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Elements and Characteristics of Prose

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What is the definition of prose? Kinds of prose, element of prose, characteristics of prose?

It is found that Prose is a form of language which exhibits all of the natural flow of grammatical structure and speech. The textbooks, the newspaper articles, the novels are some of the examples of Prose. The word Prose is used quite frequently in opposition to some of the traditional poetries. The language having a regular type of structure and a common unit base on the rhyme and the metre. It has been noted by T.S Eliot that there is a distinction between the prose and the verse which is quite clear. On the other hand, the distinction between the prose and the poetry is quite obscure. In the modern era, the developments include the free verse along with the prose poetry leading to two of the techniques having indicted the two ends on a particular spectrum of ways for composing the language. In this section of, you will come to know the details about prose.

The prose, in all of its simplicity is loosely defined as the structure which is adaptable broadly to the spoken dialogues, the topical and the fictional writing along with the factual discourses. It is quite a systematic production and it is published within journalism, literature, history, encyclopedias, law, philosophy and many others. Prose actually lacks the formal metrical structure that is there in verse found in the traditional poetry.

Prose consists of the complete grammatical sentences that can constitute the paragraphs while ignoring all the aesthetic appeal. Poetry on the other hand consists of a rhyming and the metrical scheme. There are some works of prose which contains the traces of versification and metrical structure along with a conscious blending of two of the literature formats called prose poetry. It is known that the verse is quite considered being more formulaic and systematic too. Prose is on the other hand, the most reflective of all the ordinary speech.

The prose fiction is usually long , detailed and also written quite episodically in many of the cases. There are also different types of the prose genres as the novellas, the short stories, the novels, the fables and others. There are some of the examples of prose fiction such as Gulliver’ Travels, Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe , The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald along with Things Fall Apart written by Chinua Achebe.

Further, it should be noted that all of the prose are fictional in nature. However, prose can also be in the form of autobiography and biography. The short story is a prose which is a narrative that is limited to a specific short story. It is usually consisting of the dialogues, the descriptions along with the commentaries. One such characteristic that distinguishes a specific short story from other types of prose is the concentration of a company narrative having sketch of the detailed characteristic.

In the general sense, the short stories are found having existed few decades ago before the art of writing. It can be also said that the oldest example of the short story is considered as the Egyptian tale of “The Two Brothers” which dates around the 3200 BC. Like the short story, the novels include some uncertain information because it centers on various possibilities and the types too. The length of a novel is completely undecided because of the characters and the involved situations. In the simple words, novel is the comprehensive narrative on the large scale. Similar to the short stories, the novels are known to have existed among the prose kinds and the novel actually dominates the whole industry in terms of the quantity and the quality.
The fable is again a short allegorical tale which emphasizes on the moral of any of the behavioural principles. The fables are actually the animals that are portrayed like the human beings with keeping the animal traits intact. The moral of the fables is that it is highlighted towards the story’ end in the form of the proverbs that are enacted usually. The oldest types of the fables describe all of the stories regarding why the crows are black in colour, why the different types of animal display certain different characteristics, a dignified fox, a lion and so on. The earliest of the fables have come from Greece and India whereas the oldest of the Western fables are those of the Aesop’.

The tales are those narratives which describe the wonderful and strange events in the structure of the bare summaries. The main character is not that concentrated or given the proper importance. The goal in fact is properly highlighted are given the front seat instead of the main protagonists as himself. Taken for example, the tale of the English folk ‘ Jack and the Beanstalk’ highlights the giants instead of the personality of Jack.

The everyday speeches are spoken in the language of prose and most of the people write and think about the prose form. This comprises of the complete grammatical sentences consisting of the paragraphs along with the forgoes aesthetic appeal in favour of the straightforward and clear language. It can further be said that prose is the most conversational and reflective speech. There are some of the works of prose that have the versification along with having a blend of the two formats which is called the ‘prose poetry’.

Some of the common varieties of rose are the nonfictional prose, the fictional prose, the heroic prose and the prose poetry. The nonfictional are those founded on the fact containing the fictional elements in certain cases. The fictional are those that are completely or partly imagined. The heroic prose are those that are written down employing many of the formulaic expressions t0 be found in the oral tradition. The prose poetry on the other hand are known for exhibiting the poetic quality. It is about using the emotional effects along with the heightened imagery. However, these are written in the prose form instead of the verse form. 

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