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General Motor Case Study Analysis

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General Motor Case Study

General Motors is one of the major automobile organisation that is currently pleasant in the Global automotive industry. The company is located in Detroit Michigan and it has almost 212, 000 employees that worked in a total of 396 facilities that are situated across 6 different continents. After the reception that was occurred in the year 2008, the company revamped as well as reorganized in order to meet the Expectations of the individual brands that are associated with it and also gain access to world's optimum automobile Technologies that can easily repay towards the government for bailing out the industry. In the year 2018 the company became the largest public offering company in the entire world which allowed the company to build up from the associated strong foundation in order to provide associated customer with optimum quality vehicles and also provide the employees that are associated with the company with a promising future in the company. The company is very much customer oriented and is highly passionate about the implementation of customer retention process. The automobile line up of the company includes small cars, cars running on electricity, heavy duty trucks, convertible vehicles and mono cabs that are produced by the company. Different partners of the company includes Cadillac, Chevrolet and many other companies. Some of the brand that are associated with the company is not very much famous in United States but the brands are very much famous in other South American as well as European markets. If you are looking for marketing assignment help providers in the United States, consider hiring our service.

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In order to become relevant in the present era of technological advancement and globalisation General Motors needs to expand the leadership capability that are related to the electrification of its associated medicals. The company must focus on the advancement of the various products that are provided by it in the segment of electric motors, batteries as well as power controls. Over the years it has been identified that the company has utilised technological advancement in order to increase the portfolio of its product and also enhance its capabilities in order to establish itself in the automobile industry. The company has evolved over the years by defending against the impact that is generated by the vehicles in the automobile industry. In the aspect of the manufacturing of its vehicles, distribution of the product as well as assembling of the vehicles the company as always ensure the fact that it is capable of protecting the surrounding environment properly. In addition to this the General Motors has also utilised its power to fight against human trafficking, forced labor and even slavery. Under this context it can clearly be stated that not only the company has been beneficial in the automobile industry in terms of profitability but the company has utilized this opportunity to help the world and also aimed in becoming a company that is capable of utilizing Corporate Social Responsibility essentially. The five main purposes that are associated with the company includes creating and optimum customer loyalty and making a proper relationship with their customers, implementation of technological advancement to make the associated individual brands grow, the company also aims to become a leader in the automobile industry in terms of Technology as well as innovation, becoming a driver of core efficiencies and maintaining a culture in which there is always a positive attitude among employees so that they can win under any circumstances. All the above associated values are essential for driving the current situation of General Motors and it has also increased the number of cells that are associated with the company over the years. The utilisation of technological advancement to attract the attention of the customers and also creating a proper relationship with the customer is one of the major capabilities by the help of which it is possible for the company to become a leader in automobile industry and also stay ahead of its competitors by quite a huge margin. The company not only sells cars but it also offers different services to brands like Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC dealership which adds to the profitability of the company and it also helps the company maintain a proper relationship with associated customers. The company also deals in providing different parts as well as accessories to its associated customers in the automobile industry and it also is capable of providing enhancement parts to improve performance of different vehicles. Financial services are also provided by the company aside from the automobiles which includes motor card of General Motor and Bluetooth capabilities and different other various peripherals that are associated with the vehicle industry. Each of the additional services that has been added by General Motors helps it in increasing its customer base and it also provide the company with an opportunity to fulfill its main goal which is to create a proper relationship with the customers and also increased the market share exponentially. General Motors case study help offered by

In the Present time General Motors can be considered as one of the largest automobile company that operates in many countries around the world. The company has been very much successful in terms of profitability as well as overall revenue. Across all the six continents in which General Motor operates 7.2 million equals was sold by the company in the first Asian nine months of the year 2015. This sale of the company is considered to be a record breaking sale in the past 11 years from which the company was established. The net income of the company has also increased by quite a huge margin and the presence of the company in different parts of the world also ensure the fact that it is capable of maintaining a proper scenario in the market and also providing the consumers with an opportunity to enjoy the optimum quality product that are provided by eight. The brand image of the company is also very high which can be associated with the excellent marketing strategies that are implemented by the company. Looking at the present perfect of the business it can clearly be stated that the excellent performance of the company can be attributed towards the focus that is generated or imagination as well as disciplined action towards utilisation of different benefits that are generated from innovation in the system. Creativity as well as innovation is implemented in the workplace which helps the company to motivate its employees and come up with wild areas that helps the company find out different opportunities that can be utilised to penetrate the market and also generate high profit in the future. One of the major aspect in which the company succeed in is the presence of optimum supply chain management. The relationship that is present between the company along with its supplier manufacturer and distributor are very much a transparent which creates a strong as well as trusted relationship with the suppliers and manufacturers. This factor not only ensure the fact that the product that are provided by the company are affordable in nature but they are also high in quality and are available at any point of time. This context provides the company with an opportunity to provide its products to consumers on demand and the company is also capable of expanding its business in different target markets Around the World.

General Motors is considered to be one of the major automobile company that is present in the world and in the present perspective of the business it can also be stated that the supply chain that is associated with the company is capable of providing optimum value to the customer experience it can also be stated that a lot of focus is provided by the company on the life cycle of its product which also creates a proper relationship with its customers. The manufacturing as well as revising process that is conducted by the company helps it in improving the quality of its products and it also helps the company increase its productivity as well as efficiency of the supply chain management as a whole. It is very much important for the company to focus on the portfolio management and also maximize its capability to utilize innovation to improve the quality of the different acid and also create a proper scenario by the help of which it will be possible for the company to expand its business in the future scenario. Although there is presence of the company in different parts of the world but there is always opportunity for the company to enter different other target markets in order to increase the profitability of the business gradually. By providing optimum training to the Employees it will be possible for the companies to create a proper perspective of the business and also help in maintaining a proper relationship with its customer. Relationship that is existent in the present time between the company and the customers can easily be enhanced by providing optimum training to the customer service of the company in which it will be possible to create a proper communication process and also help the customers find out optimum solution to their problems.

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