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British Petroleum Case Study Analysis

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British Petroleum Case Study


The British Petroleum Company is a British multinational gas and oil company. The headquarters of this organisation is located in London, England. In the oil and gas industry, British Petroleum is one of the major organisations. This organisation is currently operational in exploration and production, refining, power generation, distribution and marketing, and oil and gas trading. British Petroleum is also involved in renewable energy sources, including wind power, biofuels, solar technology, and smart grid. British Petroleum is currently operational in about 80 countries worldwide, and this organisation is producing around 3.7 billion barrels of oil per day. Also, British Petroleum has a considerable number of service stations all around the world. The overall number of service stations is about 18,700.You might use plagiarism checker tool to check the duplicay of the content

The largest division of British Petroleum is operational in the United States. Initially, British Petroleum was the Anglo-Persian Oil Company during 1908. At that time, it was established as a subsidiary of Burmah Oil Company for exploiting the oil discoveries in Iran. During 1935, this organisation became Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, and finally, in 1954, the name of the organisation was changed to British Petroleum. British Petroleum has also faced different environmental and safety incidents, and among them, the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill was the most significant accident. In this case, about 4.9 million barrels of oil were released into the sea, which caused severe human health, environmental and economic consequences. To understand the British Petroleum organisation in a much better way, it is essential to perform a SWOT and PESTLE analysis which are done in the following section.If you are looking for marketing assignment help providers in the United States, consider hiring our service.

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Swot Analysis of British Petroleum


  • In the current aspect, British Petroleum has several subsidiaries and retail brands, including Amoco, BP Express, ARCO, BP Connect, Burmah Castrol and many more other brands. Due to all of these brands, British Petroleum is capable of diversifying its revenue portfolio. In this way, they are not only reliant on oil and natural gas. It is an essential strength of the organisation.
  • British Petroleum is one of the well-known and trusted brands all over the world in the petroleum division. Here, it is again a strength for the organisation.
  • British Petroleum has always focused on corporate social responsibility and other contributions to society to improve its brand image in the market. These types of actions are essential strengths for the organisation.
  • The diversified portfolio of British Petroleum makes it easier for the organisation to operate in different markets and industries. It has helped British Petroleum to increase its brand awareness. Therefore, it is an essential strength for the organisation. Get British Petroleum case study help at


  • In the past, British Petroleum has faced many oil spills and disasters. Due to this reason, a significant amount of environmental damage has been done, and also, due to that, British Petroleum has paid large amounts of fines. It has affected both the image of the brand and the profitability of the organisation. For this reason, it is a weakness for the organisation.
  • Most of the business operation of British Petroleum is dependent on fossil fuels, which has become a very crucial concern regarding climate change. Reduction demand in the utilisation of fossil fuels has created a tremendous amount of pressure on British Petroleum. Considering the situation, British Petroleum may also need to switch to clean energy options. Initially, it will disrupt the operation of British Petroleum, and the cost of the organisation will be increased. So, it is a significant weakness for the organisation.
  • Whenever any disaster happened with British Petroleum, the organisation's management failed to handle the situation appropriately. It has further degraded the brand image of British Petroleum. This inability of the management is also an essential weakness of the organisation.
  • As the results of fossil fuels are depleting, competition in the market is also increasing. It has developed a significant problem for British Petroleum, which is also an essential weakness of the organisation.


  • In the current aspect, British Petroleum has enough capital to become a market leader in the alternative fuel and energy segment. These alternative segments include hydrogen, solar, wind and other types of renewable energy sources. Therefore, starting a business in this particular segment is a significant opportunity for the organisation.
  • As the world moves towards clean energy, British Petroleum can partner with different countries to develop clean energy options. It will help British Petroleum to increase their business area.
  • There are many markets available globally, where British Petroleum has not entered yet. Therefore, exploring these particular markets is an essential opportunity for the organisation.
  • The existing capital of British Petroleum can also help the organisation to develop different types of subsidiaries apart from the petrochemical industry. It will help British Petroleum to diversify the revenue of the organisation further.


  • Environmental issues are the main threat for the organisation. The utilisation of fossil fuels is already harmful to the environment, and on top of that, British Petroleum has faced many oil spills, which has complicated the situation more. For this reason, a high amount of pressure is coming on British Petroleum, which is a significant threat.
  • Market competitors of British Petroleum are handling the environmental issues comparatively better than British Petroleum. It is one crucial reason behind the decreasing brand reputation of British Petroleum. It is also a significant threat for the organisation.
  • Different types of lawsuits that have been charged against British Petroleum for the environmental damage is also a threat for the organisation.

Volatility in oil prices highly affects British Petroleum and its organisational operations. For this reason, it is also a significant threat to the organisation.As you can see, when you avail our British Petroleum case study assignment help service, you get all-round assistance. Thus, if you want to stand out from the rest of the class, you can contact us.

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Pestle Analysis of British Petroleum


  • Political stability is essential for the oil and gas sector, which is currently present in the UK. Still, in many oil-rich countries of the Middle East, proper political stability is not present.
  • In the oil and gas sector, safety regulation for the workers is essential, and it is also an important political factor.
  • British Petroleum needs to follow appropriate trade regulations and tariffs associated with the oil and gas industry in different regions.
  • Political factors also regulate tax rates and incentives of British Petroleum.


  • The particular economic system in countries of operation is an essential factor for British Petroleum.
  • The efficiency of the financial market is also an important economic factor, which can help British Petroleum to raise the required capital from the local market.
  • Labour cost and economic productivity is also an essential factor for British Petroleum.
  • Inflation rate and interest rate are also significant economic factors for British Petroleum.
  • Workforce skill levels within the oil and gas industry also regulate the economic output of British Petroleum.
  • Existing infrastructure in the oil and gas industry also regulates the economic factor.


  • Demographics of the particular region and the skill level of the population is a significant social factor for British Petroleum.
  • The education level and the interest in the oil and gas industry is a significant social factor here.
  • The working attitude of the people is also an important social factor for British Petroleum.


  • Recent technological development done by competitors of British Petroleum is highly affecting British Petroleum and its operations.
  • The rate of technological diffusion is also an essential technological factor for British Petroleum.
  • Different types of innovative technology make oil production much more efficient, which is another crucial technological factor for British Petroleum.
  • Technology is also helping British Petroleum improve its value chain structure, which is another significant impact of technological factors on British Petroleum.


  • Climate change due to fossil fuels is a significant environmental factor here.
  • Water and air pollution regulation in the oil and gas industry is also an important environmental factor for British Petroleum.
  • Appropriate waste management is required in the oil and gas industry. It is also a crucial factor for British Petroleum.


  • Employment law is a significant legal factor that is associated here.
  • Appropriate health and safety law is also required in the oil and gas industry. It is a significant legal factor.
  • Antitrust law in the oil and gas industry is also an essential factor for British Petroleum.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that British Petroleum is one of the most important and most valuable brands in the oil and gas industry. In the current aspect, British Petroleum has a much-diversified portfolio through its subsidiaries. British Petroleum has many significant subsidiaries in different sectors, which is one of the most critical strengths of the organisation. In recent times, British Petroleum has faced many penalties and lawsuits due to the oil spill. The oil spill done by British Petroleum damages the environment heavily. British Petroleum has also failed to manage the oil spill properly. It is the most concerning issue that is associated with the organisation. It has highly damaged the brand reputation of British Petroleum. Therefore, British Petroleum needs to take necessary steps to avoid any oil spill in the future. It will surely help British Pertoleum improve their existing brand image in the market, which can be significant to improve the operations of this organisation.So, you need not worry about the quality of research when we provide you with British Petroleum  case study help.

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