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Honda Europe Case Study Analysis

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Honda Europe Case Study


The purpose of the paper is to provide SWOT and pestle analysis of the company, Honda Europe in following paragraphs.  Honda Motor Company is automobile   company which was initially originated is a japan. It was highlighted that it is a Japanese public international corporation manufacturer of automobiles motorcycles which also produce power equipment in their headquartered in Minato, Tokyo.  It was highlighted as the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959 years, accounting for production of four hundred million by the end of 2019 years.  It is highlighted as world's largest builder of internal combustion trains measured by volume, accounting for production of 14 million internal combustion engines each year. After the high establishment in the market,    the company became the second-largest Japanese automobile manufacturer in 2001. Honda was the eighth largest automobile manufacturer in the world in 2015.   Similar franchise was opened in the Europe as is automobile   company to enhance the business around the globe. Many researchers suggested that Honda Motor Europe Limited, also called Honda (UK), functions as a motorized retailer. Corporation offers new as well as used cars, bikes, sports usefulness vehicles, wagons, and accessories. The company also offers power sprayers, lawn mowers, snow throwers, and tractors.  The major consumers are belong to United Kingdom which enable them to bring huge revenue but also produce the vehicle parts and supply it around the globe.  The Honda company often have another 31 R&D centres in various countries such as   15 countries. Honda designs, develops, manufactures, distributes and sells cars, motorcycles, marine engines, ATVs, lawn mowers, tillers and generators.  The Katsushi Inoue is the President of the company. The Engine Plant was the additional part of the Swindon site to open, and production of petrol engines for the Masterpiece began in 1989.Honda participated approximately 5.7% such as US$6.8 billion of its revenues in research as well as development. Also in 2013, Honda developed the first Europe automaker which also exporter from the United States. In 2018, the company often providing 108,705 Honda as well as Acura models, while importing only 88,357.  The mission of the company is going further, pursuing as well as inspiring the population to buy car. The company is continuously stimulating ourselves to meet the needs of the customers as well as to raise customer’s satisfaction to a higher level through high end business services. Through the production, the company want to reinforce the connection between customers as well as Honda cars. The driving experience is the central to bring huge revenue in United Kingdom. We are also providing Volkswagen case study solution


SWOT Analysis: 


1) Largest motorcycle manufacturer is the first strength of the company. The   major   advantage is that it is world’s largest motorcycle producer. It has a lion’s share of the marketplace of motorcycles.

2) Largest internal incineration engines manufacturer is the second strength of the company such as motorcycles.  It is motors also has a large attendance in combustion engine market that was developed from the aeroplanes, jetskis, yachts or any heavy engine usage. Honda case study help offered by

3) Excellent R&D is the third strength of the company. One of the details that Honda has been able to attain these heights is because of its focus on R&D as well as its manpower employed in R&D.

4) High technology products  is the  fourth strength of the company. As Honda has high technology products, the entry barriers are high and hence the brand has not beaten in the last several years. When the individuals combine the complete product collection of Honda,   technology is also   potential strength.

5) Product portfolio is the   fifth strength of the company. The product collection of Honda is massive.  The company develop approximately 100 types of cars as well as other automobiles along with 100 types of bikes and scooters. It also have power equipment such as generators, it manufactures excellent engines and often develop robotics. It often has own aircrafts, mountain bikes as well as all-terrain vehicles. We are also providing HSBC case study solution.

Weakness in the Honda motors:

1) High cost and pries the first weakness. In R&D, the cost of the product drives high as well as the pricing to end client is high which weakness of Honda is but it needs to have this weakness but it often enhance brand equity.

2)  Low products for the multitudes is the second weakness.  Honda cars are high end cars are only for the upper middle class. Hence, Honda requires more automobile portfolio in order to enhance socioeconomic class, which various competitors’ automobile manufacturers like Hyundai as well as Maruti are developing cars for.

