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Effective Study Skills

The Sole Foundation of a Sound Education

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Study Skills

Are Effective Study Skills the Sole Foundation of a Sound Education?

In order to know the answer of the question whether effective study skills contribute to the foundation of a sound education or not we must know what the effective study skills are. Now to define a study skill it can be said that any method and skill that combine to boost and encourage an individual to study and successfully pass the tests can be entitled as study skill. Now to improve the quality of a particular method of study one needs to follow a strict schedule so that it becomes even more effective. A students is compelled to face deadlines that restricts the freedom of a student and enforces him to complete the course of study and his assignments within due time. If he follows a regular time-table it can help him to manage time and finish his tasks without lagging behind. It even becomes less stressful for a student.

It is important for a student to make an essential space for the study one is supposed to go through. This is the specified section where he gets to assemble his thoughts and chalk out his plans peacefully staying away from all sort of distractions. It has to be remembered that planning all the works according to the schedule of a student is nowhere similar to what an employee of an office does because for the employees the prioritization of the tasks keep on changing here. Effective planning should be given more importance in order to get the best result of an effective study skill. For instance a good schedule of balanced diet and sound sleep of 6 to 8 hours can help a student to maintain a healthy lifestyle that can eventually help him to contribute in studying in an organized way.

Chief Study - Skills

Rehearsal and Rote Learning

The method of learning is nothing but the process of memorization that can be acquired through the help of applying the repetition mode. Now this act is simple because the student has to remember things by repeating the same thing again and again. The way rehearsal takes place before the final event a student should go through the same thing in a repetitive way to so that the thing he is trying to remember is etched in his memory for a longer time.

Reading and Listening

It is not a complete method if a student only keeps on reading. It will be said to be completed only when the student goes through the REAP method where critical thinking along with questioning are included. “R” denotes that the student needs to read to get the idea of the topic then “E” means he has to paraphrase the concept implying he needs to mould the words of the author’s to be his own. He has to get the core of the concept. “A” is to cleverly annotate the part he has studied and justify it with critical approach while “P” signifies that a student must ponder about the things that he has learnt which can be done through the exchanging of thoughts with others. PQRST method encourages the student to get the ideas from the preview and headings of the particular topic which is denoted by “P”, now the “Q” helps him to improve the quality of formulating questions on understanding of the topic that leads to “R” which says that he needs to read from others sources on the same topic to gather more knowledge. Then summarizing the whole topic with his own understanding is denoted by “S” which finally exposes the student to go through tests symbolized by “T”.

Flashcard training

This is a kind of method that is usually followed during the time of revision. When the process of reading is done students can make short summaries in a concise manner just to have the visual effect of a card that can be helpful for a student to save his time and remember the core of the topic simply by looking at the main points jotted down from the chapter.


Using outlines of a particular topic for putting the keywords at the centre can help a student to memorize things quickly. Sometimes a tree structure can be useful. Spider diagram that is also known as mind map can be used to plan things and remembering things easily.

Visual imagery

It is always an easier method to learn from the image than to learn from the texts because human memory tends to capture and memorize a picture more than texts. Therefore it is a very effective style to learn things while making different diagrams. Diagrams are pictorial representation of what has been studied therefore at a glance things will be captured in the memory.

Do effective study skills learn to sound education?

When a student is at his tender age the effective study skill should be injected into him so that it becomes an act of practice not a way of imposition. This would not be considered as an acquired method for he would practice the same thing from the beginning which will also help him to master the method and perform accordingly. From various interviews and studies it is clear that students must get a sound education if he follows a regular way of study skill. On further analysis it is observed that school is a good place to acquire a good knowledge in a field but students also face difficulties in learning things because of the lack of effective study skill. If a student is able to plan out how he will divide his plans according to the given time then he will be able to manage the timing sense that would save his time as well as help him to get his topics to be done within sue time. Classifying the topic into different segments is also important to memorize things clearly. It is also important to prioritize the tasks which can further help him to study less and study with specification. Active learning is the method according to many of the experts that a student can go through to achieve the effectiveness of study skill.

There are some unavoidable questions associated with the future of the pertinent system of effective study skill. We have to see that whether the effective study skill that helps in ensuring good grade is liable only for getting good jobs or not, is not it the responsibility of the education to enrich the student as a whole apart from providing with a good job? We have to remember that in terms of education, financial state creeps into it. Now it should be taken into consideration that study skills are definitely a major part of establishing sound education but it needs assistance of strong effectiveness of morality. This will together make a great place that would be a constant source of leading the student towards achieving sound education.

How Can Help Concentrate On Moral Quality of Education

It is certain that study skills are really effective for founding a sound process of education but it is not true that study skills solely can develop the sound education. A student must be provided with the idea of moral quality of learning and acquiring things. In order to enhance the essence of a balanced study skill one must go through the moral education. Students who aspire to appear in exams like GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL and GRE must know how to go about the way of solving problems and writing solution essays. In case of writing assignments in school and college levels students might have to face moral situation while preparing his projects. It is certainly important for a student to be correct in moral grounds but sometimes they fail to acknowledge the importance of it when comes to rescue.

It is important for a student to get the perfection through the course of writing while helps to understand the topic lucidly and present it with moral assessment along with the meticulous understanding of it. It cannot be denied that when a student is asked to prepare an assignment he goes through a lot of stress because he has to study and make his assignments at the same time. Therefore if he can be supported by a group of professional and efficient writers, his stress level can be reduced to a negligible ground. The writers who form a team in the website are knowledgeable in the field of their expertise and never fail to recognize the worth of the respective assignments. They carefully provide the students with efficient and skilful presentation that a student is expected to present as his assignment. They ultimately help a student to achieve the academic goal he has set for himself. This is the very core method of the team that they would exhaust their skills to provide one with the required solution that can help him to achieve a good grade and reduce his stress.     

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