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Mowing Lawns

Equations Used by The Mathematicians

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Mowing Lawns

Question- Jason earns 8 per hour mowing lawns. At the end of the week, he earned 8 per hour mowing the lawns. At the end of the week, he earned 224. How many hours did he work?

Solution: In the respective question, the aspects which have been given are as follows:

There are different equations which are being used by the mathematicians as to understand the different equations to show the type of work. For making the problems solve in an easier manner, there are different formulas which have been generated for making it simpler. In the respective question, the formula for the division has been used to understand the entire scenario in a proper and accurate manner. 
Jason earns eight per hour mowing lawns 
After one week, he earns 8 per hour mowing the lawns 
After working for an entire week, Jason has been successful in earning 224
From the above, it can be analyzed that the actual earnings which has been received by Jason is $224 for mowing the lawns for $8 per hour in an entire week. Therefore, in order to find out the actual hours, Jason has worked in a tremendous manner are as follows:
$224 is required to be divided by $8/hour which can be shown in the mathematical aspects in the following manner:
$224/$8 = 28 hours 
Therefore, from the entire analysis of the problem, it can be seen and analyzed that Jason has worked for 28 hours for earning $224. 

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