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Esperanza Rising

Esperanza Rising by Pam Muñoz Ryan

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Esperanza Rising

Write an essay on Esperanza Rising by Pam Muñoz Ryan.

Pam Munoz Ryan’ Esperanza is a rapidly rising novel that is extremely brilliant fir the young readers regarding the value of the Latino culture. It further engulfs the specific Latino culture for explaining the years of hardship that is endured by the Latinos. It is a part of the Latino culture and people usually enjoy the reading of this specific novel having suggested the educators to provide the students with more information regarding the culture of the Latinos. Esperanza Rising drives the awareness on the Mexican Immigration laws in United States specifically, the tradition and the unification. It is a part of the Latino culture to have left Esperanza Rising enjoyable. People get surprised of seeing the way and the more informative the novel was based on the laws of Mexican Immigration.

Recently,  one of the most significant issues of the United States is over the expansion of the illegal immigrants. It is quite surprising that after the publication of Esperanza Rising in the year 2000, it has much relevance with the issues of todays’ world. In the novel, it is found that Esperanza had thought about living with her own family in Mexico. Notably, she had always wore the fancy dresses, the servants and a beautiful home. A sudden tragedy further forces  Esperanza and also Mama for fleeing to California at the time of Great Depression and settling in the camp for the Mexican workers of the farm. Esperanza is further not that ready for the hard labor, the lack of acceptance, the financial struggle and others. Since the new life is quite threatened, Esperanza is supposed to find a specific way of rising above the difficult circumstances.

Esperanza Rising is written by Pam Munroz Ryan is the daughter of a rich ranch owner in the early 1920s. Her uncle was an extremely powerful man and her father was killed. The uncle wanted to earn the position of the mayor and wanted her mother to marry him. She ran away leaving abuela behind going with Esperanza. They further went to do the field work in the California along with a servant and also her family. At the end of the story, it is found that Esperanza is a different person completely. Also, it the beginning of the story, it is found that Esperanza thought of her being better than other people due to the fact that she had enough money. She is seen as being impulsive and she required the making of a change in her own life. When her father died, he had instructed her to wait a bit and the fruit would be in her hands. However, she did not learn it. It is further found that Esperanza had to Miguel who was a childhood friend about their not being able to stay together.

Esperanza also started realizing about how much wring she was . Then it is seen that Isabel is a little girl who is also a relative of Miguel came and tried to hold her hand. Although,  she had loved someone else, Esperanza took her hand happily and started seeing people in the form of just themselves. She further decided of hiding a striker that was going to be well deported. The doll was done by Esperanza that was one of those things which she had from the old life to Isabel. Esperanza was a type of girl who was extremely fearful of the change but also learnt how she should not become afraid of starting over.

In the book, it is seen that Esperanza changes in the book for something better. She later realised that she was quite wrong in terms of making the assumptions regarding people founded on the way they look or their social status look. It is partially due to the fact that it was done in the United States. It is further discovered by Esperanza that there are some people who were quite more than she had thought about such as Marta.

In the Esperanza Rising, it is seen that Esperanza has become extremely matured a person throughout the entire novel’ course. She has further been via many of the experiences and has also learnt a lot of the life’ skills. . A sudden tragedy further forces  Esperanza and also Mama for fleeing to California at the time of Great Depression and settling in the camp for the Mexican workers of the farm. Esperanza is further not that ready for the hard labor, the lack of acceptance, the financial struggle and others. Esperanza has further become a better version of the previous self and has become caring more. She has also matured from the little spoiled girl of the previous time and become a person who is quite selfless having faced many of the mountains. 
One such way through Esperanza has become matured is through learning the new skills of life. First of all, Isabel had taken Esperanza to the platform where she was to sweep and shower her where all of the brooms were well stored. Later, they walked through the cabins and the rows where each of those was with a baby on her hip. Esperanza could easily smell the onions and the beans as they passed the open gates simmered by someone for the dinner.

Esperanza had matured by stating to care about other people than herself through some other ways. Taken for the example, it is sound that Esperanza wanted to stand up for those people not letting other people more than them to take the advantage of them. Esperanza transformed into an extremely caring person about the family and the friends and became extremely loving and kind.

Repetition is there in the story which enhances the writing in different types of ways. In some way, the story repeats certain aspects, and in the other way, it makes people remember few aspects thought of on it. Overall, it can be said it is a well written novel having many repetition. It further has many of such examples of the repetition through the whole book and everything over here is shown the way repetition has enhanced the book in some multiple manner. 

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