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GRE Test

GRE Test Registration Dates

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GRE Test

A brief description of GRE test registration dates

GRE stands for Graduate Records Examinations. It is globally conducted by Educational Testing Service (ETS). Aspirants across the globe can participate in it. The scores received for the test are accepted across the world's top universities and educational institutions that run graduate programs. This includes but not limited to, top-ranked MBA programs as explained in The Financial Times, Bloomberg Businessweek and U.S. News & World Report. Many U.S. law schools accept GRE scores.

GRE Test

Before talking about the GRE test registration dates, it is primarily important to understand what this test is all about. Students looking to enroll their names into Masters and Ph.D. level programs are required also to participate in GRE general test. The scores obtained in the test give them additional benefits and advantages over others. To secure a position in the merit list of universities and colleges, the scores of the GRE test are helpful.

GRE Test Registration

Multiple ways can be used to book a slot for the test. Aspirants can register their names for the test either through phones and online. Mails and fax can also be used to apply for registration. Booking a slot will require aspirants paying a certain amount for the test, like US$205 through debit or credit cards. Applicants will also be needed to submit their passports. Therefore, aspirants can book a slot for GRE general test through modes such as online, phone, mail and fax.

Online Registration

Applicants can register for the test by following certain steps. They need to apply online at ( While being on the mentioned website applicants might have to follow certain processes. By following all these processes they will become eligible to register their names. However, while doing the online registration they need to carefully see through a few things. They need to make a selection between GRE General or GRE Subject Test. This will follow selecting the GRE Exam Centre basis on the convenience of applicants. The test date that suits them should only be selected or else they could be into problems like quitting the test despite making the payments. Online registration will also ask about the academic details of each of the applicants. It is to check whether the applicants are eligible to sit into the test. The second last step of online registration will be making the payment. Once, all these are done applicants will be instructed to print the acknowledgment sheet for future reference.

Phone Registration

Candidates interested to appear for the test can call the Regional Registration Center (RRC). The call should be made at least two days before the desired test date. Applicants will be provided with a confirmation number, test center address and the reporting time on the call. The payments can be made online through MasterCard, JCB, Discover, or Visa or Debit Card, and American Express.

Things to remember before making a registration

The information provided while registering for the exam on the ETS application should match the passport. The name and other details should necessarily be the same as mentioned in the passport. The testing authority can disallow participation in finding any discrepancies related to credentials. The test format should be checked because not all formats are available everywhere. Applicants are advised to select test modes only those are available regionally. The exam policies should also be read before moving for registration.

GRE test dates

Dates on which applicants will be requiring to appear for the test. However, the date format for the GRE test is different from many other international standardized exams. There are no certain dates for the exam. Instead, applicants can decide their dates. It can be two days later or more. However, while selecting the exam dates, the deadline for application should be given a concern. Exam dates should be at least two months before the actual deadline for one application. Therefore, if one application has its deadline in February, the exam dates should be selected for December. Hence, applicants are free to select the dates at their convenience. If they feel they need two or more months to prepare for the test, they should select it accordingly keeping in consideration the application deadline.

GRE pattern for paper-format exam

There are three patterns followed normally for the GRE test. These are Quantitative Reasoning, Analytical Writing, and Verbal Reasoning. The first section will always be Analytical Writing. However, Quantitative Writing and Verbal Reasoning can appear in any order. There are evident differences between paper-based and online exams. The differences can be found along with the time duration difference and the patterns. Those aspiring to appear for a paper-based GRE test can visit the official website provided for the test. Therefore, any GRE test will consist of three distinct sections. These are Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. There will be two sections covering two different tasks to be covered in 60 minutes. This will follow two more sections consisting of 50 questions. The maximum time allotted for this section will be 80 minutes.

GRE pattern for a computer-based exam

There will be one section comprising of two dissimilar tasks. The maximum time allocated to this section will be 60 minutes. This will follow 2 more sections to be covered in 60 minutes. This section will have 40 questions. There will be two sections more consisting of 40 questions. This section needs to be considered in 70 minutes.

GRE Syllabus

The syllabus will be different for GRE tests, GRE Subject Test and GRE General Test. General Test examines applicants' analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning skills. Those who wish to participate for the Subject Test, they should have specialization subjects as part of their academics. Subject Test can be opted by applicants if they are willing to take admission in a certain college or university. Therefore, Subject Test mainly focusses on examining the applicants’ expertise in certain fields. Therefore, students pursuing specialization in different subjects will go for Subject Test to become eligible for admission in their desired colleges or universities.

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