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Nico De Angelo

Detailed Character Analysis

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Nico De Angelo - Character Analysis

Brief Analysis of Nico De Angelo in "The Blood of Olympus"

The Blood of Olympus is found as the American fantasy and adventure novel that is written by Rick Riordan founded on the Roman and the Greek mythology. It was first released on the month of October, 2014. It is the fifth and the final novel found in the series of the Heroes of Olympus. It is properly followed by The Hidden Oracle of The Trials of Apollo. There have been found seven demigods of the prophecy of the Seven such as Annabeth Chase, Percy Jackson, Leo Valdez, Jason Grace , Hazel Levesque, Piper McLean and also Frank Zhang. They actually go on the final adventure for defeating Gaea during which Reyna Avila, Nico di Angelo, Ramirez- Arellano are Gleeson Hedge attempt in bringing the Athena Parthenos in the Camp Half Blood for preventing a special war between the Greek and the Roman demigods. 
The novel is further narrated in particularly in the third person having alternated between the perspectives of Jason, Leo, Piper, Nico and Reyna making it for the first time. It is the first time made in the series where someone different than one of the seven demigods of the prophecy is the character who is in the viewpoint. 
It is seen that in the due course of the story, Piper, Jason and Annabeth properly disguise themselves with the mist of Hazel for infiltrating the home of Odysseus in Ithaca where the souls are gathered and resurrected. They further learn about Gaea’ army which does not plan for invading Mount Olympus according to the expectations. However, in the Acropolis of Athens, most of the people have gathered. The army on the other hand, guards the Gulf of Corinth, who are actually the demigods deciding that they have no such choice left but to circle the entire Peloponnese in order to reach the Athens. During one period, Michael Varus who is one of the souls identify the deception of the demigods and forces for confronting the insane spirit of his mother rejected by Jason having wounded Jason morally.

With the recuperates of Jason, three of the demigods have made use of the marriage bed of Odysseus for calling Juno who actually tells for seeking Nike in Olympia and reach out to Apollo and Artemis who have been banished by Zeus. Also, Percy, Frank, Hazel and Leo are quite forced for participating in the deadly Olympic games of Nike . She further discloses that one of those is to die and he further needs the cure of the Physician to survive. It is actually a cure consisting of the Pylosian mint that is the heartbeat of the chained God along with Delos’ curse.

Further, it is seen that Frank has obtained first of the ingredients from the shapesshifter relatives in the Pylos. Annabeth and Piper gain the second ingredient that is the Makhai from the chained Ares status in the Deimos and Phobos temple through defeating Mimas at the temple Ares in the Sparta. It is during sailing through the Aegean Sea where the violent storm hits the Argo II. Meanwhile, Jason has convinced Kymopoleia for switching the sides and they would kill Polybotes together. As the return, he further swears of becoming a Pontifex Maximus after the occurrence of war.

When they reach Mykonos, Hazel, Frank, Leo meet Apollo and Artemis at the Delos where there is an offering of Leo and Apollo gives the third ingredient to them that is the cursed aster. He then reveals that Asclepius who is his son can make the cure of the physician who is at the Epidaurus. It is further found that Hazel and Frank are told about the plan of sacrificing himself and defeating Terra/Gaia. In the mean-time, three people, Coach Hedge shadow, Nico di Angelo and Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano travel to the Camp Half-Blood along with the Athena Parthenos.

Later, it is shown that Reyna is well captured by Artemis’ hunters who are properly working along with the Amazons being led by the sister of Reyna that is Hylla. Orion is found as a giant that appears and destroys both the Amazons and the Hunters. Nico, Reyna and Hedge travel to the South Carolina and it is further revealed that the insane spirit of her father before  Hedge and Nico.  This happened while being spied on secretly by Bryce Lwrence. This is a legacy in terms of the way a person was once exiled from the New Rome through Reyna before the time of being reinstated through Octavian. He has further tried in executing Reyna to patricide but it is turned into the ghost by the furious Nico.

Having arrived at the Camp of Half-Blood supported by Pegasus along with some of the brethren , Hedge and Nico who headed out to the camp during Reyna confronted by Orion goes to kill him with Bellona and Athena’ help. Then it is revealed by Reyna that Athena Parthenos usually end the warfare along with the rivalry. The demigods on the other hand  are found to be heading towards the battle and Acropolis who are killed with the help of the Gods when they become the split personalities.

The giants again are found to be injuring Annabeth and Percy , the blood of whom wakes Terra/Gaia. All of the seven demigods that are transported by Jupiter or Zeus arrive at the battle of Terra/Gaia. It is seen that the Leo has sacrificed himself being supported by a newly –revived Festus during blasting Terra/Gaia coupled with the onager attack launched with the destruction of Gaia/Terra.  The camps are further found to be celebrating their victory at the camp of Half-blood.  Annabeth and Percy are seen as planning to move to the camp, Jupiter is found to be attending the college after being graduated from the high school. In the mean time, Leo is seen as appearing dead and revived by the cure of the physician. 

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