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Statements Regarding Muzzleloaders

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Question:-PLZ HELP!!!! Which of the following statements regarding muzzleloaders is true?

A. Muzzleloaders are always limited to a single shot
B. Every muzzleloader is designed for modern smokeless powder
C. All muzzleloaders use FFFFG powder as the primer
D. Muzzleloaders are always loaded from the muzzle end

Option B. ‘Every muzzleloader is designed for modern smokeless powder’ is the correct answer for the given question. There is enormous demand for muzzleloaders these days to be used mainly for special and extended primitive hunting seasons. On sensing the need, firearms makers started producing in-line muzzleloading, the design of which is very much similar to modern breech-loading certificate designs.  ‘Knight Rifles’ has the credit of developing in-line muzzleloader in the 80s. ever since then they are manufacturing and selling such rifles. ‘Savage Arms’ moved a step further ion experimenting with ideas. The company produced 10ML- II operative as without smokeless powder. There will be less cleaning works required for such products. 

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