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Greek Mythology

The Myths and Legacy

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Greek Mythology

Who was Tiresias in Greek Mythology? Discuss his myths and his legacy. Also, examine Tiresias' role in 'The Odyssey.'

Teirsias has been found to be the most well-known seer among all the seers. The son of Chariclo and Everse was Teiresias who lived actually through alsmost seven generations starting with the days of Cadmus to the time of Oedipus and children. He was further fund being blinded by either Athena or by Hera to have seen either first naked through having Zeus by his side. The punishment on the other hand, came along with the subsequent rewards. Notably, the gifts of the foresight along with the long life were the rewards. As an addition, Teiresias was considered as the only one retaining the prophetic powers in the Underworld that was visited by Odysseus to whom numerous great pieces were given the advice. Here are some myths.

Also, Teiresias’ father Everes belonged to the Udaeus who is one of the five sown men of the Thebes. The mother of Teiresias was a nymph called Chariclo who is a dedicated servant of Athena. On the other hand, she was also her favourite as per the surviving account. Athena who loved her more than any others since they were always together loved Chariclo. As per the Greek mythology, Tiresias has been found as a blind prophet of Apollo in the Thebes known for being transformed into the women for long seven years. Further, he had been the son of Everes who is a shepherd and also the nymph Chariclo. Later, Tiresias also participated completely in the seven generations in the Thebes in the form of the advisor of Cadmus.

The mythology shows that there have been eighteen allusions to the mythic Tiresias as noted by Luc Brisson. Tiresias feel into three of the groups recounting the sex-change of him along with the encounter with Hera and Zeus. Similar to the some other oracles, the way Tiresias gained information varies. On the Mount Cyllene located in the Peloponnese, Tiresias has come upon a specific pair of the copulating snakes who hit the pair along with his stick. It is further observed that Hera had been quite displeased and punished Tiresias through transforming him in the form of a woman. Being a woman also Tiresias transformed into Hera’ priestess and after marriage he had the children consisting of Manto possessing the gift of the prophecy. Even after passing of seven long years in the form of women, Tiresias found the making of snakes again having dependent on the myth as per Hyginus who trampled on them. The result is that, Tiresias was well removed from the sentence and quite got permitted to gain the masculinity. This was the ancient story that got recorded in Hesiod’ lost lines.

In the Roman times too, the sex-change of Tiresias was quite embellished and expanded too into the seven episodes having an appropriate amours in each of it as written by the Ptolemaeus Chennus. However, it also attributed through the Eurtathius for the list elegiac Tiresias. The Tiresias has been presented in the form of a complexly liminal figure. This really mediated between the gods and the humankind, the present and the future, the blind and the seeing in the world and the underworld too.

As per the mythographic compendium Bibliotheke, there are different stories that were told properly because of the reason behind his blindness. The most direct being which simply the gods blinded in order to reveal all of the secrets. There is an alternative story that was told by Pherecydes that was quite followed in The Bathing of Pallas into it where Tiresias was quite blinded by Athena after getting stumbled onto the naked bathing.

Tiresias was quite drawn into the argument between Zeus and Hera on the topic of who has much pleasure in the sex whether the man or the women. Hera then instantly struck him completely blind for the impiety he had. Zeus further could not do anything for stopping her or reversing the curse. Tiresias was given the gift to recompense in the form of lifespan of seven lives and the gift of foresight. He is found to have well-understood all the language of the birds and the divine future in a fire. Notably, it was all the communication of the dead relied on the most. Tiresias in the Odyssey make a dramatic appearance where Odyssey is seen to be calling up the dead spirits. From the perspectives of see, Tiresias has become a common title throughout the history of the Greek legends.

As per the Greek literature, the pronouncement of Tiresias has given in the short maxims that were often quite cryptic but were not wrong. His name is sometimes connected with a mythic prophecy that is introduced simply for supplying a personality to the generic example of a seer. Hence, Tiresias who actually tells Amphitryon of the Alcmena and Zeus along with that warning Narcissus’ mother that the man will thrive so long as he does not know himself. This has an emblematic role in the tragedy and similar to most of the oracles, he is extremely reluctant in offering the whole lot of the whatever is seen in the visions.

In Odyssey , it is seen that in the land of the dead people, Odysseus first meets Elpenor who is quite sad about his body being not buried. Then Elpenor tells Odysseus regarding his body being washed up on the shore asking him for buying it after reaching to the particular area. Odysseus meets Tiresias then who was actually a prophet at that time of the Thebes. Then he prophesizes about Odysseus’ being dead while sailing at an old age that is not from a war. The mother then died when he was in Ithaca and the mother Antikleia tells about the type of unkind suitors wasting all for the fortune becoming quite rude to the son and the wife. Then Odysseus meets the ghost of Agamemnon being killed by his wife while returning from the war of Troy.

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