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Purpose of census and Participation

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About Census

Census can be defined as a process by the help of which data about population is collected. Census also includes compiling, evaluating, disseminating, analyzing and publishing the various data which has been collected regarding the population. In census the information gathered is not only about population of a certain geographical area but also the housing of the population. The various characteristics of population includes economic, demographic and social data which are generally provided in a particular date.

The population census can be classified into two categories which include:

De Jure – Enumeration of the individuals and the place where they reside without taking into account the place they are residing during the conduction of census.

De Facto – Enumeration of the various individuals on the basis of the place they are residing without assessing the fact about the place they are reside normally.

The main importance of the census is that it helps in providing an integrated picture of the society at a particular time. The numerous process which are used in census keeping in mind the multiple and the various continuous changes helps in assessing the actual information. The census also provides a suitable database for comparing the various data as well the projections of the demographics which has been collected regarding the population of a geographic place.

Purpose of Census

The census helps in providing helpful data relating to the economic, demographic and social characteristics of a population at a particular place. This data can be used by the government if the area to plan for the future in all levels.

The data which has been obtained from census helps in the identification of various summary levels and the various standards and the various changes which have occurred in the demographic levels. In the census the various characteristics of the dwellings are also discussed along with the various basic necessities of the population in the area and the neglected areas of the geographical area and the national priorities of the country.

The size of the labor force of a place along with the various characteristics of the labor force is easily available by the help of census. Various data which are related to the education of a place along with training of the people are also available in the data which is presented by census. Both the present as well as the expected levels are also depicted by census and the various national policies which needs to be included in this field are also included in the census.
With the help of census it is possible to estimate the role of the women in a particular area and the economic as well as social standing of the women. By the help of census it has been seen that in the last decade there has been an increase in the social standing of the women and an increased attention has been put on the various role of the women in the society. Government all around the world has increased their interest in knowing the various needs of the women and their social and cultural standing. This is where census comes in handy and so collecting statistics on women has been a very important work of the census and help the government in understanding the lack in different areas.

There has been big need in the present world about the various statistics regarding the different groups of population. These groups include elderly persons, children, youth or even the disabled people. When the government of a country comes to know about these number then it becomes easy for them to serve the population in a much designed way and help them in fulfilling their interest.

With the help of census it becomes easy to research on different purposes which includes carrying out economic, social and demographic surveys. The economic-decision making of the government of country depends on the actual data of the population which can be only provided by the help of conducting a census on a certain demographic area.

With the help of census it becomes easy to understand the various comprehensive frame which is needed for the running of the various works by the government of a certain country. National account estimates can be easily done by the help of annual economic survey which are done by census.

Basic data from all sectors of the country are available by the help of census. By the help of census data about public, education and health sectors are easily available by the country and they contribute to the formulation of the various estimated which will be developed by the country in the future.

Census is conducted to provide a sustainable and modern framework for the various buildings, households and houses by the help of then various administrative divisions which are provided by census. An accurate measurement is done by census on the various phenomena such as migration, fertility and mortality of a region. These information are very useful in measuring the growth rates of population of certain area and also estimate the future census of increasing population of a certain geographical area.

Participation in Census

When a survey is being conducted on a certain geographic area then they have to participate in it and answer all the questions which are provided to them. An active participation of the people of a region helps the government in acquiring the specific information which will be needed by them in the future.

The general questions for the various member of a household includes questions regarding the sex, relation to the first person, name, Hispanic origin, race and others for each and every members of the family. Each and every individual of the family must fill up these forms and answer each and every questions as it is mandatory to fill them.

The survey for the census is done by going from door to door to every house and all the members of the family are given the chance to fill up the form and provide required information.

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