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Q. How to get started with

A. is one of the most searched academic support portals and that is pretty evident with the increment in the number of the members in the portal. The mentioned portal is used by students, teachers and the working scholars across the world. All the mentioned group of customers are observed to get optimum quality solutions from the website and the plan section of the website is divided in such a manner where different group of customers may that be the students, working scholars or the teachers, will get different solutions. Apart from this, the mentioned website also serves various schools. Along with that, the website also provides the classroom teaching to their customers along with the online services. The website provides notably simple and engaging videos for their customers which have the capability to meet the education related queries of the customer inn an efficient manner. Other than this, the website delivers customized lessons to an extent of more than 75000 and the customers have direct access to those lessons. In addition to this, the mentioned portal is seen to be most preferred destination for a significant number of customers due to the low pricing policy of the company.

For gaining the access to the portal, the customers need to click on the “Sign Up” option. Then the customers need to describe them from the drop down which includes the options such as the student, teacher, tutor and parent. After selecting the relevant option, the customers need to select the their main goal from the list of the drop down which includes the options such as the study for class, earn college credit, research colleges, prepare for an exam, improve my grades, homeschool or others. After clicking on the suitable option, the customers are required to provide their current e-mail address for prompt communication between the website authority and the customers. Hence, it is pretty evident that the customers are in need to provide a valid email address which can be used for effortless communication with them. After providing the email address, the customers are required to select a password which has to include 8 characters. For a necessary confirmation, the customers are required to put that same password for a second time. After completing the selection of the password and the procedure for the confirmation, the customers are required to provide the information regarding the nationality. After providing the name of the nation to which the student belongs, the customers are in need to provide some personal information such as the first name and last name. After completing the personal details section, the customers are required to select the payment method. Here the customers will be provided two different options which are the credit card and PayPal. If any customer select the PayPal, then he or she will be needed to provide the required information whereas if a customer select the credit card method, then the customer will be in need to fill up the information such as the credit number, expiration details such as the month and year of the expiry along with the CVC of that particular credit card. After following all the mentioned steps, the customers will be able to create a account.       

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