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Exploring the Difference Between Effect and Affect
 Deepak  29 Feb, 2020  Assignment

Exploring The Differences Between Effect And Affect

Homonyms, in any form or shape, can be confusing for students, especially for the ones who would fail to recognize the meaning and application of each word. Talking of homonyms, effect and affect happ...

Proofreading vs Editing
 Deepak  16 Jan, 2020  Writing Service

Proofreading vs Editing

When we read an amazing piece of content, we praise the writer for his/her skills. However, we often miss the fact that it's the editing skill of an individual, which makes the content flawless. This ...

4 Things To Look For When Proofreading
 Deepak  30 Dec, 2019  Writing Service

4 Things To Look For When Proofreading

Jamie had been working day and night on his English assignments. Anyone could tell that he was really enjoying writing on the topic. Unfortunately, the grade he received was quite disheartening, knowi...

Why Proofreading is Important | How To Proofread Your Paper
 Deepak  09 Dec, 2019  Assignment

Why Proofreading is Important

We cannot deny that! Did you know that 31% of students miss the A grade by a sliver not because of a poorly-presented paper but for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in their writing?Although m...

Steps To Complete A PhD Dissertation Plan
 Deepak  11 Nov, 2019  Essay

Steps To Complete A PhD Dissertation Plan

Recently, I came across an engaging and informative article on time management and dissertation writing. Prof. Marcus Lawrence from the University of Salford is of the opinion that one must structure ...

 Deepak  16 Oct, 2019  Assignment

How to Write a Capstone Project

Nearing your high school or university graduation? You must have heard the term ‘Capstone project’ being thrown around. A Capstone project is not your average project. While you may feel...

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