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Decision Making Inequalities

Inequality and Its Effect On Decision Making

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Decision Making Inequalities

Inequality can descend upon a nation not randomly. It takes time and gradual process to lead a nation towards inequality. Inequality can occur due to different reasons. There must have been the prevalent notion of racial inequality, social inequality and economic inequality. However economic inequality is the most dangerous among all because it can destroy the structure of a nation from within and can act as a hindrance to the development of the very nation. Therefore inequality in economic field becomes a regular phenomenon in order to deal with any kind of problems which eventually needs the attention towards solving the problem. Although various problems rise from the very depth of economic inequality yet it somehow helps in taking some decisions in crucial moment and get done away with them accordingly.

In very recent past economic inequality has reached a place that has eventually taken the form and dangerous shape of the Great Depression. This is the current scenario of the United States. Every time the nation is going through economic inequality, the nation has to face a lot of heated argument and multiple debates. Some experts and researchers believe that inequality is gradually taking a toll on the people of the nation and it is probably the strongest reason of igniting the fire of different political, social and economic problems while some believe that it cannot be so strong an issue that it can harm the political, social or economic base. They believe that this emerges as one of the many consequences of the rise in Capitalist economy. It is certain that the basic consequences of rise in inequality cannot really be found from different studies rather how it is affecting the spine of the political and economic structure of a nation and to some extent a particular individual are tried to be located.

Several researches have come up with the almost unanimous conclusion that economic inequality affects the very behaviour and attitude of different individuals. With the deeper analysis of the macro level of economics it is clearly understood that the idea of decision making work on different level instead of concentrating only on the state of mind of the particular individual. When a nation is going through a political, social and economic turbulence the style and convention of decision-making is definitely affected and controlled in a domineering way. The issue of inequality is so vehemently impactful that it does not seem to affect the way a decision is made initially but it can be understood gradually that how making decision depends on inequality not only at home but at work and larger field like voting booth and in case of passing any bill from the house of government.

People’s choice is inevitably dependant on inequality. Therefore how much a person risk tolerant is, how he can deal with different problems, how he acts differently in different situations, how much he looks interested in investing in goods that are public are the multiple pockets of side effects that drop from the tree called inequality. When last in 2010 the project called Tobin’s Economic Inequality came into existence, it preached a research that resulted in finding out how inequality is affecting choice of the individuals. It also looked at how different mechanisms are intricately related with the concept of inequality that are leaving impacts upon the different structure of democracy.

The project tries to look deep into the fact of how much the individuals are getting affected by the social evil called inequality and how much adversity it is bringing upon the larger society. Investing more than six years in the project it has conducted research in the same occasion to find put how much effective inequality can be in case of controlling the choice making policy of an individual and also a nation. According to survey the gradual rise in the income of the relatively rich people is going to 20% from 10% and there is a cut down in the income of the relatively poor people from 55% to 52%. The reason behind this fall is unknown but it affects the lifestyle of the individual.

When a child attends school he expects everyone to behave with him equally but when he sees that he cannot go the same school as his neighbour goes he immediately feels subdued and it might generate the feeling of jealousy and anger. This might lead to something even more dangerous and violent in future. The instance is used to show that not only in the larger scale but inequality can dwell in the school level also. When one of the neighbours are buying Porsche and one has to adjust with an obsolete version of Toyota he feels deprived but he knows that in order to meet his desire he needs to cut down his other expenses which can altogether contribute to get him a desirable car. Another instance can be the curbing of the lifestyle to meet up the expectation. Depending on that policy of a nation is also made and that is how a nation is run. Inequality acts like a shadow between the reality and dream. Whatever might be the expectation of an individual from life cannot be fulfilled because of inequality. Inequality makes an individual less communicative because he always feels insecure to bridge the gap.

Therefore it can be said that inequality is certainly a man made factor that cumulatively affects and moulds the decision making capability of an individual. When one is willing to get his education from a foreign university and he is not eligible to pay the required remuneration he has to restrict himself to the national university even though he is a more deserving candidate than a rich student who has probably acquired lesser grade than him. Naturally it is clear from the above discussion of that inequaflity is major decisive factor that strongly affects the human choice on a basic ground level.

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