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The Need For Communication

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What is communication? Explain the need of communication.

The tone at which an individual communicates with the other is important when it comes to the development of the process of proper process of communication. The same is applicable in terms of application of the fact that story telling. The need for communication is important when it comes to storytelling and the latter is highly effected by the tine at which the communicator communicates the message the listeners. The aim of the instating a proper tine while communication is important in term of educating the listeners about the intensity of the message that is being communicated to the listener of the story. The tone in which the story is being told determines the level of understanding and the degree which the aim of the story is being conveyed to the aim of the student that is being conveyed to the listener. There are differ moods and backgrounds that are described while a story is being told to the listeners. Thus, the tone in which the story is being conveyed determines the nature of the message that is being conveyed. Thus, the aim of the story teller should be to analyse the tone at which the message is being conveyed. Furthermore, it should be noted that the tone that is the speed of the story, the volume and the clarity of the words is necessary in order to ensure that it is to be considered in order to effectively communicate the information that must be communicated. The tone of the latter is to ensure that the aim of the company is to cater to the needs of understanding that should be characterised by the development of the issues that will be responsible for the issues regarding the understanding that must be pertained in order to effectively understand the actual story.

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