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The Tennis Court Oath

Brief Description Of The Tennis Court

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Tennis Court Oath

Write a brief description of the Tennis Court Oath.

In the year 1789, 20th June, the member of the French Third Estate took an oath that they will not be separating and reassembling whenever circumstances are required until the constitutional Kingdom is being established. It was a mandatory aspect of the event of the French Revolution. It has been called by the Estates-General to meet the crisis of the country due to fiscal and agriculture. It is the dramatic action that has been taken up by the non-privileged class of French.

The Third Estate deputies had a realisation that the oath was an act for the reformation of the outvoted. An act that has performed that has brought a difference between the clergy and the nobility. They have been locked in an unusual meeting hall at Versailles, assuming to be locked by the king forcing them to disband, they have shifted to a nearby indoor tennis court. Herein, they have made the oath that they will not be separating until a written constitution is being established.

The Tennis Court Oath had brought various changes in the ruling government of France. The oath has ensured that the decision will be made based on public demand and according to their requirements. The oath had brought changes in the rules and the democracy of the organisation.

The class distinction was a great issue in France for a long time. This was a condition that the rulers took advantage. The oath was named as the Tennis Court Oath, which was termed as the Serment du Jeu de Paume. 
In France before the French Revolution, there was a division of estates into three distinguished estates. The first estates consisted of ninety-eight per cent of the people of France, who were the clergy. The second estates were the one who belonged to the nobility, and the third estates were the people who were the wealthy merchants of the city.

The third estates were the clergy, common man and nobles who were also termed as the National Assembly was excluded from all the meeting that has been held in the royal court. The oath helped the third estates to take a stand in the society that will help them to be a part of the decision making of the country.  

The third estates wanted to cast a vote based on the majority whereas the second, and the first demanded to pass the bills both the two houses must approve the bill. The oath is a revolutionary act that brought changes in the decision making power of the clergy and the nobility of the French. Louis XVI was being forced to order the clergy and the nobility to join the Third Estates giving the illusion of controlling the National Assembly.

The prime reason for the oath was to ensure that the French citizen would take their own decisions and pass bills based on their betterment. The oath brought the citizen of France against Louis XVI. It was for the first time that the French citizen stood against the King.  The oath forced the King to make concessions. It had made a considerable change in the preamble after the United States Declaration of Independence 1776.

Various riots took place after the oath, and there was a massacre all over France. The people of France have faced various issues and bloodshed after the oath has taken place. The Tennis Court oath was one of the significant incidents that have taken place in the history of France.
France had witnessed several riots and revolutions, yet this was the one that had brought changes in the constitution. The oath has been named as the Tennis Court Oath as the third estates have taken the oath in the Tennis court that they will not be moving unless there is a Franch written constitution prepared by the King.

The revolutionary government was being established in Paris and later on in the provinces. The constitution of France was created by 1791. Wherein a limited position was being given to the monarchy and the rest to one of the houses of the legislation.

Few basic rights were being provided to every citizen of France and were illustrtared in the constitution. The constitution elaborated that the citizen of France have equal rights and are born free. It also provided the citizen with the right to vote and participate in an election.

Hence, the citizen of France was provided with the right to choose their representatives who will be making decisions for the third estates. They were also provided with the right to speech were in the people of France can speak for or against in public, and they will not be punished for the act.

The people of France were being forced for taxes during the time of King's rule. Hence, there was also a law that focused that the people will be charged taxes based on the wealth the person possess or the work that they do.

Various people prevented the implementation of the constitution; however, failed. King Louis XVI failed to immortalise monarchy in France. He failed to abide by the constitution. In August 1792, a mob invaded in his palace as he was convicted of conspiracy with other foreign countries to invade France and was beheaded in the guillotine.

Hence, there was great chaos spread all across france in the time of development of the constitution. However, the Tennis Court Oath had helped the citizen of France to develop a position for them in a court of the King. With this act of the common people, the authorities of France became aware of the power of the common people.

The prime purpose of the oath was to fight for the rights of the common people and make better decisions for the common people and the clergy. Hence, with the Tennis Court Oath, several changes had taken place in France.

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