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Orthopedic Doctor

Salary Structure of An Orthopedic Doctor

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Orthopedic Doctor

A brief description of the salary structure of an orthopedic doctor

Orthopedic surgeons or doctors are specialists in treating problems in the muscular-skeletal system as developed genetically or caused traumatic injury or chronic conditions. They treat or perform surgeries for such injuries. They spend a decade long time over gaining expertise in orthopedic cases. The purpose of the treatment is to help patients get rid of the pain and make the affected area functioning back. If someone passionate about helping others, listening to their health problems and interested to pursue a career in the medical field, he or she should become orthopedic surgeons or doctors. Orthopedic doctors are paid one of the highest salaries in the medical specialties.

Job Description

Orthopedic doctors meet with patients in private and public hospitals. Specialized clinics, as well as OPDs (outpatient departments), can be used for the purpose. Surgeries are performed in the operating room both in public as well as private hospitals. They can instruct patients on some forms of diagnosis tests, like x-rays and ultrasounds. The results of these tests will help doctors determine the proper treatment as well as the most suitable surgical initiatives. Orthopedic surgeons work in teams. Such teams can have the personnel, like other physicians, physical therapists, nurses, clerical staffs and others. Orthopedic doctors apart from their professional duties also help patients think positive. They do it by showing patients the possibilities of overcoming health problems.

Educational Requirements

Like other physicians, orthopedic doctors spend more than a decade on studies and developing professional skills in the areas of expertise. They can be explored to more challenges as compared to physicians specialized in treating diabetic cases. Orthopedic doctors, therefore, possess strong academic skills, which make them efficient in learning from experiences and senior doctors. Orthopedic doctors are to spend another four years after their masters in medical studies. After completing their medical studies, applicants holding a degree in orthopedic studies are needed to be the parts of general residency and specialized residencies. The minimum duration for this should be at least five years. Once they are done with this, they will have to sit for an exam to be licensed as physicians. Successfully clearing the exam applicants will become licensed physicians. In the United States, “The American Board of Orthopedic Surgery” conducts additional board certification exams. Orthopedic surgeons on average earn $360,600 annually. This figure may vary over time. However, there is a huge variation between orthopedic doctors concerning their annual earning. Those who are highly experienced and associated with reputed private medical brands may earn around $590,000. On the other hand, those with relatively less experience can earn around $130,000.


Orthopedic doctors can work in various places. They can work from their private offices. They may also work in group medical practices. They can be a part of outpatient surgery centers and hospitals. Doctors with sub-specialties, such as pediatrics or oncology, often work from offices. They are socialized in treating populations falling under pediatrics or oncology. While being in the operative room, orthopedic surgeons spend a considerable amount of time. They stand for hours even while being inside the operative room. The other members of the surgical team are also required to be in the room for hours. Some orthopedic surgeons may also work from specialty clinics especially dealing with urgent cases. Patients generally have to wait less in specialty clinics. Such clinics are normally functional during evening times or weekends. Such arrangements help orthopedic surgeons focus more on critical cases and justify their presence in specialty clinics.


Salaries may differ for orthopedic doctors basis on their practice and related experience. A possible salary structure is shown below:
Entry-Level: $102,200 - $519,211
Mid-Career: $120,500 - $565,800
Experienced: $128,230 - $598,222
Late-Career: $198,100 - $700,300

An approximate salary structure shown above indicates that there are huge growth opportunities in the industry. Medical practitioners who are not passionate about the orthopedic field would still enroll for it to earn a healthy annual income. They will gradually develop proficiency and skills in the subject area by effectively following the study path. The salary structure also suggests why doctors or surgeons can spend their entire time in the sector. They have one motivation, which is drawing a huge salary at the end of the month. Doctors also have their families, which they need to feed. They have their desires as well. All these motivate them to be and remain a part of a career, which is engaging as well as exciting.

Industry Trend

Job opportunities are there to grow for all physicians and surgeons. Orthopedic surgeons will also be benefitted from this. As per a few studies, job opportunities will grow by 13% in a decade to come. Many factors are responsible for this excellent growth in opportunities for orthopedic doctors and surgeons. One of the factors is the aging population. People with ages develop joints and bones problems. The speed of occurrence of problems can be faster in the case of women than in men. Women in their fifties generally develop bones and joints problems. Such problems are more frequent with women than in men. Such problems can be due to other chronic conditions in people.

Joints and bone problems can also occur due to less normal schedules at the office, educational and other premises. People working for hours sitting idle in offices will soon develop bones and joint cases. It is due to their hectic work schedules, less focus on health exercises and inappropriate food consumption. Women particularly those who do not exercise regularly often meet joint problems. The populations for such people are constantly growing. These people need treatment urgently to be focused around their daily schedules and enjoy a happy life. The demand for orthopedic surgeons and doctors will also grow due to growing numbers of children across the globe. Children are prone to accidental injuries as they are less aware of the consequences their daily activities will result in. Orthopedic doctors or surgeons who are board-certified and reside at reputed teaching hospitals will have the advantage over others in terms of gaining better earning opportunities.

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