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Yayoi Kusama

A Japanese Artist

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Yayoi Kusama

Who is Yayoi Kusama? Explain.

Yayoi Kusama has been recognised an artist who is Japanese in origin and has been recognised as an artist who is famous for the application of polka dots in all of her pieces. The artist is currently 90 years old, she was born on twenty second March 1929. Her age does not bob down the ability of the artist to present upbeat tones and colour in every single piece of work that she presents. Yayoi Kusama works of several of forms of art and it includes paintings, sculpture, poetry, stories and others. She has also made an impact on the modern pop culture of the areas that her work has touched. She is often referred to as the princess of polka dots and the credit goes to the application of intensive number of polka dots in all of her works.

It has been found that she has been highly influenced by what she used to visualise when she when she was a child. She witnessed both the world wars and that reflects in all her works. The latter has influence the works that she presented. The forms of art that she works on has messages revolving around feminism, minimalism and expressions that are deemed to be abstract. The works that are carried out by the artist have extensive amount of polka dots is and she has presented the rationale for the same. She has mentioned that the earth appears like a polka dot amidst the galaxy. Thus, she feels that the earth is one of the most essential components that formulate the part of her works. The empowering nature of the works that are carried out by the artist help in the empowerment of women and underprivileged communities. The artist is one of the most popular artists of the current generation and it is one of the main reasons behind the reasons behind the development of the reputation of the individual.  The artist has influenced her presence in various forms of works of art and can be easily identified with the help of her iconic red short hair. The extent of her popularity can be understood with the help of the sales that she influenced in the broad museum in LA. It has been found that the museum was able to sell around ninety thousand $25 dollar tickets and it amounted to two million two hundred fifty thousand dollars. This can be considered unprecedented as the majority of the sales was made due to the relevance pf one artist. The fame that she has gained has been due to the different purview that she has taken up while working on each and every one of her works. All of her works are different and are worth scrutiny. It will surely amaze the viewers as it has on many occasion.

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