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Myassignmenthelp Reviews

A comparative overview between and Essaybot

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Myassignmenthelp Reviews

These days there is no dearth of option if you want to hire an online academic service to work on your assignments. But as the number of such services is on the rise, there have been serious concerns over whether all of these services are genuine or not. This is why more and more students today are relying on the reviews before delegating their tasks.

Having said that, we will be focusing on two such prominent academic service providers – and Essaybot. Both these sites have earned quite a lot of attention from the student population. So without further ado, let’s delve further.

Visibility on the web

It’s vital for academic services to have a prominent online presence so that the students looking for such services can easily decide which one to opt for. In this case, has been consistent with their efforts when it comes to maintaining their online presence. Many reviews had highlighted how easy it is to find the site with a single search.

The site has garnered rave reviews from hundreds of students who have selected their services. If you decide to delegate your tasks to them, then you can find all these reviews across different sites.

The online visibility of Essaybot isn’t as prominent as that of There aren’t many reviews on this site either. This indicates that the site is possibly new. So, in terms of online visibility, the scale is tipped in favour of And Essaybot requires more online exposure to drive more to avail their services.

Pricing and discount

Pricing is a factor that most students consider while seeking assistance from online services. That’s why the most credible academic service providers are considerate about their pricing structure. Now, if we talk about affordability, has earned a great reputation for offering incredible services.

Their website consists of a pricing chart that clearly states the rates of assignments depending on the deadline of the students. As per the pricing chart, there are three categories- premium, standard and limited. Here’s a snapshot of the pricing list from the site.

Pricing List of

The site not only claims to offer the best price guarantee but also presents incredible discounts and deals. For instance, if you’re placing an order for the first time, you will get a 30% discount on your order. Similarly, there are several seasonal discounts that you can avail any time you hire their academic services.

What’s also interesting about is that they also offer a brilliant referral program through which you can refer their services to your friends. When you refer their services, you and friends will receive a lucrative bonus that you can redeem on your next order on the site.

Now coming to Essaybot, the website doesn’t mention clearly about the pricing structure it follows, unlike They don’t have any pricing list either. However, the FAQ section of the site mention that payment will depend on the subscription you’re availing.
One review about Essaybot mentions they don’t offer any discount on their services.

 No Discounts

So, in terms of pricing, offers way more options than essaybot. So, should be the obvious choice for students, in this case.

Availability of writers

When the students decide to delegate their academic papers to a credible online service, they would want to know whether their tasks are in the right hands or not. This is why efficient academic service providers always emphasise on hiring experts. is no different in this case.

According to the information on the website, they have hired over 5,000+ experts on diverse academic disciplines. They have also mentioned that the experts they have hired are highly qualified. There are countless reviews on different sites regarding the efficiency of these writers. One such review is provided in the snapshot below.


The writers at are known for producing optimum quality academic papers and strictly adhering to the deadlines.

On the other hand, Essaybot doesn’t have an extensive list of writers considering it offers AI-powered academic solutions. However, this automatically highlights concerns over the quality of the tasks. In fact, many reviews have raised concerns over the quality of their essays. One such review states-


So, it’s safe to say that if you are looking for a reliable writer to work on your papers, opting for is the safest choice. That way, you’ll have the assurance that your assignment isn’t in the wrong hands.

Number of advantages

While quality and affordability are the main concerns for any students seeking assignment help online, but the service providers today are focused on offering more. The credible services often ensure that the students have a memorable experience of delegating the tasks; that's why they offer various additional features. also comes with various additional features that the students can avail.

For instance, when you choose the services of you, they claim to offer a guarantee of complete privacy protection. This means your information will never be vulnerable to cyber-threats. They claim to have adopted multiple layers of security.

The site also offers access to various advanced tools without any extra charges. You can check out their plagiarism tool, paraphrasing tool, word-counter tool and citation generator, etc. You will never be imposed with hidden charges when you avail these tools.

The site claims to provide free samples of previously written tasks when you place an order. You will be able to download these samples any time when you need to gain some idea about how the experts on the site function.

Moreover, the site also features a live chat facility through which you can talk to the customer support team. As per the website, the customer relations executives are always available to answer any queries you may have. They also have an on-demand call back request facility.

On the other hand, Essaybot has a long way to go in terms of providing additional benefits to those who avail their service. One of the few advantages it offers is that you don’t have to rely on an academic writer to work on your papers. The AI-powered system will do most of the hard work.

Another advantage of the site is that they have a vast array of suggestions and samples that can be utilised while preparing the essay. Apart from that, the site doesn’t mention any other remarkable feature. They don't have live chat support on their site either. So, there’s no way to provide feedback regarding the service of the site.

So, it’s safe to say that is way ahead in terms of offering various additional benefits as compared to Essaybot. Essaybot needs to focus on enhancing the experience of their clients.

Timely turnaround of papers

Deadlines are a common concern for most students and are a compulsion that they cannot get away from. This leads them to seek online assistance from reliable academic writing services. Now, the best online services strictly maintain the deadlines specified by the students. has garnered a stellar reputation in this aspect as well.

The experts working for this site has been known to produce every task well before the deadline. There are multiple reviews online that suggest that the writers work diligently to provide impeccable quality assignment papers well ahead of the actual deadline.

Moreover, since the site claims to employ a team of writers, this means one writer doesn’t have to spend endless hours to complete an elaborate paper. When multiple people work on the different section of a paper, it takes a lot less time to wind up. This indicates that opting for their services would be convenient for the students.

However, In case of Essaybot, the results are almost instantaneous. Unlike, it doesn’t require writers to write the papers. The AI-powered system automatically generates the papers.

So, in terms of the timely turnaround of academic solutions, both the sites are on par. That means you won't have to worry about missed deadlines if you choose the assistance of any of the two sites.

Final words, After weighing the different factors related to academic services, it’s clear that is more credible than Essaybot. The services of are way more diverse than Essaybot. So, it’ll be better for the students to put their faith in

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