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The Biography of Jonathan

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The Biography of Jonathan

Explain the Biography of  Jonathan.

The Anglo-Irish essayist, satirist, poet, cleric and political pamphleteer as well as dean of the Dublin’s Cathedral, St. Patrick, Jonathan Swift was born in the year 1667, 30th November. Jonathan Swift was remembered for the projects like, An Argument Against Abolishing Christianity in the year 1712, A Tale of a Tub in the year 1704, A Modest Proposal in the year 1729 and Gulliver’s Travels in the year 1726. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Jonathan Swift was considered, foremost prose satirist of the language English and a very popular poet. The original publication of Jonathan Swift was implemented under the name of pseudonyms like M. B. Drapier, Issac Bickerstaff and Lemuel Gulliver. Jonathan Swift was known for two forms of style including Juvenalian and Horatian. The writing style of Jonathan Swift was ironic and deadpan specifically in his work A Modest Proposal, which has resulted in a satire, consecutively named as ‘Swiftian’.  

Jonathan Swift was Irish and one of the greatest satirist and author of all time. Jonathan Swift, the satirist, clergyman and Irish author grew up without his father by his side. His uncle was kind, supportive and caretaker of Jonathan Swift. Jonathan Swift pursued his graduation in the Trinity College followed by his working contribution as one of the statesman’s assistant.  Lastly, Jonathan Swift converted into a dean in the Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The best work of Jonathan Swift was his writing, ‘Gulliver’s Travel in the year 1726.

Early Life and Education

The year 1667 was the birth year of Jonathan Swift in the region of Dublin, Ireland. Jonathan Swift lost his father before two months that he was born. The name of the author was given after his father Jonathan Swift, who was a respectable attorney. Jonathan Swift’s mother struggled due to the financial burden of managing a family as she lacked a steady income. Thus, Jonathan Swift used to be sick. Jonathan Swift was also diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, which was a condition in the leaves of his ear, resulting in hearing issues. To offer a better life for Jonathan Swift was given to his uncle by his mother.  His uncle was a respectful attorney and was associated with a judges group at Gray’s Inn. Jonathan Swift was enrolled into a prestigious school named, Kilkenny Grammar School, where he studied from the year 1674 to 1682. The Kilkenny Grammar School was named amongst the best schools in Ireland. However, the transition for Jonathan Swift was tough ad challenging. Jonathan Swift became friends with William Congreve in his transition phase, who was the future playwright and poet.

In the age of 14, Jonathan Swift declared undergraduate by the Trinity College, which is present in Dublin. Jonathan Swift was provided with a degree in Bachelors in Arts, which framed his decision of pursuing master’s degree. Jonathan Swift experienced an unrest situation in the regions of Ireland during his research time as the kings belonging from England, Scotland and Ireland were about to be dethroned. This incidence was named as one of the most Glorious Revolution in the year 1688. This revolution led Jonathan Swift for a new start in England. Jonathan Swift was helped by her mother for a position as a secretary in the Sir William Temple under English statesman. Jonathan Swift was working in the Surrey’s Moor Park along with being an assistant in the Temple and helped the statesman in his political errands. Jonathan Swift was multitasking in those years as he was also involved in research work followed by publication of the written memoirs and essays. The temple respectfully recognized the contribution of Jonathan Swift due to his time and expertise.

Jonathan Swift met with his lover in the Temple, who was the daughter of the housekeeper. Due to the age gap, earlier he used to be her tutor and mentor.  Jonathan Swift used to call the girl with a nickname, ‘Stella’. Two of them always maintained a close relationship but their future and name of the relationship was unclear, till the death of Jonathan Swift. A rumor reflected their decision of marriage during the year 1716.

During his contribution at the Temple, Jonathan Swift made a point to come back to his birth place, Ireland twice in his life span. During the year 1695, he planned everything by accompanying with necessary resources, which will help him with becoming a priest with an Anglican tradition. In his glorious time at the temple, Jonathan Swift started his writing journey with manuscript and essays, which turned into a book later in his life. Jonathan Swift concluded his writing and published the memoirs and essays. Although, Jonathan Swift experienced appreciation in his early days of writing but during the process of publishing the materials, he faced disputes with the family members of the Temple.  His decision of publishing and continuing with writing led to his demotion in the position, he was offered a less significant position as chaplain and secretary. Jonathan Swift was communicated of the taken position, after his journey at Earl’s estate.

After this incidence, Jonathan Swift felt resourceful but discouraged and decided to serve as a minister in the pea-sized congregation, which was around 20 miles away from Dublin. The next years of Jonathan Swift (around ten years) was accompanied by the role of a preacher, gardener and house worker. In spite of the struggles, Jonathan Swift decided to restart his journey of writing. The very first pamphlet on political views was published with the title, A Discourse on the Contests and Dissentions in Athens and Rome.

'Gulliver's Travels'- Following Years

The return of Jonathan Swift was marked after the fall of Tories. Jonathan Swift was offered with the position of a dean in the Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral during the year 1713. It was proclaimed that he was maintaining a close contact with his love Esther Johnson along with the relationship with Esther Vanhomrigh. The inspiration for the poem named, Cadenus and Vanessa” was sourced from his lover. Jonathan Swift was also rumored to be in a relationship with Anne Long, a celebrated beauty at that time. During a battle with Philistines in the Mt. Gilboa, Jonathan Swift with his brothers died. 

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