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The Meaning of "To Thine Own Self Be True"

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What is the meaning of "To thine own self be true" from Hamlet?

In the Elizabethan era, the Shakespearean audience was quite aware of all the meaning of the words. In the modern age, there are the words such as ‘self’ and ‘true’ that are quite different . This particular phrase also implies the meaning multiplicity. Firstly, it means that someone can judge himself quite better than the expectations. The next meaning is that one should be honest in their own ways along with the relations. The third meaning is that one should always do whatever is right for them. The final turn is that, in the play Hamlet, the character of Polonius is related with the ‘true’ means the beneficial. This is the advice given to his son because he must see all the benefits at the first place.

This particular phrase has been used in a wide range of the contexts related to the commitment and honesty. In Shakespeare’ play Hamlet, the phrase is used in the Act-1, Scene -111, in the lines 78-82. It is also found that Polonius had spoken the words in the form of advice to his son. Polonius ten believes in a person’ being harmless and good to the others when there is financial establishment. Hence, he should be quite loyal to the best interests first and then taking care of all others. In the modern age, there is an entirely different meaning and it further connotes the ideas of the truth, the individuality and the self-ownership.

In the play, it is seen that Shakespeare makes use of the humor and irony extremely masterfully having presented all the characters speaking high and acting low. Polonius has been found as one of those characters who was not intended by Shakespeare to be presented quite profoundly. However, Shakespeare, allows him to speak in the form of a scholar having created satire and humor. The critics further believe that the speeches in the play are that of Shakespeare’ which maxims for living a noble and good life.

This particular phrase had been extremely popular so much that the whole photograph tumblrs of people that bear “to thine own self be true” tattoos and also the other paraphernalia. Mist of the times, people appeal to the injunction while feeling defensive and want to say smarter and deeper in all of their own favour. Along with this, there is an added benefit of being quite a quote because of Shakespeare having said this is the faux profundity is hard to be resisted.

It is further a manner of saying that people should be acting in their own esteem . It also says that people should stick to their principles, not quite assimilated and must do what is believed. It is further extremely beautiful which invokes the idea with having some positive connotations, self-ownership and individual truth. However, these are the virtues that really hide a fundamental vice. This specific phrase echoes the things that are heard by the subscribers to the specific brand of the therapy repeating in the form of mantra. These are the phrases which appeal to the complacency and not the resilience. The function of it is to swell all of the laziness and not to stroke the resolve. It is the use of excuse all the disagreements with the entire society. It is not to force people in reconciling those with the very fact.

The literal meaning is that people should be true to themselves without borrowing the money to buy what is unaffordable. It is quoted out of the context that all the sounds like the good advices. In Hamlet, Polonius is the one that tells people all the little tidbits of wisdom which people are supposed to take quite seriously. Shakespeare actually makes fun of the cliché, the cheery type of the self-help. Polonius is ridiculous and comical and there are some of the elaborate attempts for keeping the tabs on Ophelia and Laertes reminding people that the fathers cannot always become trusted. It is surprising that Polonius does not stop over here and he has all of the willingness to utilize his daughters to get in some good with the king.

He is further quite manipulative in terms of the tactics that leave Ophelia well open to the abuses of Hamlet and these are party for blaming to the tragic end of Ophelia. This particular verse from Hamlet of Shakespeare has caught all of the attention of many philosophers. It does not matter whether people thinks or says that it is the spiritual integrity for condemning the actions which violate the law of the unconditional love. This is not quite true that the real Nature to Nature of God within people. No such human heart that is true to themselves can ever approve of selfish living, violence and hate. The heart of God inside people cries out the against all the injustices of the whole world. This further inspires people to do the right thing to others.

The philosophers who have held the idea of authenticity in the high esteem are there throughout the history. However, there are few of the psychologists who have taken up the idea quite seriously. First of all, there is the outer authenticity, regarding what people say and match with whatever really is going on inside people. There is also the inner authenticity regarding how well people actually know themselves being well-aware of the inner states they have. In this regard, it has to be noted that no such person is completely authentic every time in terms of their outer presentation. Some of the times, people need to put on a particular act to get by it. There are further some such people who spend quite more time in living well –inauthentically than the other people. It becomes unpleasant and also damaging if people are trapped in their jobs or the relationships where people get certain chances of being themselves.

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