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Challenges Faced By International Students

The Protective Factor to The Stressors

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Challenges Faced By International Students

8 Major Challenges Faced by International students in UK

1. Homesickness: It is anxious systom distress which is caused by being away from the home. It happens to those students who are known to stay far away from home that is gfar away from the friends and loveable people. Few of the problem which is faced by the students who stay away from home is that the suffers are known to suffer mostly from the combination of depressiveness and anxious symptoms which are known to withdraw the behaviors from the person. Homesickness is called as the problem of dealing with the skills that are required in doing the work. Homesickness is known as the sickness which is indeed known as the universal sickness or the experience that can be very much painful and debilitating. Nearly most the students who go to UK for studying are known to suffer from the sickness as because this sickness brings in a serious kind of depression and anxiety. There also acts a risk factor which is the protective factor to the stressors associated with the functioning of the matter.

2.  Language Barrier: Language barrier is known as the figurative phrase which is primarily referred to the communication difficulties that happens to a person while he or she is known to communicate with the other person . This type of problem mainly occurs to those person when she or he is communicating with the other person in front of the public. Person who are mostly dialects are also known to nsuffer from this type of problem as because thyee take time to speak out a thing or a problem. Communication can happen with the person who is trying to speak out things with another person. Difficulties are known to occur only when the person is learning a new language or has visited a new country. People face or suffer from the language barrier problem when they are learning or are speaking a new language. If a person is speakinhg on;y English then the language barrier might not be a problem , but if the person does not have a good knowledge about the subject and as well as the topic he or she might suffer from the problem of language barrier.

3. Cultural Shock :  Culture shock is known to happen to a person only when the person has changed the environment or the place where he has been living for so long. It happens to a person when he or sheis trying to move to a new community or a new environment that is much different from the previous one. Here a person might feel quite lonely due to the change in the palce or the environment of the person. A person might also suffer from various types of diseases. He or she might be feeling such just because of the chage in the nature and due to the immigration of the person from an environment to a new environment. One of the best example of culture shock is that the people who changes their places from their native land to a foreign environment. The places where most of the cultural shock are know to occur are given below:

Honeymoon, Negotiation, Adjustments and adaption.

4. Racial Discrimination: It is known to occur to a person when the person is treated differently just becaue of the race which the person belong to is treated very badly. The race discrimination only occurs to those person ho are treated as a very backward class in the society. But however the act of Racial Discrimination is covered by the act of the Equality Act. The different types of racial discriminations which occurs to a person or a group of people who belong to the same or similar situation are shortly described below : direct discrimination happens to the person only when someone is knowingly treating someone worse than the other person in a similar situations just because of the race. Indirect discrimination happens in the specific organization when a particular policy or a  way of the work is put to the people of the racial group. Harassment affects when a person makes another person feel humiliated or else offended ina  public place or infront of a group of team.

5. Finance: Financial problems are also a very serious problem where the student faces various problems relating to the money he or she is spending when they are staying outside. The UK government also has a big responsibility when they find out that the students are crippling with the debt. As a student is staying outside the home alone in a place, he or she is known to suffer from various type of financial problem. The person might not have the right thought of spending the money. But in UK the public [perception of the students are much higher as because the worth of the higher education is much higher than any other country in the world. There has been no fluctuations in the history of the education in UK. Also nit should be noted that the plight of the international students are much higher and strong tarnishing the elite reputation of the students.

6. Academic differences: In case of the breadth of the subjects studied the students those who belong to the UK universities focuses on the depth and core analysis of the subjects. Most of the other universities are fully focused in going through broad analysis. The style of the tuition is also much better than any other university in the area. The professors act quite a lot like the school teachers in the secondary studies. They are very much friendly and they act out in such a way that they will make it a point that the students get a  good marks in their graduation. There are regular sets of homework which are provided by the teachers or the professors. The teachers set out homework which also counts towards the grade prizes of the students. Also in various cases the professors in the universities of UK are known to submit the draft first of the assignment so that there can be a chance of resubmission after checking the draft.

7. Work Experience: Employers these days are very much keen on the work experience, they check the confidence and partial skills which are needed to succeed in the workplace. Whether or not a student is going to the university or not, else he has a good marks or not, they should have a proper work experience. Without a proper experience the employers will not be able to get a proper degree also. Students when in the school grab an opportunity to have a look of the outside world and see the actions. The schools also at times offers various types of professional services such as the PWC, BDO, EY and PDP programs.

8. Safety: Feeling safe is one of the top most consideration which is kept in mind by the University head or the Head of the Department. The students enjoys a feeling of security when they are inside the college and the university. There are various types of CCTV cameras placed everywhere inside the premises. The department of safety needs and security also provides a range of data and information from day to day to the higher authority regarding any breakage of rules.

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