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Booting Self - Confidence

Psychologically Approved Methods

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Booting Self - Confidence

Booting Self - Confidence

One can be in possession of extravagant wealth, beautiful partner and nothing to worry about but that not always necessarily mean he is confident enough about himself. However there is nothing to worry about because there are some proven techniques which are psychologically approved and acclaimed to help an individual with the idea of boosting self-confidence. There are some psychologically approved methods that can come up to be very effective. For example,

1. Mirror. Mirror. On the Wall. Who is Best among ALL?

Self-confidence is nothing but how one approaches himself and what he really thinks of himself. It is helpful in influencing the personality of that individual and also helps in examine the people one is surrounded with. Although it sounds very awkward to talk highly about the self yet it is really helpful in boosting confidence because one cannot always depend on when he is going to get praised and appreciated by others. Therefore it is always better to examine own self with high esteem. Sometime the inner self refutes where the individual has revert by declining that voice.

2. Feeling! Go to Hell

It is a natural tendency of human being is to scrutinize the flaws one has and emphasize upon them. One cannot stop others from commenting while he suppresses all the negative comments and swallows them and let the negativity feed his anxiety and contribute to seclusion. That can really affect the individual to some traumatic level therefore one must answer if he feels humiliated and make him realize that he is none to point out his flaws. He is independent enough to rectify his mistakes. However these suggestions might come from elderly people like parents and teachers. Then he must not refute in a harsh way but he should approach somebody else to get away with his problem. Sometimes a wall can also be helpful.

3. I’ll Follow Thee and Make a Heaven of Hell

Every individual has to admit that he can achieve even the impossible when he feels loved and is appreciated and encouraged by the person he loves. Love is an emotion that makes an individual go effortless about anything that seems to be impossible. Therefore love can be considered to be one of the strongest weapons to boost confidence. In order to get confidence one must receive appreciation from his or her partner hence, one must do little things that can make his partner really happy. Taking care of tiny things can be started at the initial stage. The partners will be happy and eventually help the individual to make him a more confident person. This will not only help to grow him as a confident individual but also strengthen the bond.

4. Will Keep calm and Think Positive

The human mind usually tends to indulge in producing more than 65 thousand thoughts per day among which more than 80% is negative thoughts. People cannot help but evidently keep on thinking anything which is negative and tend to eliminate everything positive around them. As a result people start living in fear and sometimes they cannot fight the fear and lose hope. According to psychologists every human should begin to work on concentrating more on positive thoughts. One effective thing can be imagining oneself in shopping either in grocery store or record album store where he can choose and buy things accordingly and assemble them chronologically exactly the way he desires. Other way that can be helpful is to write down all the pessimistic thoughts in a paper and finally throwing it in the garbage can.

5. Keep Smiling...One Day Life will get Tired of Upsetting you

It is always important to have smile on one’s face. It needs really strong nerve to smile when one is depressed. However it is the best way to stay confident which generates positive energy if one smiles and that eventually provides the individual with power to fight against all the odds. It is not even necessary and useful for a normal healthy person to enforce smile because that can harmfully affect the person. However it is important for a person to stay happy to overcome the problems. Sometimes it is necessary for an individual to indulge into poor jokes or invest time in different funny series like “Friends”, “How I me your Mother”.

6. When you Talk, You only Repeat what you Already know. But if You Listen, You may Learn Something New

Knowledge is something that helps in gaining confidence and knowledge can be acquired through the process of learning. Therefore it is important to learn something new everyday. Reading textbook is not only the thing that is required rather gaining and accepting every possible way to gather knowledge is important. One can learn from everyday experience. Life is the best field one can gain experience from. Therefore it is important for an individual to know more everyday and gather everything that helps in gaining confidence.

7. The struggle ends when Gratitude Begins

It is important to have a thankful attitude. It is a nature of human being which offers them to think only about what they do not have or what they cannot have but they cannot be thankful enough for what they already have and they tend to forget God for already providing him with many things that one might not have at hand. It must not always be something which is really big rather one should be thankful for every little thing that one is already in possession with. Gratitude is so important for an individual that it can help in understanding the efforts of other people as well as he already is in possession with. One should understand that little things can make life happier and brighter. Therefore behaviour is supported and encouraged by rewards. Hence, it is important to grow as an individual with the quality of thanking each other and everything that makes one happy and survive in a better way.

8. Losers Visualize the Penalties of Failure. Winners Visualize the Rewards of Success

It is scientifically proved that people who fear of limiting themselves they naturally end up losing. Therefore one must not be scared of failing because failure can be compensated later and one must learn from the mistakes that he had committed in the past. Therefore one must motivate himself in a way that he should possess no fear of losing or failure. Self-esteem is a very important thing that one needs to bold on to even if the situation is not supportive enough. Sometimes one needs to be rewarded with little appraisal. Every time one achieves the little target that he has set for himself he should be given with something that he likes. It is nothing bad to love oneself because that somehow helps in assessing oneself better and gain more confidence.

9. It is Hard to Fail, But It Is Worse Never Having Tried To Success

According To Theodore Roosevelt if one dreams of failing that proves to be worse than when one really fails. In general people have the fear of failing that is in other language called atychiphobia. It is one of the most villainous feelings that can completely kill self confidence and end up an individual into darkness. This awful feeling can be dealt with very carefully. Some tricks must be applied in order to get rid of this horrible and killing sort of feeling. If one is allocated with a big project he must know how to deal with it one at a time. Therefore it is important to be slow and steady. People fear of messing things up but baby steps can fix everything. One must be ready with different plans while looking at a project. Hence, the failure of one plan must not threaten the individual because it would help him to get the confidence since he is already equipped with another plan. If one plan fails the other plan can be implemented for the work to be done.

10. There will be a Time When We Must Choose What is Right and What is Easy

It is important for any individual to work on the right thing at the right time. Life is almost like a sport which helps in understanding and examining what is right and how it should be acquired. The way one achieves the target that he has set is not that important but to meet the target and finally achieving what one wants is important. However it is not necessary to understand what is right and the way must not be easy to find out what is right. Therefore focusing is important and when finding out what is right is found it is easy to stay confident. 

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