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Symbiotic Relationship

Types Of Symbiotic Relationship

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Symbiotic Relationship

Explain about Symbiotic Relationship.

A symbiotic relationship is a relationship that exists between two or more organisations in one abiotic realm. The relationship that exist when two or more organisms live in a symbiotic relationship can be of three types. They can be parasitism, commensalism and mutualism. The organism who are living in a symbiotic relationship may or may not be in harmony. One organism might be reaping benefits from another and in some cases both the organism might live in harmony. In such cases both the organisms derive utility from the relationship that exists between them. Parasitism is a relationship where one organism uses the other organism in the relationship to gain nourishment at the cost of the other. Such types of relationships exist between organisms such as fungi, termites, mosquitos, leeches and others. They derive energy and nutrition at the cost of the other organism. Commensalism is a relationship that exist between organisms where one organism utilises the other organism, however, this does not cause any harm to the other organism who is in the relationship of such a nature. Such relationships exist between organism such as plants and monkey, birds and trees, fish and marine plants. Although one party is befitting from the same, the other does not suffer from the utilisation that is being taken. The third type of symbiotic relationship is known as mutualism and the relationship is characterised by the development of befits that are received from both the parties that are in the relation. Both the organisms who are in the symbiotic relationship reap benefits from each other and no one is at loss. Such relations exist between organisms such as birds and flowers, bees and flowers, crocodiles and plover birds, buffaloes and birds, and others. The species in such relationship derive utility from the relationship and are in harmony.

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