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Creative Writing

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Creative Writing

What is creative writing?

The form of writing that does not involve any form of boundaries of profession, guidelines or literature and is categorized through the emphasis over character development, narrative craft and character development is known as the art of creative writing. The conception of creative writing is applicable for both non-fictional and fictional work involving various forms such as short stories, poems, biographies and novels. In traditional forms, the art of creating or narrating things can also be termed at creative writing. Creative writing does not involve a sense of technical setting or academic tone but can attract a wide range of audiences through its state of imagination and sense of reality.

Creative writing can also be identified as the form of writing, which is self-expressive and original. Creative writing can reflect the essence of both human experiences and entertainment. The depiction of truth and reality in creative writing is demonstrated through storytelling and poetic approach. Expressing thoughts and feelings in creative writing can utilize imagination for connecting with the audience. The motive of creative writing is focussed on entertaining and narrating views or stories in place of informing about a theme.

Creative writing can help people to present their opinions and thoughts on the paper. Creative writing comprises different spheres of life with a sense of clarity and expression. It is a form of art that goes beyond the normal literary forms and normal academics and journals and is typically recognized by developing a character, some forms of art, taglines, proverbs, poetry, quotations and poetics. It is technically a form of writing that contains an original form of thoughts and ideas or rather original compositions. It focuses more on the self-expression part. Creative writing has always been a part of some stages of our education in schools and has gained prominence in the university field as well. Novelists Malcolm Bradbury and Angus Wilson started the creative writing formally for the first time in the UK in the year 1970.   
List the different types of creative writing

Most of the time people see fictional stories as the only form of seeing creativity, whereas, in reality, this is not the case. A writer can become creative in many ways. Various forms of creative writing include plays, movie scripts, poetry, songs and speeches. There are various techniques utilized in the art of creative writing including, plot development, point of view, vivid setting, character development, reflecting views, anecdotes, dialogue writing, imaginative language, a figure of speech, heavy description and emotional appeal.  

Poetry:  This is considered to be the most renowned form in creative writing. Poetry involves various forms including, sonnets, micro-poetry, limericks and haiku. This form of creative writing might not be in the list of the best-sellers but poetry is always full of originality with a number of new thoughts and expressions engraved into it. Poems can be written in any format. It can be prose as well.

Limericks and Ad Songs: These are also somewhat similar to the poems and are basically used in any kind of advertisement where self-written words are used for describing any kind of service or product of the companies. This usually requires a higher degree of skills and efficiency as the whole product is required to be made attractive to the mass consumers in just a few seconds and minutes. Expressive tag lines and description ideas are required to be made in this case.

Letters: Letters are a very important form of communication and can be both formal and informal. The formal letters are mostly structured than informal letters and are generally more creative in case of letters. Business communication in the modern day is still required to use letters. With the advent of technology, E-Mails are now used but the importance of letter remains the same. If one writes in detail about a meeting that took place, it takes a lot of knowledge, patience as well as creativity to complete the letter.
Fiction: Fiction refers to any form of narrative writings that narrates events and actions. These events and actions are made out of our own imaginations. Any prose, novels, short stories and novellas fall under fiction. Out of these forms, the most read form of creative writing is stories and novels. Writing stories and novels involve a great deal of thought, knowledge and imagination to complete. Creation of stories and the way the story is told involves creation of characters, speeches and dialogues as well as the formation of backgrounds. Once the basic shaping is done the fiction can thereafter be divided into adventure, realism, children's books and so on.

Non-Fiction: Non-fiction writing relates to any kind of writings that are related to memories. The examples of non-fiction writings are travel writings, autobiographies, history and so on. Although this type of writings contains a number of facts, yet it includes a number of creative skills to arouse the interest in the mind of the readers. In order to arouse interest in the mind of the readers, it requires a great deal of imagination and skills.

Script: Scripts are generally written for any form of acting, either in drama, theatres or films. Writing a script is not an easy task. Scripts are also written for games as well. The script writes and screenwriters are greatly demanded in today’s modern market that is greatly influenced by television and the internet. They are also paid a good amount of money for their imagination and creative skills. They come up with a number of original plots and approaches and these ideas are taken by the producers and used in the films.

Copywriting: Contents that are created for several forms of marketing communications are generally created by the copywriters. It is the art by which contents for advertising and marketing are written and expressed. These form of writings can be often seen inside a number of magazines, billboards, jingles, brochures, social media posts, commercial scripts, catalogs and several other marketing contents. It generally focuses on describing any kind of products and services.

Blogging: Blogging is very famous in today’s world and has been taken up as a career opportunity by many people. It is a kind of website that is created by any individual in order to impart any form of information on something, share views and opinions or share some interesting personal stories. Personal stories can relate to a business, or any hobby or crafts, food, travel, music and so on. Blogging refers to a discussion forum on a particular topic.

Speeches: There can a number of different speeches. It can be informational, inspirational as well as creative. No matter what form of speech it is, it is very crucial for the person delivering the speech to include creativity into it so that it can grab the attention of the crowd listening to it. Most of the leaders often provide creative writers with few points they need to deliver. These writers then apply their creative skills to combine the points and make it inspirational and attractive in the ears of the listeners.

Essays: Writing an essay also requires creative efforts. Descriptive and personal essays mostly require a greater imaginative effort. Essays can be about any kind of product, service or movie review. Connecting this review with the customers require creative skills. Essays are also written in blogs.  

Various Examples of This Type of Writings

All the above-given points are the types of creative writing that can be written. These types can again be subdivided into a number of parts, which are generally the practical examples of creative writing. These examples are –

Flash fiction – It is a part of fiction writing that is very similar to a short novel or a short story. It is generally of a few hundred words or even less. The different types of flash fictions that are generally there in the market are – 6 words, 50 words and 100 words story.

Rap – It is a form of poetry that is mixed with certain musical beats. It is one of the most contemporary forms of poetry that includes rhyming and sequencing with beats. The lyrics are generally related to the reality in the society and these lyrics are created instantly in most of the cases.
Column writing – This is a sub-part of journalism or reporting. These writing are generally based on opinions and ideas rather than facts that sway the readers to what has been written and make them believe in those opinions.

Comic Strips – This is also a part of fiction writing, which requires a number of pre-planning before starting to write. A good plot and a strong graphic line are to be imagined before plotting the ideas and writing them.

Narratives – These are generally non-fictional in nature. Narratives are generally descriptive and provide interesting facts about any situation or any memories.

Greetings Card - Expressions in the greetings card are required to be made very catchy and short, which involves a great deal of creativity. These short sentences actually involve emotionally with the readers and try to make them feel how the sender of the card actually feels about the reader.  

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