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Eight Amendment

The Eight Amendment of United Sates

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Eight Amendment

Explain the eight amendment of United States.

The eight amendment of the United Sates Constitution states that there shall not be excessive bail that can be imposed on people in the United States Constitution, furthermore, the constitution states that the cannot be excessive fines that can be imposed on the latter. Along with thus the amendment states that no cruel of unusual punishments can be imposed on the citizen of the residents of the country. The amendment states that the federal authorities that is the police of each and every state of the country as well as the government of each of the states shall not impose the latter while dealing with citizens of the state. The latter has been presented in order to protect the rights and the wellbeing of the citizens even if they have been subject to commitment of crimes. The amendment was adopted on 15th December 1791 and it was passed along the bill of rights. The bill that is present has been placed in position in order to enhance the development of sense of security even for the people who are deemed to be as the one as the offenders. It has been found that there has been considerable amount of issues that have been faced by inmates in order to gain a detailed understanding of the fact that the absence of regulation against the protection of the offended people of the society leads to the disadvantages that lead to torture that the inmates are subject to. Cases such as that as Trop v Dulles, 356 U.S. 86 and Robinson V California, 370 U.S. 660 1962, in which the rights of the company were protected with the help of the amendment that is being discussed about. The latter cases involved the malpractices that were carried out in favour of Trop and Robinson who were supposedly subject to unfavourable incidents from the part of the federal authorities. Thus, the latter were subject to unfavourable cases which was passed on the favour of the latter. Such amendments has been responsible for the development of results that were passed on the favour of the offenders who were subject to punishment of the part of the people who constituted the federal bodies. There have been several condition when the latter amendment came into consideration has a result of the development of the activities that transpired as a result of the development of the said activities. The presence of the following amendment is necessary as it determine that the availability of the latter helps in the protection of human rights. The latter is necessary for the development lf protection of the rights of the latter and hence is an act that has been put in place in order to ensure the favourable nature of the intention of the government for the people of the country regardless of the fact whether they are criminal or not. This, helps in providing justification of the fact that the aim of the company is to influence the activities of the government.

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