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Uncover the Tips to Build a Strong Paragraph Structure
 John Millar  Published On Jun 23, 2022 | Updated on Oct 05, 2023  Student Guide

Structuring an essay is easy; all you have to do is place the information in the introduction, body, and conclusion. However, the most complicated part of this structure is the paragraphs and how you ...

Ultimate Guide to Marketing and its Strategies
 Jack Morgan  Published On Aug 22, 2022 | Updated on Oct 17, 2023  Student Guide

Do you know why the majority of small firms get low marketing returns? It's because they don't have a well-thought-out marketing approach. You're doomed to waste money on marketing and significan...

What is a Bibliography? An Academic Overview & Analysis
 John Millar  Published On Jun 18, 2022 | Updated on Nov 23, 2023  Student Guide

Back in my college days, I used to scratch my head over bibliographical essentials. It weighed me down and cost me days full of anxiety as I tried connecting the dots but failed. While the primary int...

 Jessica Moore  Published On Jun 15, 2022 | Updated on Jul 19, 2022  Case Study

Writing case studies is a skill only a few writers hold on to. If you are struggling to put your arguments into a structure, you first need to figure out the objective of your case study. What i...

Personal Statement for Graduate School
 John Millar  Published On Jun 13, 2022 | Updated on Nov 23, 2023  Writing Service

Finishing your undergraduate program is certainly a great achievement. However, earning a higher qualification by joining a graduate school is an even bigger achievement. If you are willing to progres...

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