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Aussie Pooch Mobile Case Study Analysis

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Aussie Pooch Mobile Case Study


One of Australia's most successful franchising companies is Aussie Pooch Mobile. Christine Taylor is the one that owns it. She has aided hundreds of people in realising their goals of owning a company and growing it to new heights. This company is dedicated to giving pets the care and affection they deserve. Dogs are beloved by a large number of people. However, many are unable to devote time to grooming or are unaware of the proper procedures for doing so. Christine saw this and came up with the idea for this company. Because of her mobility, she was able to reach a large number of individuals and provide them with various dog grooming services. Because of the fast changes in people's lifestyles, the trend of rearing pets has risen significantly in recent years. According to the trend, the segmentation of the pet care business has grown increasingly essential. This is a decartelization business that derives value from pet owners in order to gain market share, not only in direct consumption such as meals, treats, and accessories, but also in pet care services such as grooming, training, and dog hotels, among other things.You might use plagiarism checker tool to check the duplicay of the content

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Case Study

This company operates by delivering services to consumers' houses. This relieves dog owners of the hassle of having to wash their pets in the backyard. In Australia, every second house owns a dog. People spend approximately $1.3 billion on their pets, according to estimates. Aussie Pooch Mobile stepped up to help. They began servicing customers who had dogs but didn't have time to groom them. They started utilising bright trailers to advertise their services. They also requested that their consumers help them spread the word by recommending them to relatives and friends. The cost of an Aussie pooch mobile ranged from $15 to $30, depending on the dog's size, breed, skin and hair condition, geographic region, and other factors. They also offered discounts and coupons, such as having two or three dogs cleaned and receive an X% DISCOUNT. In a month, they washed about 20,000 dogs. The company's yearly revenue was estimated to be approximately $3 million. The other rivals employed various methods, but none of them used coupon strategies. Aussie Pooch Mobile case study help offered by

Aussie Pooch Mobile, Australia's most dependable dog-washing service, has established itself as a long-term dog-washing business. Thousands of dogs are washed and groomed each week by the Company's skilled operators, who do it with love and dedication. To improve the Aussie Pooch Mobile marketing case study and to determine how Aussie Pooch is working inside a particular business environment while adjusting to conquering numerous distinct business problems, a SWOT and PESTLE analysis of the company is required. The Aussie Pooch Mobile marketing case study has become very necessary in order to assess the efficacy of Aussie Pooch Mobile's marketing efforts. The suggestion for the Aussie Pet Mobile will be shown in terms of product, price, promotion, and location based on those studies.If you are looking for marketing assignment help providers in the United States, consider hiring our service.

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SWOT Analysis


The major strength of the company, according to the Aussie Pooch Mobile marketing case study, is its mobile service, which responds to clients' requirements while they are at home. Another feature of Aussie Pooch's company has been identified as its ability to maintain service prices lower than its competitors. Additional services such as aromatherapy and blow-drying are provided by the company, which adds to its overall strength. It's also worth noting that Aussie Pooch Mobile has bolstered its company by giving clients with extra information on nutritional, skin care, grooming, and other topics. Furthermore, a pleasant working atmosphere should be seen as an extra benefit. It is also worth noting that Aussie Pooch Mobile's flat organisational structure has allowed it to engage in a flexible decision-making process, which has bolstered the company's strength.


The Aussie Pooch Mobile marketing case study demonstrated that APM has certain fundamental flaws. APM has struggled with its recruiting rules and practises for a long time, and as a result, the company has developed some particular human resource management (HRM) flaws. Furthermore, the Aussie Pooch Mobile marketing case study indicates that the company has been dealing with certain particular franchise issues up to this point. In this regard, it should be highlighted that franchise issues have resulted in certain control issues, which have been compounded by the Company's trailers' restricted capacity, which has made the situation even worse.


Despite these flaws, APM has some unique chances to grow and improve its company. The general development seen by the service industry on a worldwide basis allows APM to extend its company both nationally and globally, according to the Aussie Pooch Mobile marketing case study. Furthermore, it has been noted that the increasing demand for dog washing services, particularly in Australia, should be viewed as a business development and expansion potential for APM. Additionally, the changing household model, in which two or more people work (leaving less time for dog-care and grooming), gives significant scope for APM to develop in the Australian market.


Increasing industrial rivalry should be viewed as a significant threat to APM. APM has also demonstrated a lack of awareness of the potential foreign market as a domestic market-oriented company. This knowledge gap should be viewed as a danger to APM's growth and success. Additionally, the English practise of seldom dog washing, which has the potential to infiltrate the Australian socio-cultural realm, should be viewed as a danger to APM's company. The Australian government's regulatory actions to create bottleneck effects in the franchising industry may represent a long-term danger to APM.

PESTLE Analysis


The Australian government has measures in place to support the growth of small businesses. Its goal is to provide a level playing field for new and expanding firms, and the laws will serve as a guide for small enterprises in areas such as workplace health and safety, workplace relations, financial and other professional services, and so on (COSBOA 2013).


 According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2012), the unemployment rate in the Australian Capital Territory was 3.4 percent, down from 4 percent the previous year and lower than the national average of 5.2 percent. Furthermore, although the average rate in this state was 1,333.5 last year, Canberra's average weekly earnings have gradually grown to 1,554.5. (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2012). Those figures suggest that the residents of the ACT have enough money in their budget to pay for pet care. People in Australia love spending a significant amount of money on pet care because they consider their pets as family members. Because the economy in Canberra is improving, new businesses such as pet services will have a better chance of surviving.


In many respects, dogs have been considered more like love replacements in contemporary industrial society than children. Pets, in particular, might be trained in a gentle manner that is easier to love while also assisting owners in becoming more sociable and adapting to a new lifestyle. A national programme in Australia aimed at middle-aged individuals aims to accomplish "little walking exercise every day" in order to get people involved in social marketing and social cognitive activities.


The most crucial aspect of supporting a mobile pet grooming business is the technology environment. In terms of functionality, a movable pet washing station, rather than a set site, should have enough space and be properly equipped to aid grooming services. The most essential factor in supporting a mobile pet grooming business is the technology environment. In terms of functionality, a portable pet washing station, as opposed to a set site, should have sufficient space and be properly equipped to aid grooming services.


The Australian Welfare Code of Practice and other guidelines establish the duty of pet grooming services with the goal of protecting pets when they are on the move. The Animal Welfare Act of 1992, the Animal Welfare Regulation of 2001, the Domestic Animals Act of 2000, the Domestic Animals Regulation of 2001, and the Animal Disease Act of 2005 are all aimed at enforcing these laws in Canberra. These rules were put in place to keep track of pets from the moment they were transferred to their new owners to the time they were returned. In addition, for vehicles used in mobile pet grooming, registration of the vehicle and trailer is required.


The most serious issue for a mobile pet grooming service might be pollution. This type of business, according to the Environmental Protection Act of 1997 and the Environment Protection Regulation of 2005, must strictly adhere to the regulations in order to avoid legal responsibility or fines (Environment and Sustainable Development 2012). The operator should think about how it will affect the environment, including water, land, and air. It's also important to consider the noise pollution that occurs when you're working. There is a restricted quantity of water to use to wash dogs, and waste water should not run into the storm water system. Ensure that no chemicals or detergents are spilled into storm water, and that machinery are kept in good working order.As you can see, when you avail our Aussie Pooch Mobile case study assignment help service, you get all-round assistance. Thus, if  want to stand out from the rest of the class, you can contact us.

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