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Implementation of The MTEL

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About MTEL

Secondary education and the Massachusetts Department of Elementary has made a contract with the Evaluation Systems group of Pearson for scoring, development and administration for the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL). The main purpose of the MTEL program is ensuring the fact that all the candidates who wishes to acquire licensure in the Massachusetts have the basic knowledge and the required skills for the role of entry-level teacher in the various public schools of Massachusetts.

The initiation for the implementation of the MTEL test was taken by Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in 1988. The MTEL was initiated as a part of reform initiative for the various educators who were seeking to get PreK for the licensees to 12th grade academic. The main components of the MTEL is test for the various communication and the literary skill of the candidate. The MTEL also includes test for subject matte knowledge of the candidates.

The various tests of the MTEL has been designed in such a manner that the Massachusetts educators will be able to communicate properly with the students. Communicating in a proper way with the students of the classes is a very important aspect for the teachers. If the students do not communicate with the educators properly and do not understand the topic they are teaching then they will never be able to understand the various topics they are being taught.

By passing the MTEL tests the educators will be able to communicate properly not only with the students but also their guardians. Other educators will also be able to know that a certain educator holds the license for subject matter and are aware of imparting knowledge in a proper manner than them. The experience which will be gained after the completion of MTEL will be very helpful for the educator sin the future and they will be able to impart knowledge in a proper manner. With the help of this tests not only the students of the schools but also the society will be benefitted and.

With the help of MTEL tests the candidates will be able to seek the various vocational trainings which are needed for proper teaching. Educators will be able to avail the various basic education license for teaching in various schools and institutions of the country.

MTEL Test Dates

The main time for the administration of the MTEL test series is from Monday to Saturday on the basis of year-round. The other exams are only available during the specific times in which the testing windows will be opened. These kind of exams take place in about four to five time each year and the duration of these tests is from two to four weeks. The duration of the tests depends on the nature of the exam. The main tests which will be available during these windows are mainly:

  • Latin and Classical Humanities
  • Adult Based Education
  • Language Tests (Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese Mandarin, Russian, Italian, Portuguese)
  • Academically Advanced
  • Dance
  • Political Science/Political Philosophy
  • Speech

MTEL Registration

The process of registration is done by the help of creating an account in the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's Educator Licensure and Renewal System (ELAR). Some of the schools mention to make this account in the early days of the education program to ensure that the licensing and the various testing programs will be done in a smooth manner without any hurdles.

After the creation of an ELAR account, the candidate is assigned with an MEPID number which is generally used for the creation of a separate account to be made on MTEL site for the registration of any kind of exam. After this step a candidate will be eligible to pay for any kind of test the individual wants to apply for. The schedule and the test appointed will be available to the use at this point. This online system will be available to the user throughout the week and also throughout the day.

By assuming that the steps has been followed properly by the user and the payment has been done successfully, the user will be receiving a confirmation from Pearson VUE, which lists the various date, location and time. An e-mail will be received by the Pearson VUE which the user will be needing for getting the address and the phone number of the site where the tests will be taking place. The direction to reach the site will also be included in the mail.

A candidate must be aware of the various time problems which will be faced by their academic and the career needs. To cope up with the scheduling of the tests the candidate must be aware of the various problems which will they might face due to their previous daily schedules or planning as once the date is set it cannot be changed. During the duration of the testing window the candidate must make their adjustments accordingly and must go along with the time schedule of the exams and tests.

Some of the school asks the candidate to show their results regarding the status of their relevant exams of MTEL. Before starting their teaching assignment as well as before taking the various steps for literacy skill test some of the schools wants to know whether the candidate has passed the MTEL tests or not. This result will be needed for all the various teacher candidates who will be appearing for the exams. Since education topics will not be covered in this exam so the schools will be asking the candidates to show their MTEL test results.

The seats which are available for the tests are available for them on a first come first serve basis .So it is advised to all the candidates appearing for the MTEL test must fill up their forms as soon as possible. Filling up the form as soon as possible must be top priority for the candidates as they will be able to get the desired appointment they want for the test.

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