoo! Had invested in the business of Alibaba through a variable interest entity (VIE) structure by buying a 40% stake within the company for nearly US$1 billion. As a result of this, nearly US$10 billion in Alibaba's IPO to the existing investor, Yahoo!

In accordance with Li Chuan, a senior executive working at Alibaba, where the company had been planning in 2013 to specifically open a traditional brick as well as mortar retail outlets in regards to a partnership with a real estate company located in China, named as Wanda Group. In addition to this, Alibaba had also purchased a nearly 25% stake at Hong Kong-listed department in china store Intime Retail during early 2014. In early 2017, Alibaba as well as the founder of Intime, Shen Guojon, had agreed to make a payment much as HK$19.8 billion for taking the chain of stores private. The stake of Alibaba, nearly 28%, is supposed to rise to about 74% nearly after the deal is done.

In the year 2014, Alibaba, As well as reessen Horowitz as well as Coatue Management had led towards a US$250 million Series D that had been carrying out a financing round that was supposed to be completed by the company named Lyft, raising a total amount of $332.5 million. 19th September in the year of 2014, the initial public offering (IPO) of Alibaba based on the New York Stock Exchange had nearly raised an amount of US$25 billion, which had provided the company with a market value of nearly US$231 billion as well as by far is the largest IPO in the World History. This is one of the most valuable corporations among the top 10. In addition to this, Alibaba Group has also been named the 31st most prominent globally ranked on the Forbes Global 2000 list published in 2020. Following this, Alibaba had also become the second Asian Corporation to have broken the valuation mark of US$500 billion placed right after the competitor Tencent. In 2020, Alibaba had become the sixth bras well as to have a global standard valuation across the world.

Alibaba is also one of the largest retailers as well as the largest eCommerce company. In the year 2020, the company had also been rated as the fifth-largest in Artificial Intelligence Company. Alibaba was also one of the most prominent venture capital corporations as well as one of the biggest investment corporations across the global business platform. In addition to this, the company also hosts the largest ever B2B, C2C as well as B2C marketplaces across the whole world. This has been carrying out constant expansion throughout the media industry, with the revenues rising by a triple percentage every consecutive year. The company has also set the record on the 2018 edition of the Single's day occurring in china, along with this the biggest online as well as an offline shopping day in the global business platform.

April 2008 was when Taobao introduced a spin-off by opening a Taobao Mall, an online retail platform for complementing the Taobao C2C portal, which shall offer global bras well as s towards an increasingly affluent consumer base of China. This also had become the most visited website across china in respect to 2013 as related to the recent reports of the Chinese platforms. In March 2010, Taobao had again launched a shopping website in a group, which shall be offering flash sales that are again products available at huge discounts but only for a fixed amount of time. In October 2010, Taobao again launched a beta version named eTao, a comparison website offering various search results from the Chinese shopping platforms working online.

This had the primary inclusion of multiple product searches, coupon searches as well as sales. In accordance with Alibaba Group as well as their developed website, eTao had been offering within products from the existing businesses such as Amazon China, Gome, Nike China, Vancl, Dangdang, Yihaodian, Tmall as well as Taobao. Regarding the restructuring of Taobao by the Alibaba Group itself, such spin-offs had become the reason for the separation of the companies during 2011. This lead-in Tmall as well as eTao became a separate business from June onwards, becoming a separate business later during October. So, you need not worry about the quality of research when we provide you with Alibaba case study help.

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Swot Analysis:  

The SWOT analysis of Alibaba has been done in the following section.

  • Strength: the sheer scale of operations that is followed by Alibaba on a daily basis in every individual operation of business is one of the strengths belonging to the company.
  • Weakness: Alibaba has been allowing multiple sellers to partner with the company and sell their own products. This has been acting as a weakness for the company failing to keep a track of all the sellers partnered with the firm.
  • Opportunities: increasing in investments as well as increasing experience from the market of China might provide opportunities to the business.
  • Threats: rising competition from major competitors such as Amazon and Flipkart is one of the major threats posed at the business of Alibaba.

Pestle Analysis:

The PESTLE analysis of Alibaba has been done in the following points.

  • Political: one of the primary environmental threat that is posed at Alibaba is the political unrest that usually occurs in China due to the current situation of political instability.
  • Economic: for Alibaba, the economic sector has shown poor forms of results. This is due to the reduction in the economic condition of China as well as the latest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate dropping by a count of 6%.
  • Social: the Taobao application allows users shopping online through the application also to socially interact and increase the business of Alibaba in the end.
  • Technological: extensive usage of various technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and Cloud computing has significantly increase the quality of services provided to the consumers and increased the business for Alibaba to a greater level throughout the years.
  • Legal: Alibaba had previously been caught violating legal aspects such as the reports of fake GUCCI products listed on the Alibaba website. Such factors have also been hampering and affecting the reputation of the firm.
  • Environmental:Alibaba has been contributing towards improving the environment sustainability claiming to support the corporate social responsibility programs. These include the likes of job creation, poverty alleviation, rural development as well as environmental sustainability.

Hence, through the PESTLE analysis, various factors affecting Alibaba has been identified.

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