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Effective Resources to Avoid Plagiarism 

Resources on Proper Citation

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Effective Resources to Avoid Plagiarism 

The Collins English dictionary suggest that plagiarism is something which is very unethical by nature. The act of coping another person’s ideas and resources and knowledge into work of the own without giving proper credit to the person is alos termed as plagiarism. In very simple words it refers to the unauthorized and illegal copying or selling of the ideas from one person or source to that of another. The rapid growth of the technology and proper communication among the members of the groups who are working as a team has made plagiarism a modern epidemic.

Resources on Proper Citation

Few of the resources which can be used as in the process of citation are provided below they are:

Citation machine – This is a very popularly used website that can be used both by the researchers and the professionals who can properly site the resource from the website. The person will only have to cite the citation from the website by just selecting the different types of citation those are : APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian citation styles.

Cross Ref – It is a collaborative organization which is known to through the online business of citation. The company uses the online medium to promote and develop the usage of innovative techniques which speeds the scholarly research that is searched by the researchers. It can be also said as the citation linking backbone of all the scholarly information that is available in the internet. The person can easily search for it and link it for any purpose.

End Note – It is a very popweful research and reference manager tool that is known to allow the researcher to sa4ch for various types of database and organize according to needs of the person. A person can also share the information which si found in the net with the other friends so as to collaborate the task or the assignment which I being prepared by the students.

Easy bib – It is one of the topmost information delivering company which is known to deliver various kinds of information to the students who visits their site to cite a particular document. The website provides various citation, research tool and note making facilities. The user friendly features which are provided makes the notes ver organize and effective.

Mendely – It is also a very helpful application which can be both used by the students in the computer and as well nas in the mobile phones in order to references and citation for a particular document which is researched by the researchers. It also helps in generating articles from the internet

Zotero – It si the most popular free research tool that is motlky used by the researchers to collect, organize and research the techniques which are used in the context. The topics are used by the students and other researchers in order to consult various types of topic

Resources For Teachers

EVE2 – It is a very useful tool that is used by the teacher and other professors in order to identify the content which is submitted is plagiarism free or not. It si known to accept the assignments in various kinds of formats and employs the advanced searching tool whiuch makes the services more and more credible. At the end of the assignment the website is known to provide an copy or a vpdf copyt of the asignmnt which shows the areas which has been plagiarized.

Plag scan – It is a tool which is used to show the plagiarism amount of the assignment which is submitted b the students to the university. In addition to this the application can be also used by the teachers in the university to train the junior students in the university. It can also detect the quality of the assignment which is submitted by the student.

Resources from MIT – One of the best known universities of Australia is MIT which is known to offer the basic trai0ning to the teachers from the other universities. It provides a training to the students which helps them to understand the importance of proving a real work than a plagiarized work to the teachers in the universities.

Plagiarism checker -  It is one of the moist popular application found in the internet tody which is known to provide the basics of the plagiarism free work to the students and the teachers. B using the website the teachers will be able to find out the useful sites from where the student has plagiarized the work.

Read write and think -   This is a very premium quality application that’s very much in use by the teachers and the education providers all around the world. The online academic assistance portal which can be very easily created b the educators provides, parents and other type of professionals to offer different types of sources which guides them in online and regional guidance to the person. Different universities like Adelphi University, Washington State University and DePaul University has developed the use of the website bin order to benefit them by preparing the copyright of the document of the data that is submitted by the student. These are pretty used by the teacher all over the country of USA, UK, and Australia. If it is found out that the student has submitted a plagiarized assignment then the students are awarded a less grade. Inmfew of the severe cases4 the students might get their assignment canceled.

Therefore it is recommended that the students not use or copy paste things which are found in the internet. 

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