3) Hero as well as Honda separation in India is the third weakness.  At least in India, Honda motors suffered badly as these two companies are separated.  However, the company did not separated in Europa and hence, received limited to no disadvantages. We are also providing Ford case study solution.

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 Opportunities of the Honda:

  • Electric and substitute fuel vehicles is the first opportunities. This division is targeted to the future of vehicle market where individuals will be difficult usage of clean energy.  The climate change can be an effective strategy.
  • The number of vehicles across the biosphere is cumulative and it is second opportunities.   One of the details is the upsurge in buying influence of individuals. It is often a social norm to have a motorcycle or a car and hence, it must be developed.
  • Expansion in developing countries is third opportunities.      Due to high buying power, as well as the easy car loads provided, purchases of automobiles is rising especially in developing countries.  In this case, the company has opportunity   to develop markets based on the low price.


  • Competitors from local and regional as well as national players in each of the countries is the first threat.  
  • Fuel price   is the second threat.

Pestle price:

  The political influence:

  • Limit number of cars being sold in the country usually disturb by this issue.
  • UK customers pay advanced pre-tax prices for cars compared to other country.
  • UK administration was intense to appeal foreign firms to invest in UK.

Economic factors:

  • Exchange rate from £ to Yen is the economic factor that influence the company.  As UK as well as Japan exchange rate are not steady continuously it also influence the Honda’s cars price.
  • Revenue rising indicated consumer income rising along with power for purchase. Honda gain revenue by presenting new models of car.
  • Due to worldwide cost of petrol keep on rising to make customers   stressed in their economic issues. Therefore, Honda presenting more economical cars as well as eco-friendly technology cars.

Social factors:

Demographic as well as cultural characteristics of the external macro-environment are major social   factor behind the success of the company.  

  • In UK, customers have a robust beliefs in their indigenous brand rather than brands developing country. Therefore, the company must their beliefs through presenting ego-friendly cars which is Honda Civic Hybrid.
  • Linguistic barriers of the counties is the major issue and hence,   they often do agreement in the English language  for customer  gain an understanding of their issues and buy car according to it.
  • In UK, cars designing and expansion are not too luxurious compared to countries which pay high taxes. In this case, the consumers often prefer to buy high quality automobiles from luxurious brands such as BMW, BENZ, BENTLY and etc.


  • Technological   factors often influence the business. As individuals too trust on GPS (Global Positioning System) for locating their situation by new technology.  Therefore, Satelite Navigation System were installed in the new models for gaining the highest business revenue.
  • i-vtec was developed for  making it environmentally friendly cars  which  installed in their infamous vtec engines. The vi-tec engine delivers fuel economy, plenty torque as well as clean emissions.
  • The company always were obsessive in innovating technology and stimulating boundaries of mobility progressions. Therefore, it often provides mobility for communities all over the world with our innovations in safety, environment and advanced mobility.

 Legal factors:

  • Due to service laws in UK, worker working hours as well as the wages. Employed hours in UK usual are 8 hours per day as well as minimum wages are £5.93 per hours. Due to this situation, commercial could be pretentious regarding   car development.
  • UK administration has future all the business workplace must be as safe as is rationally practical.  Training and reporting accidents were the fundamental factor behind ensuring the safety of the consumers.

Environment factors

  • Due to global warming, petroleum, gasoline price are keep on rising. Therefore, Honda launched the ego-friendly technology cars to reduce the climate change.
  • UK have diverse weather compared to the other countries. Alteration in temperature can often have an issue cars engine problematic to start when climate is cold and engine easy to burn. Consequently, diverse engine in other countries country due to weather as well as climate problem.


 On a concluding note, it can be said that   Honda Motor Company is automobile   company which was initially originated is a japan. It was highlighted that it is a Japanese public international corporation manufacturer of automobiles motorcycles which also produce power equipment in their headquartered in Minato, Tokyo.  Therefore, they can have develop cars to   beat the competitors and gain revenue.

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